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KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA DREAMS ROUND.5 use song “The Whisper Song” (KADOKAWA DREAMS, Yazzy Tanaka, YUNGEASY) 12/29 distribution start

KADOKAWA DREAMS ROUND.5 use song “The Whisper Song” (KADOKAWA DREAMS, Yazzy Tanaka, YUNGEASY) 12/29 distribution start

KADOKAWA DREAMS, which is participating in Japan’s professional dance league D.LEAGUE, will start distributing the song “The Whisper Song” used in ROUND.5 from 12/29.
The beat maker is “YUNGEASY” who also served as a producer for KD’s original song “I NO YOU” used in the D League 20-21 SEASON ROUND and “Never Give Up”.The featuring rapper is Hip with track maker “ROVER” -Yazzy Tanaka, who is also active as a hop duo and producer unit “Distorted Wave”, was welcomed.YUNGEASY’s addictive trap beat and Yazzy Tanaka’s low whispered whisper voice rap made the song even more addictive. Finished.
Outline of “The Whisper Song”
[Image 1

The Whisper Song
【artist name】
[Delivery date]
December 29, 2022 (Thursday) 0:00
[Distribution URL]
255 yen each (tax included)
YUNGEASY profile
[Image 2d7006-11823-9c266e7e91c6600e81d5-1.jpg&s3=7006-11823-ddcf381a14b461100f457e8a33671fe0-1333x2000.jpg
DJ, Producer
As a member of a popular dance team since the mid-1990s, he has gained popularity for his unique performances in the club scene both inside and outside the Kansai region. started his career as
From around 2015, sound source production activities with ip passport started in earnest.
Starting in 2019, FULLHOUSE will be held every Saturday at CLUB CIRCUS, a leader in the dance music scene.
Started activities as a member of FULLHOUSE.
In 2020, they are expanding their range of activities, such as performing at STAR FESTIVAL 2020 held at Steel Forest Kyoto, not only at CLUB but also at outdoor FESTIVAL.
Through their own club play, sound source production, and creator activities, they are keeping an eye out for more exciting cutting-edge dance music to be sent from Asia to the world.
■ Instagram
Yazzy Tanaka Profile
[Image 3d7006-11823-406b04e9f2dd579ac7a3-3.jpg&s3=7006-11823-7b067e2c55a147c520d94ee6dd903bac-370x370.jpg
While working as a solo rapper, he has a face as a lyricist and producer. Also active as a hip-hop duo and producer unit, Distorted Wave, with track maker ROVER. Distorted Wave, which means “distorted wave”, embodies the minds of the two who question the common sense and preconceptions of the music scene, and creates an overwhelming quality by colliding with the senses of the two craftsmen.

[Image 4d7006-11823-0786ae806dda4af1883c-2.jpg&s3=7006-11823-4b197a2385f9bdc20f239eaa420c4197-3900x2602.jpg
A team participating in Japan’s professional dance league “D.LEAGUE”. Led by KEITA TANAKA, the director who leads the team, members are selected from all over the country to discover the gemstones of professional dancers in order to make their dreams come true like the team name DREAMS.
The team members are Ryo, Aroha Imai, HINATA.M, ITTA, JURIKA, KISA, LENA, MINAMI, Rion, Sasya,
SATSUKI, yamattchi, ASUHA, Daichi, Syuichi. And TSY will join from this season, aiming for further heights with 16 members.
Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @kadokawa_dreams

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