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Kakemochi Co., Ltd. Kakemochi, which supports expansion into Indonesia, has started offering cross-border EC operation agency for 30,000 yen per month. – Cross-border e-commerce is realized simply by delivering products to designated warehouses –

Kakemochi Co., Ltd.
Kakemochi, which supports expansion into Indonesia, started offering cross-border EC operation agency for 30,000 yen per month. – Cross-border e-commerce is realized simply by delivering products to designated warehouses –
User correspondence is done in Indonesian, and reports are done in Japanese. Support for full-scale expansion after opening a store is also possible

Kakemochi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Koichi Yanagisawa) has started offering a cross-border EC operation agency service for Indonesia for 30,000 yen from November 2022, which was 100,000 yen.
(Service overview: In this service, all the operations required for cross-border EC are performed on behalf of the client company, so the client company only delivers the product to the designated warehouse. As more and more companies find opportunities to expand overseas due to the
depreciation of the yen, we would like to support more companies expanding into Indonesia.
Indonesian e-commerce market growing at 20% annually
Kakemochi supports various operations related to expanding into Indonesia, but the business that we are currently paying attention to is the cross-border EC business. The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is expanding year by year, and the Indonesian market accounts for half of the total, growing at an average annual rate of 20%. On the other hand, it is said that barriers to entry are high due to differences in culture and language, and the difficulty in grasping the overall picture of logistics and cross-border e-commerce. [Image 1d93780-8-7cb8b4965a6b43709fa6-0.png&s3=93780-8-c65c02acfc64333e0da29f3f401babfc-502x342.png
[Image 2d93780-8-6c401b9439cc80129167-1.png&s3=93780-8-6d3d4b5e3dab08c5172dde2a26fd0db0-400x342.png
Therefore, Kakemochi supports expansion into Indonesia with local staff who can speak Japanese, centering on cross-border EC x Web marketing.
Currently, the price of Japanese products is falling due to the depreciation of the yen, making it easier to increase profits by expanding overseas. In order to take advantage of this boom and increase the number of companies entering Indonesia, we decided to offer the cross-border EC operation agency service for 30,000 yen, which had been provided for 100,000 yen.
Outline of cross-border EC support service
We support all necessary operations from the time the product is ordered until the product is delivered to the end user. The client company only delivers the product to the designated warehouse. No other work is required.
[Image 3d93780-8-e6baaecd8a26fd3bb8fa-2.png&s3=93780-8-4cb00442137941527d022859bfeea4c4-1513x1283.png
1. Operation work
As a pre-launch preparation, we will take care of account building, page creation, translation work, payment system, all post-launch operations, and international logistics such as customs clearance necessary for opening a local EC mall.
2. User and mall support
All inquiries about products from Indonesian users will be handled in Indonesian.
3. All reports are carefully conducted in Japanese
EC mall operation and user correspondence will be in Indonesian, and Japanese marketers will report to your company in Japanese. If you have any questions or concerns during EC mall operation, you can ask the person in charge in Japanese at any time.
Support after opening a store in cross-border EC is also possible Kakemochi supports a wide range of business expansion in Indonesia, so we can also support the work required after opening a store. 1. Support for attracting customers online
We also support web marketing such as advertisement management, SEO measures, SNS operation, and website creation in Indonesian language. In addition to the operation of cross-border EC, we will also consult with you about attracting customers to increase sales.
2. Full-fledged overseas expansion support
If cross-border EC sales can produce a certain amount of results, we recommend a domestic sales model in which inventories are kept in Indonesia. Using a domestic sales model enables next-day delivery, which reduces transportation costs and enhances product
competitiveness. Kakemochi also supports product registration (BPOM acquisition) and securing a warehouse, which is necessary at that time.
customer’s voice
We have received the following feedback from customers who have actually provided cross-border EC operation agency services. ・Cosmetics manufacturer
Being able to start cross-border e-commerce with a monthly fee of 30,000 yen was very significant in terms of cost. While it is not uncommon for other companies’ cross-border EC operation outsourcing services to cost more than 100,000 yen per month, it was good to be able to start cross-border EC for just 30,000 yen. Moreover, I felt that the fact that it is a company that specializes in the Indonesian market and supports cross-border e-commerce is unique.
・Home appliance manufacturer
It was really helpful to be able to throw the international delivery business and the local user correspondence to the whole. The most troublesome part was the various tasks related to international shipping, but I felt that being able to leave that part out to us would be a great advantage for our company. It was also attractive that I could entrust the work of supporting Indonesian users. price
[Image 4d93780-8-a05c258ce004762d46e1-3.png&s3=93780-8-c8ddf91e73ac9a053578c3b231655886-1728x530.png
■ Contact information
If you would like to make a request or want to hear more details, please contact us from the following.
■ About Kakemochi Co., Ltd.
We support the expansion of Japanese companies into Indonesia. We can support a wide range of web marketing measures such as multilingual site production, cross-border EC support, content marketing, SEO measures, web advertisement operation, and SNS account operation. We have a large number of Indonesian employees and operate web media with a large number of Indonesian readers, so our strength lies in our deep understanding of the local market.

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