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Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd. Karimoku Furniture Launches desks ideal for telework

Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.
Karimoku Furniture launches desks ideal for telework
[CLEARNEL for personal workspace]

Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture; President: Masatoshi Kato; hereinafter referred to as the Company) has launched the “CLEARNEL” series of new desks for telework from the main brand karimoku at dealers nationwide. did. By combining 10 optional items such as panels and trays with the desk itself, we aimed to realize a desktop environment that is ideal for telework and a personal comfort that suits the user.
[Image 1

A feature of CLEARNEL is that the back panel is made of steel, and you can freely use the panel surface by using a commercially available magnet product in addition to the optional tray. The mounting position of the panel can be selected from two positions, front and back, and when assembled at the back, it has a unique feature that an outlet tap can be installed in the groove between the panel and the desk. CLEARNEL was developed for teleworkers based on the marketing and technical capabilities cultivated in manufacturing study furniture, and adopts a simple design for adults that can be selected from 2 colors and 6 sizes.
□ Design
[Image 2

A high-quality desk is achieved with high-tech and high-touch. The sleek top plate, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful grain of wood, was born from high-precision machining and the meticulous handiwork of craftsmen. The rounded corners give it a gentle design. [Image 3

It is an almighty leg that does not choose the interior.
The slender, 45mm-diameter woodwind legs are smoothly connected to the tabletop, creating a soft scene. In addition, it has a wide leg space and is easy to use.
[Image 4

I left a margin for the user to design.
In order to create a comfortable workspace, we have prepared a variety of optional items, including desk colors and sizes, as well as panels. □ Function
[Image 5

Keep your desktop efficient and clean.
The magnetic tray can be placed anywhere on the panel (made of steel) according to your items, so you can organize it freely.
[Image 6

The charging station makes it easy to charge and power your devices. By setting back the panel from the desk, it is easy to gather the power supply of the PC and peripheral devices in one place, and you can organize the desk as you like.

[Image 7

Because it can be put away quickly, it is always clean.
The open type tray that can be installed under the desk can easily store frequently used PCs and tablets.
[Image 8

Secure it smartly to create a spacious and comfortable space. By creating an opening in the panel, clamp-type equipment such as a desk light can be assembled to the desk without taking up much space. □Item (partial) details are on the website:
[Image 9

Tax-included 84,150 yen …
Width 90 x Depth 45 x Height 72.3 cm
Main material:
chestnut oak
[Image 10

Tax-included 41,250 yen …
Width 89 x Depth 15.7 x Height 34.2 cm
Main material:
[Image 11

Magnet tray:
From 4,950 yen including tax
Width 4 x Depth 12 x Height 20 cm
Main material:
□ Combination example
[Image 12

panel set
[Image 13

L-shaped desk set
When using two desks and making an L-shaped desk set, you can choose the mounting position of the legs from the side or the back. [Image 15

shelf set
□ Clearnel debut fair held
[Image 17
□ About Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.
In 1940, Shohei Kato founded a woodworking shop in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture. It is a furniture manufacturer that started selling its own wooden furniture in the 1960s based on the technology cultivated in the wood processing business. With the group mission of “creating a happy life with wood” and the philosophy of “quality first”, we are working on furniture making with “high-tech & high-touch” that combines advanced machine processing and craftsmanship. In addition, from the viewpoint of security, safety, and environmental
consideration, it meets the domestic furniture labeling certification standards set by the Japan Furniture Industry Promotion Association. Web:
Details about this release:

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