“Kankuro Nakamura Shichinosuke Nakamura Spring Dawn Special Performance 2023” online joint interview event official report arrives

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“Kankuro Nakamura Shichinosuke Nakamura Spring Dawn Special Performance 2023” online joint interview event official report arrives
“If Nakamuraya can come together and show everyone a good stage (Shichinosuke)
On December 14th (Wednesday), an online joint press conference for “Kankuro Nakamura Shichinosuke Nakamura Shunji Special Performance 2023”, which will be held in 12 locations nationwide in March 2023, will be held. Kankuro Nakamura and Shichinosuke Nakamura talked about their thoughts on the annual tour, commentary on each performance, and highlights.
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The Spring Dawn Special Performance, which started in 2005, will be held for the 18th time next spring, with repeated performances under the name of Autumn, Fresh Green, and Yang Spring. Including the performances that have been held so far, in the spring of 2022, we have achieved the feat of conquering all 47 prefectures nationwide. [Image 2d41063-391-1a68786844f6e725610d-1.jpg&s3=41063-391-ca4044f1657316080d4041b0b6c18a09-1800x2700.jpg
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Kankuro said, “I didn’t think it would last this long” when it started. It’s been a source of strength for everyone, and I feel that thanks to our continued efforts, the number of new customers who visit Kabukiza, Nakamuraza, and other theaters has increased as a result of special performances. Corona is still in an unstable situation, but I am truly grateful that we will be able to tour around the country again next year.” Also, there are many local customers who find it difficult to go to big cities such as Kabukiza, Tokyo, and Osaka, so I am really happy that we can visit various places and create
opportunities to see Kabuki.Nakamuraya Ichimaru I hope I can show everyone a good stage with all my might,” he said.

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This time’s “Kankuro Nakamura and Shichinosuke Nakamura Shunji Special Performance 2023” consists of “Talk Corner”, “Genroku Hanami Dance”, “Nakazo Furan” and “Aioi Shishi”. Regarding the talk corner with Kankuro, Shichinosuke, and Tsurumatsu, Kankuro said, “No matter where you go in Japan, there are connections with kabuki and historical sites, so it’s fun to talk with the locals. Kabuki is a traditional performing art, and it has an image of being formal and difficult to approach, so I want the audience to break down the barriers in their minds and see the performance. , I try to be conscious of not decorating.” Shichinosuke said, “As my brother said, I can of course meet local customers, and in the places I’ve visited several times, there are familiar shops and restaurants. It’s a personal matter, but for the Instagram of the radio program I’m MCing, I try to go to famous places near the theater, shrines, and places related to Kabuki. I think we have broadened our horizons. It’s great that we can communicate in various ways through the questions we receive from customers in advance.” Although it was not possible to speak directly with the person who raised his hand like before, he seemed to be looking forward to the talk corner where topics unique to the area popped up.
“Genroku Hanami Odori” is a splendid performance perfect for spring. Shichinosuke said, “After the talk corner – the spring dawn special performance – Kabuki, it’s the first dance, so I’d like you to see the beautiful things without thinking about anything and enter the world of Kabuki. I would appreciate it if you could see it as if you were watching the cherry blossoms together.” Kankuro said, “Since the men and women of the Genroku era dance gorgeously, the visuals are the highlight. It is a performance that you can enjoy with your eyes how to wear a wig on your head.”
This is the first performance of “Nakazo Kyouran” since 1960 at the Kabukiza Theater. It can be said that Kankuro, who played Nakamura Nakazo in “Chushingura Rhapsody No. 5 Nakamura Nakazo Success Stairs” broadcasted on NHK in 2021, is also a related program. Appearing Kankuro said, “One of the good things about this special performance is that they perform rare dances that don’t often appear at regular shows. Nakazo’s success story about his career is famous for rakugo and storytelling, but he is Shiga.” He is a master dancer who was adopted by Yamaryu.He is one of the rare Kabuki actors who has inherited the style of “Nakazo-furi” even now.The main subject is “Kurangumo Isode-“, but Mr. It’s not like I’m going to come, but because Mr. Nakazo is famous, it’s a kyogen to the extent that it’s called Nakazo Kyouran. One of the highlights of my role is that I can distinguish between that part and the normal part in the dance, and it’s really detailed (laughs). It’s been a long time since the performance, and it’s a role played by Nakazo-san, a person with whom we have a connection, so I hope you enjoy it.” is.
Shichinosuke and Tsurumatsu play two beautiful princesses in the finale, “Aioi Jishi”. Shichinosuke said, “This is one of the oldest works of Ishibashi-mono, and in the first half, two princesses appear, showing their flamboyant femininity and persuasion. In the end, you can see an elegant, beautiful, high-class dance, and in the end, they appear as lions. It’s a rare form of dance where you dress like a princess and wave your hair, so it’s a work where you can see different versions of two people in one piece called Aioi-jishi.” “I don’t think Tsurumatsu and I can really dance together,” he said. [Image 4d41063-391-1e5da2ce850120bdcf2e-3.jpg&s3=41063-391-c01dbd66f46a8674e6e24cca687c6fb8-3900x2600.jpg
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When asked to give a message to those who are looking forward to the performance, Kankuro said, “It’s been three years since the corona epidemic, and I have to be careful about something on a daily basis. It’s a really short time, but the time you’re watching a play at the theater is a beautiful world so that you can forget that feeling. I would like to invite you, and we will work hard together. I hope you will enjoy the time in full bloom of spring.” The mask and staff are also perfect for corona measures, and I would like to tighten my mind so that you can watch it safely and securely.I want to dance hard at each of the 24 performances in 12 locations nationwide. Please come and visit us.Thank you very much.”
Interview and text = Kana Nagasawa Photography = Fukuoka Ryoshi (GEKKO Co., Ltd.)
Performance overview
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-Performance name- Kankuro Nakamura Shichinosuke Nakamura Shunkyo Special Performance 2023

6th (Monday) Kitatopia Sakura Hall, Kita Ward, Tokyo
9th (Thursday) Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture Chiba Civic Center Large Hall 10th (Friday) Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Kawaguchi General Cultural Center Lilia Main Hall
11th (Sat) Tiara Koto Large Hall, Koto Ward, Tokyo
12th (Sun) Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Performing Arts Center Main Hall
13th (Mon) Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara Women’s University Green Hall Large Hall
15th (Wed) Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
18th (Sat) Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture Morioka Civic Culture Hall Large Hall 19th (Sun) Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Natori City Cultural Center Large Hall 21st (Tue) Fukuoka City Canal City Theater
22nd (Wednesday) Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
23rd (Thursday) Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Civic Center Large Hall
-Planning/Production-Fernwood Co., Ltd., Fernwood 21 Co., Ltd. – Cooperation – Shochiku Co., Ltd.
-Production Cooperation-Sunrise Promotion Tokyo
-Official HP-http://shungyo2023.com/

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