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Johnstons of Elgin and Glenroyal genuine gift boxes for a limited time with British maid free gift wrapping

Watanabe Industry Co., Ltd.
Johnstons of Elgin and Glenroyal genuine gift boxes for a limited time with British maid free gift wrapping

Based on the concept of Stories of British Life developed by Watanabe Sangyo Co., Ltd., BRITISH MADE is a brand that delivers a “lifestyle with a British story”. Gift wrapping for a limited time with free genuine gift boxes from Johnstons of Elgin, a long-established material handling brand, and GLENROYAL, which was founded in Scotland in 1979 and handles high-quality bridle leather items. We are running a campaign.
[Image 1d9448-350-a4dbad282a88cc97cc22-6.jpg&s3=9448-350-82220b7d885ed4089e46f43c38cb6d7b-2560x1707.jpg
For a limited time until Sunday, December 25, 2022, British Maid will wrap Johnstons of Elgin products, Glenroyal wallets, and accessories in genuine brand gift boxes that are usually charged for free. We are holding a gift wrapping campaign.
[Image 2d9448-350-fb05e3144674efd8404f-1.jpg&s3=9448-350-c8880b29fe0a83bff2c62844c018753a-1400x933.jpg
~Sunday, December 25, 2022
Target item
Johnstons of Elgin Products
Glenroyal wallets and accessories
* It will end as soon as the genuine gift box is gone.
*Other products will be wrapped in British Made original wrapping free of charge.
Holding store
Johnstons of Elgin Recommended Items
[Image 3d9448-350-d894390a1a32fe868920-0.jpg&s3=9448-350-fbb034418a1378ede6d1fef390892824-3900x2600.jpg
WA 56 large stole (cashmere) 53 colors ¥71,500
*The number of variations includes tartan and plain.
Large cashmere stole representing Johnstons of Elgin, WA56. A versatile item that can be used from the cold winter to early spring. If you wrap it around your neck, you can create a voluminous feel that is unique to autumn and winter, and you can use it as a blanket in chilly autumn and early spring, for desk work or at home.
[Image 4d9448-350-c93e983703d3b983620f-7.jpg&s3=9448-350-3654bc7952ba357cebd960b3611f40d3-3900x2601.jpg
WA57 Medium tartan check scarf (cashmere) 41 colors ¥41,800
*The number of variations includes tartan and plain.
WA57 stole with moderate volume. Not only is it smooth and soft to the touch, but you can also enjoy arranging it in various ways. A versatile item that can be used in any occasion, regardless of gender. Tartan
[Image 5d9448-350-a7259868bc6f1141129e-8.jpg&s3=9448-350-064863d80abca060a5db77e429458df6-2100x1400.jpg
Ribbed wrist warmer (cashmere) (WOMEN) 8 colors ¥13,200
Plump, warm and comfortable wrist warmer. Since the gloves are of the type where the hands are exposed, it is possible to operate
smartphones and tablets. It is also useful for cold protection indoors, such as when working at a desk or reading at home. It is a popular item that comes in handy when you have one.
All Johnstons of Elgin Lineup
Glenroyal Recommended Items
[Image 6d9448-350-221dd95f1b5f06b00bfa-3.jpg&s3=9448-350-1c7d78ec7df23e56cbea4d3503390f19-2500x2500.jpg
Money clip (with coin purse) ¥36,300
A money clip with a coin purse that boasts an immovable popularity among Glenroyal. The biggest feature is the all-in-one design with 7 card pockets and a large coin purse, while being compact with a thin gusset of about 1.5 cm. The unusual design that symbolizes Glenroyal is also attractive.
[Image 7d9448-350-b4912ea36e23b9f3a8d0-4.jpg&s3=9448-350-f71c3943b7c65c2a9bdcc3e600b95347-3900x3900.jpg
Key case with card pocket All 9 colors ¥16,500
A leather key case that allows you to store your keys in the body while maintaining a neat design without gussets. With a small form that fits easily in your hand, you can put it together smartly in your bag or pocket. In addition, a pocket for IC cards is attached on the outside. It can also be used as a multi-case, so it is a popular key case that is suitable for the cashless era.
[Image 8d9448-350-89ea6e56ca810d5d1236-5.jpg&s3=9448-350-cd00d995414500d345cea8c9f9fe44ea-3900x3900.jpg
Pocket shoehorn ¥13,200
A shoehorn is a must-have item for taking care of your shoes. Glenroyal’s pocket shoehorn, as the name suggests, is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to keep on hand and useful when you take off your shoes. In particular, the opening that hits the heel is subject to load and is prone to wear. By covering the shoe with a shoehorn each time you wear it, you will be able to wear your shoes longer.
Glenroyal All Lineup
[Image 9d9448-350-82bb3c217252bd5b7c2d-9.jpg&s3=9448-350-e9a9edb870b29e3e99d8fa8d71d7780b-2500x1300.jpg
In addition, the 2022 Christmas gift special page has been released on the British Maid official online shop. It is a page where you can search from various situations such as brand, amount, recipient. To your precious family, partners, and yourself who worked hard. Please use it as a reference when choosing a gift.
Christmas gift special page URL
Founded in 1979 in Ayrshire, Scotland. The biggest feature of the brand is leather accessories using high-quality bridle leather. Vegetable tanning takes a long time, and the leather is thoroughly impregnated with beeswax and beef tallow. The leather was originally used for horse tacks, and not only is it strong and durable, but it also has a natural luster. Another feature is that it is beautiful. One of the attractions of high-quality handmade leather products is that you can enjoy the changes over time.
■ Johnstons of Elgin
The long-established brand “Johnstons of Elgin” was founded in 1797 in Elgin, located in the northeast of Scotland. The Johnston and Harrison families have been in business for over 200 years, creating fabrics, scarves and home furnishings in premium materials such as cashmere, vicuna, merino wool and lambswool. Even now, it is the only brand in the UK that consistently handles everything from carefully selected raw wool to spinning, weaving, and knitting in its own factory. The tartan check, which has continued since the 1840s, continues to be loved by ladies and gentlemen around the world as a modern British style icon.
Johnstons of Elgin Website
Johnstons of Elgin Instagram
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