JR-East Hotels Hotel Metropolitan Morioka IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway x Hotel Metropolitan Morioka Ginga Train Wedding plan going on chartered train is now on sale

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[Hotel Metropolitan Morioka] IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway x Hotel Metropolitan Morioka Ginga Train Wedding plan going on chartered train now on sale
Start your new journey together on a special day

Hotel Metropolitan Morioka (Main Building: Location: Morioka Ekimae-dori, Morioka City, NEW WING: Location: Morioka Ekimae Kita-dori, Morioka City General Manager: Takashi Sato) rents out IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway (Morioka Station ⇔ Iwate Numakunai Station) vehicles. , We will release the “Ginga Train Wedding Plan” that allows you to hold a wedding ceremony.
This plan includes a public wedding ceremony in a chartered vehicle, a Western-style plan, a Japanese-style plan, and a location shoot at a recommended spot that matches each costume. This is a special plan that is perfect not only for couples who love trains, but also for couples who want to have a wedding full of originality.
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Overview of Ginga Train Wedding
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/30117/table/764_1_f4014eb21d231f6fcafbe6fbbcee3fdc.jpg ]

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Schedule (example)
Getting ready for the bride and groom (directly connected to Morioka Station, at the Hotel Metropolitan Morioka Main Building)
Around 10:50 Depart from Morioka Station / Families and attendees should gather at the IGR Iwate Galaxy Railway ticket gate 30 minutes before departure
Around 11:00 public ceremony on the train / public ceremony to swear to all attendees
Around 11:30 Arrive at Iwate Numakunai Station / After taking snapshots inside the station, move to the location
Around 11:50 Location shooting/Recommended spots Western clothing: Ishigami no Oka Museum/Japanese clothing: Sakurazanso
Around 13:00 Departure from Iwate Numakunai Station / On the train, you can freely take pictures with the attendees while heading to Morioka
Arrive at Morioka Station around 13:30 / After returning to the hotel, it is OK to hold a reception or a dinner party
We recommend having a party at Galaxy on the top floor of the New Wing with the theme of the Galactic Railroad.
*Times are currently being adjusted and are subject to change. ■Recommended location shooting spots
-Western dress plan-
Shoot in Western clothes to enjoy the nature of the four seasons -Forest of flowers and art-
We recommend taking pictures at the Ishigami no Oka Museum.
* Depending on the situation of the project gallery and special events, the dates and range of shooting may vary.
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-Kimono plan-
A historic old house in Iwate-cho “Ozanso”
A precious place where the atmosphere of the Taisho era remains intact. In the spring, the beautiful fresh greenery shines, and in the fall, the leaves turn red, making kimono photos look great.
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・There are restrictions on operating days due to vehicle maintenance, etc. ・We may not be able to shoot suddenly due to vehicle malfunction or weather. ・In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we will refuse shooting outside of the designated areas.
Iwate Prefectural Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 2-259 Morioka Terminal Building Co., Ltd. Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing [Hotel HP] https://morioka.metropolitan.jp/

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