JR West Japan DL Christmas issue, about the winter hospitality of ○○

JR West Japan
DL Christmas issue, about the winter hospitality of ○○’s story
The DL Christmas sightseeing train, which runs on the Line, has a Showa retro feel. The story of ○○, a sightseeing train that runs on the San’in Line and allows you to fully enjoy the superb view. This year, we will carry out winter hospitality that matches the Christmas season on two sightseeing trains. Please enjoy the winter sightseeing train.
Hospitality on the DL Christmas
1. Hospitality at Shin- Station
“In December, City will become a Christmas market.” At Shin- Station, you will be treated to hospitality at the platform along with the DL Christmas! The staff puts on Christmas hats and welcomes you! ?
●Place of implementation
 Shin- Station (Platform 1)
●Implementation date and time
 December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2022 10:00-10:50
●Hospitality by City and JR
[ City]
・Distribution of original novelties limited to customers boarding from Shin- Station
・Distribution of SL panorama advertisement
・Limited sale of “Tokusa Apple Sweets”
・Original can batch production experience corner
・Distribution of hand flags
In addition, we will also sell limited Christmas souvenirs at the shop inside the DL Christmas train.
[Image 1

2. Hospitality in front of Tsuwano Station
 The “Tsuwano Station Winter Festival” will be held on December 24th only in front of the renewed Tsuwano Station! At the winter festival, a handmade market and working vehicles will also come.
*Details will be announced on the Tsuwano Town Tourism Association website as needed.
3. Holding an in-car Christmas event
 On December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), we will distribute a Christmas-only “original message card”. How about a Christmas present for your loved ones?
●Implementation date
 December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2022 *only outward trip [Image 2

original novelty
[Image 3

DL original hand flag
[Image 4

Tokusa apple sweets box
[Image 5

Hospitality in the story of ○○
[Image 6

1. Winter “○○ no Hanashi × Agawa Set” sales start
On the Sanin Line sightseeing train “○○ no Hanashi”, we have prepared a limited product “○○ no Hanashi × Agawa Set” for passengers boarding ○○ No Hanashi so that you can enjoy the popular cafe “Agawa” at Agawa Station. are for sale.
This set is sold as a set that includes a “seasonal drink” that uses fruits that are in season along the railway lines, a “sweets” that you can enjoy delicious local specialties, and a “souvenir” that you can take home and look back on your trip. increase. Among them, regarding “sweets”, we have renewed and provided the contents for each season from the first to the third, but this winter we will renew the sweets as the fourth.
For the 4th batch of sweets, Shimonoseki City’s fermented cafe and natural yeast bread “ten no Teshigoto” cooperated to create “5 fermented snacks” for the 5th anniversary. These 5 kinds of sweets were created based on the request from the crew who usually work for ○○ no Hanashi, “I want you to use good local products”, so the raw materials are ten. We use a lot of Teshigoto’s homemade and local ingredients.
“Five sweets that will make you smile when you hold them in your hand, look at them, and put them in your mouth.” By all means, please pick it up and enjoy a heartwarming winter trip.
[4th] Started offering on Saturday, December 10
● Set contents
Drink: A drink made with seasonal fruits [Agawa (Shimonoseki City)] We offer drinks made with the most delicious fruits of the day, such as pears from Hohoku, yuzukichi from Nagato, and summer oranges from Hagi.
Sweets: Five Fermented Snacks [ten no Teshigoto (Shimonoseki City)] ・Fermented rice flour financier
Fragrant flavor of raw honey, yeast and burnt fermented butter ・Sweet potato cookie
Crispy and soft sweet potato cookies
・Soy sauce rice ball cookie
A rice-like snack flavored with sesame and soy sauce
・Miso and sake lees shortbread
A cheese-like snack made with miso and sake lees
・Sake lees cracker
Gentle cheese-flavored crackers
[Image 7

Five fermented snacks *Image
Souvenir: ○○ Story Original Blend Drip Bag [COFFEEBOY (Hagi City)] Based on the theme of “time to go back home and slowly reminisce about the trip in the Sanin”, we offer an original blend drip bag featuring a scent and taste reminiscent of the famous citrus fruit in an original package.
●Sales period
 From December 10, 2022 (Saturday) to the end of March 2023 (planned) ● Sales price
1,500 yen (tax included)
*Sold at Agawa
*Available only for customers boarding the story of ○○. Tickets are sold for both outward and return trips.
2. Holding an in-car Christmas event
On December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), we will distribute a special clear file and a Christmas limited “original message card”. How about a Christmas present for your loved ones?
●Implementation date
 December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2022 *both outbound and return trips [Image 8d95753-344-d19eac251f1a90fd8b21-7.png&s3=95753-344-7b73813b25b3702b6b948de7d11d49c3-294x425.png
Clear file *Image
3. Sales of Hagi sweets set with Christmas limited wrapping
At ○○ Hanashi, we are selling a Hagi sweets set from “Ukishima Kobo” in Hagi City only on the return trip (from Higashi-Hagi to
Shin-Shimonoseki), but on December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun) ) will be sold with Christmas-only wrapping.
This special wrapping is only available for these two days, so please order it and enjoy a special time with your loved ones.
● Target period
 On December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2022, only the return trip (from Higashi-Hagi to Shin-Shimonoseki)
● How to purchase
 Reservation required by phone at least 3 days before the service Ukishima Kobo TEL: 0838-22-0545
● Sales price
1,300 yen (tax included)
[Image 9d95753-344-ac74264fc1aad8f91350-8.jpg&s3=95753-344-940c692b85c599b2f6c7cc9decb80f55-500x360.jpg
Hagi sweets set
[Image 10d95753-344-e8d7a2d34bb322f119c9-9.jpg&s3=95753-344-7f7acb78304203539f2c8ea2000317ff-1280x960.jpg
Christmas limited wrapping *Image

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