JK Holdings Group reorganized within the group (Bruken Shikoku absorbed Kyowa)

JK Holdings Co., Ltd.
JK Holdings Group reorganized within the group (Bruken Shikoku absorbed Kyowa) Maximize the synergy effect of the entire group and promote the strengthening of the construction materials sales business

Bruken Shikoku Co., Ltd. (Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture; President Hiroshi Sakamoto/hereafter, BK Shikoku), a consolidated subsidiary of JK Holdings Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Keiichiro Aoki; hereafter, JKHD) We would like to inform you that we will merge with our subsidiary, Kyowa Co., Ltd. (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture; President: Hiroshi Sakamoto; hereafter, Kyowa).
1. About JKHD Group and JKHD
[Image 1d37610-23-38bf68ebd442e7531f29-0.jpg&s3=37610-23-92ffaa56dc36bccf8d9534425224aaed-1380x253.jpg
The JKHD Group’s corporate philosophy is to “create a comfortable and rich living environment.” Aiming for further development and evolution in the field related to “housing”, we are developing community-based businesses with 63 group companies and about 300 bases nationwide.  JKHD is responsible for the management and operation of the entire group as the holding company of the JKHD Group.
2. Purpose of the Merger
 Our group is promoting the strengthening of the sales business of building materials. As part of this, we have started a variety of initiatives with the priority measures of “rationalization and efficiency of management” and “maximization of synergy effects for the entire Group.”
Now, we will further promote these efforts, develop a system for more integrated management, and streamline and improve the efficiency of the entire business. have decided to
3. Overview of the Merger
We will implement an absorption-type merger with BK Shikoku as the surviving company and Kyowa as the dissolving company.
[Image 2d37610-23-7c326154162ea135445a-1.png&s3=37610-23-a89abcb80f2dbe5a42ce9c7a492ffc90-1220x434.png
4. Summary of the Merger
■ Merger Schedule
Date of conclusion of merger agreement: December 5, 2022
Effective date of merger: February 1, 2023 (planned)
■ Merger method
BK Shikoku will be the surviving company through an absorption-type merger, and Kyowa will be dissolved.
5. Overview of the companies concerned (as of December 1, 2022) [Image 3d37610-23-5fc2fd0c29c2bd2750cd-2.png&s3=37610-23-a9b6972d7b00c4277524eca6896ae6af-1152x397.png
6. Financial condition and operating results for the most recent fiscal year (fiscal year ending March 31, 2022)
[Image 4d37610-23-f67509dda6a7ece78ca1-3.png&s3=37610-23-182e5a2dc550540280a1e6a5a928c099-1156x229.png
7. Status after the Merger
[Image 5d37610-23-27ce3b7dc78736091acb-4.png&s3=37610-23-fce472ded02eb79f97e7cbbe5c7ea7d3-1154x273.png

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