Kawamura International Co., Ltd. Free online seminar held on December 22 Machine translation understood from scratch

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Kawamura International Co., Ltd.
[December 22nd Free Online Seminar] Understanding machine translation from scratch

Kawamura International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kozo Moriguchi), which supports language service problem solving with translation know-how and the latest technology, will start a free online service on December 22, 2022 (Thursday). Seminar “Machine Translation from scratch” will be held. We will hold an online seminar to answer simple questions about machine translation, such as “What is a machine translation engine?” and “What is the difference between paid and free machine translation services?”
For those who are considering introducing a machine translation service or who want to learn machine translation from the basics, we will provide an easy-to-understand guide with demonstrations. Online seminar details
Seminar name: “Machine translation understood from scratch”
Start date and time: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 15: 00-15: 45 Format: Online by Zoom
Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)
Seminar details:
・What is a machine translation engine?
・Differences between paid and free machine translation services ・Machine translation accuracy/function introduction
・Introduction of case studies
・Comparison of machine translation engines
・Machine translation solution of Kawamura International
I recommend this hotel:
・I want to understand the outline of machine translation
・There are multiple machine translation engines, but I do not know what is different
・I want to learn how to effectively use machine translation in my company Participation application page: https://www.k-intl.co.jp/S_20221222 Application deadline: December 21st
Kawamura International Machine Translation Solution
■ Minna no automatic translation @ KI (commercial version)
This is a service that commercializes the neural automatic translation engine “Everyone’s automatic translation @ TexTra (R)” of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) for corporations.
By selecting an engine according to the content of the document from machine translation engines specialized in specialized fields such as “general purpose (general business)”, “patent”, “financial (IR/timely disclosure)”, etc., high-level translation You will get the
translation result. We have obtained ISO 27017 certification, which is the information security standard for cloud services.
It can be used not only with a simple web browser, but also in combination with various tools and systems by linking with APIs. The price is a reliable monthly fee system, and we have multiple price plans (from 22,000 yen) according to the customer’s usage environment. [Image 1d31187-121-c7e81ea0297693b9871e-1.jpg&s3=31187-121-72f619c6ae940a5b1664d3ac082e2fb7-400x109.jpg
■XMAT(R) (Transmat)
An easy-to-use machine translation utilization platform with unlimited characters for 5,500 yen per month. You can select multiple
translation engines, such as “DeepL”, which is currently a hot topic, and “Everyone’s automatic translation@KI (commercial version)”. “Quick MT”, a function that can easily machine translate more than 10 types of files including PDF, “Quick PE”, a function that raises work efficiency with a high-performance editor, from editing the original text to editing the output result, language assets It is packed with functions that make translation work more efficient, such as the optional function “LAC” that enables creation and engine
customization. Not only corporate customers but also individual users can contract and use.
[Image 2d31187-121-62e8fe32cb71e162aacb-0.jpg&s3=31187-121-2190e833df41edc03c893a191fd1bdd7-400x128.jpg
Check out our other translation services here.
Company Profile
Kawamura International Co., Ltd.
Website: https://www.k-intl.co.jp/
[Image 3d31187-121-e6471733511ccf29b7b3-2.jpg&s3=31187-121-5edf1757ceef03864beecf6d362d6b49-450x113.jpg
Head office location: Kagurazaka Kitagawa Building 6F, 6-42
Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: January 1986
Representative Director: Kozo Moriguchi
Business: Translation solutions such as translation, machine translation, post-editing, interpreting, production, staffing and placement.
Capital: 50,000,000 yen
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