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KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Commemorating the long-awaited release of the new book, the traffic advertisement for “Fu ture Memory” has started to be posted!

Commemorating the long-awaited release of the new book, the traffic advertisement of “Imaginary Memory” has started to be posted! Full of purchase privilege information ♪

The latest 3 volumes of the popular serialized work “Fujo no Kioku” (Original/Producer: Eve, Manga: Neo) will be released on December 27th (Tuesday)! In addition, we will post a traffic advertisement in Ikebukuro to commemorate the release of the new book.
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“Fictional Memories” is a manga work serialized in Monthly Comic Gene, written and produced by Eve, a new generation creator who continues to fascinate listeners with her unique world view. In addition, the popular illustrator Neo is in charge of the manga, and it is a work that has been supported by many readers since the beginning of the series.
Ninety-nine Rei decides to move to Tokyo for family reasons. On his first day in high school, Rei’s feelings toward the new world were not excitement, but anxiety, depression, and a small sense of incongruity. Meanwhile, Zero falls into a sudden sleep in the classroom. When you wake up, your surroundings are overflowing with “non-human
It is a work that makes you wonder what will happen in the development that attacks Zero one after another!
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And this time, the long-awaited latest 3 volumes will be released on Tuesday, December 27th!
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The spring when my heart wriggles and splits. The boy met a “non-human”–. “Fictitious Memory” Volume 3
Original/Producer: Eve Manga: Neo
Label: MF Comics Gene Series
Price: 590 yen + tax
Zero’s missing memory… What is the truth behind it!?
The third collection of youth tales about “memory” and “outside the human” produced by the new generation creator Eve.
Rei’s lack of memory is related to a “certain accident” that happened in the past…!?
The bewildered Rei is attacked by a new shadow user, Ryo!!
[Bonus information]
If you purchase a new book at each bookstore, you will receive a special gift! Don’t miss it!
(Distribution of benefits will end as soon as they are gone.) [Image 4

In addition, Animate nationwide (including mail order) will hold a fair to commemorate the release of “Memory of Imaginary 3.” & “How to Eat Life 2.”!
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In commemoration of the release of the new book, traffic
advertisements will be posted at 11 locations inside JR Ikebukuro Station! The posting period is today, December 26th (Monday) to January 1st (Sunday)! Please check when you stop by the station♪ ▼ Ikebukuro Station Posted photos (partial)
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〇Posted information
[Implementation medium] Ikebukuro set 11 locations
[Posted location] Inside the ticket gates of JR Ikebukuro Station, along the Orange Road and Apple Road
[Posting period] December 26, 2022 (Monday) to January 1, 2023 (Sunday) [Publication contents] Release of new book of imaginary memory * When viewing advertisements, please be careful not to obstruct the passage of other station users.
*Please refrain from contacting railway companies such as stations and station staff.
*For inquiries, please contact customer support.
  KADOKAWA Customer Support (
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The world of music & PV from the super popular creator Eve is now a novel! “How to eat life” Volumes 1-2
Author: Ao Jumonji Original/Producer: Eve Illustration: luck Label: MF Bunko J
Price: ¥660 + tax

Otogiri Tobi is a second year junior high school student. He doesn’t get involved with his classmates much, and spends his days secretly chatting with his buddy backpack “Baku”, which was left behind by the “one-eyed man” on the day he left his older brother.
“Otokiri-kun, you often talk with that bag, don’t you?” However, it turns out that Tobi’s secret was discovered by his classmate, a girl named Ryuko Shiratama. As Tobi’s daily life begins to change, an accident occurs in class. Apparently, the cause lies in the
“non-human” that only Tobi and Ryuko should be able to see… This is an adventure about the real and the extraordinary, “human” and “outside the human” that one boy confronts.
A story of “life” eating “life”.
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