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JOGMEC Event Report QUAD Ammonia Value Chain Workshop Held

[Event Report] QUAD Ammonia Value Chain Workshop Held
-Confirmation of cooperation in building an ammonia value chain between Japan, the United States, Australia and India-

 JOGMEC held an international workshop on the ammonia value chain in Japan, the United States, Australia and India (QUAD) on December 2, 2022, jointly with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. At the QUAD summit meeting held in May 2022, the QUAD Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Package (Q-CHAMP) (Note 1) was launched as a measure to further promote practical cooperation in climate change countermeasures. . Under the framework of this Q-CHAMP, this international workshop will introduce the strategies and general conditions of the four countries related to ammonia, a decarbonized fuel, and discuss specific issues and prospects among project implementers. It was held for the purpose of sharing and discussing the efforts and collaboration necessary to solve the issues for building an ammonia value chain.
Many people showed interest, and about 500 people from QUAD countries registered online for participation. A total of 18 lectures were given by government officials, companies, and industry groups from various countries, and through 3 panel discussions, valuable opinions were given to promote international collaboration between ammonia-producing and consuming countries and to build an ammonia value chain. exchange has been made.
 JOGMEC will continue to contribute to the realization of a
carbon-neutral society through support for decarbonized fuel businesses such as ammonia and hydrogen.
(Note 1) Japan-U.S.-Australia-India Cooperation on Climate Change Overview of the Japan-U.S.-Australia-India Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Package (Q-CHAMP) (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website) (URL)

[Summary of workshop proceedings]
■ Opening session
[Table 5: ]
[Image 1

Lecture by JOGMEC
[Image 2

Lecture by a government official (streamed)
[Image 3

Lecture by a government official (venue)
■ Demand and R&D session
[Table 6: ]

[Image 6

Panel discussion (venue)
[Image 7

Panel discussion (streamed)
■ Ammonia Value Chain session
Agenda (1) Clean ammonia value chain
[Table 7: ]
[Image 6

Panel discussion (venue)
[Image 7

Panel discussion (streamed)
Issue (2) GHG emission and measurement of Carbon Intensity
[Table 8: ]
[Image 8d12624-689-6c158cd03fc3bde6d498-7.jpg&s3=12624-689-7a050d87090d8dcba40ee0776f821a64-1920x1080.jpg
Panel discussion
For details, please see the special site below. Some of the lecture materials are also posted.
In addition, after December 16, 2022, the lecture materials (partial) will be posted on the event page of the JOGMEC site below, so please check here.
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