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KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA DREAMS D.LEAGUE 22-23 SEASON ROUND.4 use song “KACHI” (KADOKAWA DREAMS, Hideyoshi) 12/10 distribution start

KADOKAWA DREAMS D.LEAGUE 22-23 SEASON ROUND.4 use song “KACHI” (KADOKAWA DREAMS, Hideyoshi) 12/10 distribution start

KADOKAWA DREAMS, which is participating in Japan’s professional dance league D.LEAGUE, will start distributing the song “KACHI” used in ROUND.4 from 12/10. Featuring HIPHOP artist “Hideyoshi”, who has gained a lot of support both in Japan and overseas, this song, which has the double meaning of “value” and “win”, will aim for the battle of D.LEAGUE and even higher. The image of KADOKAWA DREAMS that continues to challenge is included.
Overview of KACHI
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KACHI (Full Ver.)
【artist name】
[Distribution URL]
December 10, 2022 (Sat) 0:00
[Distribution URL]
255 yen each (tax included)

Profile of Hideyoshi
[Image 2d7006-11665-a0944b7412a42e148c8b-1.jpg&s3=7006-11665-babb127797e7a17c2552f17cdabc780b-1500x2250.jpg
“Hideyoshi”, the frontman of the crew “Tokyo Young Vision” based in Tokyo.  The 1st EP “Never Be the Same” was released in June 2018. Since then, he has performed as a guest with popular artists such as AK-69 and SKY-HI, and is now expanding his range of activities beyond the boundaries of indies and majors. After that, the solo mixtape “Dead End Adventure” was released on January 17, 2020. Since its release on YouTube, the music video for the song “Majinahanashi” has been viewed more than 7 million times, attracting attention not only in Japan but also overseas, and the new single “Jitsuryoku feat. It has become a hot topic both at home and abroad.
Her first album “Resurrection” has finally been completed and released. Have a wide range of musicality
He is an artist who works globally.

[Image 3d7006-11665-109250bd039ea5c67ebb-2.jpg&s3=7006-11665-0143c46bba7165531fab9c3f2eee3965-3900x2602.jpg
A team participating in Japan’s professional dance league “D.LEAGUE”. Led by KEITA TANAKA, the director who leads the team, members are selected from all over the country to discover the gemstones of professional dancers in order to make their dreams come true like the team name DREAMS. The team members are Ryo, Aroha Imai, HINATA.M, ITTA, JURIKA, KISA, LENA, MINAMI, Rion, Sasya, SATSUKI, yamattchi, ASUHA, Daichi, and Syuichi. And TSY will join from this season, aiming for further heights with 16 members.
Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @kadokawa_dreams

Details about this release:

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