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Kamakura International FC Announcement of Promotion Decision to Division 1 of Kanagawa Prefectural Football League

Kamakura International FC
Announcement of promotion decision to Division 1 of the Kanagawa Prefectural Football League

Kamakura International FC won the Kanagawa Prefectural Football League Division 1 due to the results of the “2022 Kanagawa Prefectural Football League Division 2 Championship Final (Promotion Final)” held on Sunday, December 18, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that you have been promoted to


2022 Kanagawa Prefectural Football League Division 2 championship match (promotion match)
Kamakura International FC 2 – 1 Ebrisa Fujisawa United
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Comment from Kentaro Shikata, owner of Kamakura International FC Last year, the long-awaited Hato Sable Stadium was completed, and from the start of the season, training, and most of the league games were held at Hato Stadium.
I am even more happy that we have decided to be promoted to the Kanagawa Prefecture Division 1 League and that we can all smile and celebrate Christmas and New Year.
I would like to thank all the 15 teams who played against us in the league match, Eblisa Fujisawa United who played a wonderful match in today’s championship game, and everyone involved in the league. The players, managers, coaches, trainers, staff, sponsors, and supporters who fought under difficult conditions, such as the impact of the new coronavirus and the number of injured people, all worked together to secure promotion. think.
There were times when I was almost overwhelmed by the pressure, but I think I was able to grow as a team and my friends together.
We promise to continue to impress everyone and grow together. Looking ahead to next season, we will continue to take on new challenges. Let’s continue to create together!
Let’s make Kamakura Intel together!
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match highlights
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[Kamakura International FC]
Location: 634-1 Kajiwara, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 247-0063 Everyone’s Pigeon Sable Stadium
Representative: Kentaro Shikata
Kamakura International FC (commonly known as Kamakura Intel) was established in January 2018 with the aim of internationalizing Japan through soccer, the sport with the largest number of players and spectators in the world. This season, they will compete in the second division of the Kanagawa Prefectural Football League, gain strength, and look to enter the J.League in the near future. The vision is “CLUB WITHOUT BORDERS”. We will create a soccer club that does not have “borders” in everything such as race, religion, gender, and age. At the same time, we will develop players and human resources who are active overseas and produce global human resources from Kamakura. The home ground Minna no Hato Sable Stadium has an artificial turf full-size soccer pitch (102 meters x 64 meters) and a park of about 1000 square meters. It is a stadium by Setminei.
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