Jimoty Co., Ltd. Concluded an agreement on reuse with Kita Ward, Tokyo

Jimoty Co., Ltd.
Concluded an agreement on reuse with Kita Ward, Tokyo
Raise awareness about the reuse of unwanted items using Jimoty
Jimoty Co., Ltd. (hereafter, our company), which operates the local information site “Jimoty” (hereafter, Jimoty), has concluded an agreement on reuse with Kita Ward, Tokyo, and will carry out reuse enlightenment aimed at reducing waste. Currently, our company has concluded agreements on reuse with 63 local governments nationwide, and is working to realize a sustainable society through awareness of reuse and reduction of garbage. It will be the 15th place.
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■ Aim of the agreement
In Kita Ward, in the “Kita Ward Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Basic Plan 2020” formulated in March 2020, the basic philosophy is “Sustainable zero-waste town development for the future”, which will be handed down to future generations. Aiming for a sustainable recycling-oriented society, we are promoting waste reduction, resource recycling, and proper disposal. As a result of these efforts, the amount of waste generated per person per day has decreased, but in order to further reduce the amount of waste generated, we believe that cooperation among residents, businesses, and the city is essential. increase. In the future, we have decided to conclude an agreement with our company to further promote the reduction of waste generation itself by collaborating and cooperating with each other.
Contents of enlightenment activities (as of December 19, 2022*) Jimoty will be introduced on Kita Ward’s official website, Kita Ward News, Kita Ward’s official SNS, etc., to raise awareness of reuse among residents.
We will continue to strengthen reuse promotion in cooperation with local governments with the aim of realizing a sustainable society. We are looking forward to receiving inquiries from local governments nationwide who are interested in reducing waste and promoting reuse. *The contents of the awareness-raising activities are subject to change in the future.
(Reference) Municipalities collaborating on reuse
As of December 19, 2022, we have concluded agreements and memorandums of understanding with 63 local governments and are collaborating to raise awareness about reuse and promote reuse projects.
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