JFNC A new season of the ultimate radio program will be aired! A hot night with BLUE ENCOUNT Shunichi Tanabe and guests over the “sauna”.

That ultimate radio program that “totou” from the ear will be broadcast for a new season! A hot night with BLUE ENCOUNT Shunichi Tanabe and guests over the “sauna”.
On-air start from January 2, 2023 (Monday)!

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Totonou Radio Every Monday from 20:30 to 21:00 from January 2, 2023 So far, interfm (TOKYO: 89.7MHz) and Otsuka Pharmaceutical / Pocari Sweat Ion Water have collaborated to present a program specializing in saunas for a limited time, “Totonou Radio.” BLUE ENCOUNT’s Vo./Gt. Shunichi Tanabe, who is also a program DJ in a genuine sauna, has been well received for his hot sauna talk, and the real faces and maniac sides of the guests exposed through the sauna. The broadcast of the swing has been decided.
In “Totonou Radio” season 3, which will be on air from January to March 2023, we plan to welcome a wide range of guests, from veteran saunas representing the entertainment industry to beginner saunas studying. We will delve deeply into the history of each individual sauna, such as the reason why they got into sauna, the sense of “totoi”, and their own way of bathing.
Also, in Season 3, we ask guests to talk about their ideal sauna facility, and pursue every detail of it! Furthermore, the troubles from listeners are blown away with a heat wave and solved! … and expand the circle of saunas with the playfulness unique to Totoraj. Currently, the program is looking for “concerns” from listeners! We are also waiting for recommendations, commitments, and experience reports of saunas. Those who adopt the message will receive a program sticker signed by Tanabe. In addition, a Twitter campaign will be held to win original program goods signed by guests and Pocari Sweat Ion Water.
In addition, the talk that could not be broadcast on the program will be archived for a limited time on interfm’s YouTube channel as a director’s cut version.
On Monday night, let’s explore the deep world of sauna together at “Totonou Radio”.
■ Program overview
Broadcasting station: interfm (TOKYO 89.7 MHz) http://www.interfm.co.jp/ Title: Ion Water presents Totonou Radio
DJ: Shunichi Tanabe (BLUE ENCOUNT)
Broadcast date and time: Every Monday 20:30-21:00
Program introduction: A radio program packed with hints to “fix” your daily life and yourself in order to spend every day comfortably. Together with DJ Shunichi Tanabe of BLUE ENCOUNT, we will explore the charm of the “sauna”, which is said to add “ultimate pleasure” to life, and the methods and secrets of how to “set” yourself into a neutral state.
Program email: totonou@interfm.jp
Program hashtag: # Totoraj
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIaAZrcBJvCTCoBv2K6VLg ■ DJ profile
[Image 2d23172-206-eedbeef0f2ca45b1c51b-1.jpg&s3=23172-206-6a12c53ad28e7ce7d337c6699fb6b66c-1110x1478.jpg
Shunichi Tanabe (BLUE ENCOUNT)
Shunichi Tanabe (BLUE ENCOUNT)
Vocal & guitar of the four-piece rock band “BLUE ENCOUNT” from Kumamoto. His live performance, which conveys a number of emotional and life-sized words straight, has gained a lot of empathy. My hobbies are sauna and watching movies.
◆ HP: http://blueencount.jp/
◆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BLUEN_official
◆ LINE official account: @blueencount
◆ Instagram account: @blueencount_0fficial
◆ Shunichi Tanabe twitter: https://twitter.com/BLUEN_VO
◆ Shunichi Tanabe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluenvo/ ■ interfm related links
・interfm Official Website: https://www.interfm.co.jp/
・interfm Official YouTube:
・interfm Official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @InterFM897
From September 1, 2020, interfm
We are a special member of the National FM Broadcasting Association (JFN = Japan FM Network).
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