Kakogawa City You can relive the popular project “BINGO Journey” by the popular YouTuber “Gekidan Squash”! “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City Bingo Card” Gift Project All 100 cards have been distributed successfully

Kakogawa City
You can relive the popular project “BINGO’s Journey” by the popular YouTuber “Theatrical Company Squash”! “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City Bingo Card” Gift Project All 100 cards have been distributed successfully

Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture (Mayor: Yasuhiro Okada) is a content project with the popular YouTuber “Theatrical Company Squash”, which has a total of over 680,000 channel subscribers. We shot a video to convey it, and it has been distributed for 5 consecutive weeks from November 25th on the official “Gekidan Squash” channel
Along with this video distribution, a special “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City Bingo Card” and “sticker” gift project will be held from 9:30 am on December 16 (Friday) as a gift from “Theatrical Company Squash” to Kakogawa citizens. It was conducted.

At the town information center inside JR Kakogawa Station, we distributed leaflets describing how to play the game to the first 100 people.
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This project was started as the first attempt, but after seeing a post on “Theatrical Company Squash” on Twitter, there were people who immediately came to pick it up on the first day, and there were people who reported it on Twitter.
In the comment section of the video “BINGO no Tabi in Kakogawa City”, we received comments saying that while enjoying the video, they would like to visit and live in Kakogawa City.
“BINGO’s Journey in Kakogawa City” will be delivered on December 23 (Friday) at 19:00 on the official channel of “Theatrical Company Squash” (https://www.youtube.com/SQUASHfilms).
[Overview of “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City Bingo Card” gift plan] ■ Purpose: A plan to enjoy Christmas, New Year, winter vacation, and New Year’s holidays while experiencing the charm of Kakogawa by reliving the Kakogawa trip experienced by popular YouTubers. ■ Participation: Free, anyone can participate
■Summary: If you actually go to the place listed on the bingo card, see the scenery, eat Kakogawa specialties, and experience
You can get trout. If you watch the main video, you will understand the points of the trip.
■Distribution location and number of copies: “Town Information Center” inside Kakogawa Station, 100 copies, first-come, first-served basis ■ “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City” Delivery destination: Theater company squash official channel
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[About “BINGO no Tabi in Kakogawa City”]
Three of the members of “Theatrical Company Squash” shot a video “BINGO Journey in Kakogawa City” aiming to achieve BINGO within 36 hours by experiencing Kakogawa’s specialty, and released the video on November 25, 2022 ( It is planned to be released for 5 consecutive weeks from Friday). The bingo squares to be achieved consist of 8 types of Kakogawa specialties and 6 types of special challenges. The 8 types of Kakogawa specialties include gourmet foods such as
“Katsumeshi” and “Kakogawa Wagyu beef,” as well as special products such as “socks,” and the beautiful scenery of
“Takamiyama.” It has been. For a little maniac special challenge, we interweave attractive experiences such as participating in events on the riverbed of Kakogawa, canoeing, and making Kakogawa’s local gourmet hot pot “Ekogawa Nabe”.
This time, “Theatrical Company Squash”, which has gained high support for its travel videos that discover, experience, and convey the charm of the places visited, and the thoughts of Kakogawa City, which is focusing on discovering and disseminating the charm that leads to the inside and outside of the city. was agreed and implemented.
With the cooperation of Machizu Creative Co., Ltd., which is involved in town development, we researched everything from rich nature and local gourmet food to hot spots, and planned a bingo trip. We aim to convey the charm of Kakogawa City to as many people as possible by distributing videos that uniquely introduce it through travel. We also believe that it will be an opportunity for Kakogawa citizens to rediscover the charm of the city.
[About Theater Company Squash]
A theater company consisting of Tatsuya Otsuka, Yuya Otsuka, Kenji Maekawa, and Daichi Nakata. In addition to activities such as performances, he has released drama videos on YouTube, gaining popularity for his outstanding storytelling and high production quality. “YouTube NextUp 2011”, “YouTube Video Awards Japan 2011” special effects / live-action category Grand Prize.
The group of video works “Stalking Vampire ~Gap Man~” produced as an opening project for YouTube Space Tokyo recorded a huge hit with over 30 million views in total. YouTubers from Japan and around the world gathered together, and the total number of views surpassed 76 million in the drama “Kanaotoko 2” released in August 2015, setting a new record for YouTubers in Japan. Furthermore, in 2018, Gekidan Squash’s first feature-length film “Kanaotoko” was released as the first YouTube Original work.
The drama prologue work is distributed in advance on YouTube, and the main story is connected to the stage performance, gaining popularity with a unique method that allows fans to go back and forth between the net and the real world, and provides stage performances to fans nationwide. Self-requested short dramas, viewer-participation projects, and other unique content that constantly explores new possibilities for video distribution are popular.
Currently, the total number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel has exceeded 680,000, and the total number of views has exceeded 410 million.

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