Kazushige Nagashima x experts from various fields have heated discussions! Dig deep into this year’s news & make recommendations for 2023 and the future! What will Kazushige’s world open up for tomorrow’s Japan?

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Kazushige Nagashima x experts from various fields have heated discussions! Dig deep into this year’s news & make recommendations for 2023 and the future! What will Kazushige’s world open up for tomorrow’s Japan?

“Nagashima Kazushige’s Mirai Academia-Special Class to Survive the Future-” Broadcast on January 2nd!
While learning from up-and-coming top-notch experts with his unique sensibilities, Nagashima will discuss surprises, new questions, and dissatisfaction.
My theory! Derailed! Chat! Expand Kazushige world! Investigate guidelines for surviving Japan in 2023 and the future!
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■Experts Nagashima “wanted to meet” gathered! Intelligent and frank talk is in full bloom!
A new intellectual entertainment where Kazushige Nagashima, who has a unique sensibility, thoroughly discusses surprises, new questions, and dissatisfaction while learning from up-and-coming first-class experts. This time, we will announce the top 10 “news that caught my attention in 2022”, and dig deeper into the rankings 1 to 3 with experts from various fields. This time, Kazushige Nagashima and the other experts are economic thinker Kohei Saito, brain scientist Nobuko Nakano, and historian Kazuto Hongo. Erina Arai will be in charge, and Shinobu Hasegawa of the popular comedy duo Sissonne will also appear as a support role for Nagashima, who talks about questions and his own experiences. In 2022, the news that people paid the most attention to was analyzed from the perspective of economic philosophy, brain science, and history. Nagashima will discuss his own opinions and questions, search for the path Japan should take in 2023, and the future, and propose how we should live.
However! Nagashima’s unique sensibility was added to it, and the story flew in various directions, and Nagashima’s radical and legitimate opinions popped out. A unique discussion space is realized! It was not just a hard-line proposition program, but an intellectual debate full of entertainment elements suitable for the New Year.
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■ Corona, Russia and Ukraine, price increases. Digging deep into the three issues from various angles!
In the program, people in the city were surveyed about the top 10 “news that caught my attention in 2022, and I’m worried about the impact on 2023 and beyond.” As a result, we will focus on the top three, “price increases”, which ranked first, “Ukrainian problems”, which ranked second, and “new coronavirus”, which ranked third, and delve into them from the unique perspectives of three experts. Saito says, “These three are actually closely linked. ?
Saito says that his sense of values ​​has changed significantly, such as spending more time with his family due to the epidemic of “new coronavirus” and cooking more at home to refrain from eating out. Isn’t it time to change the way of civilization that human beings have created so far? and express a sense of danger. In addition, Nakano talks about the disdain for women that has emerged due to the new coronavirus. In addition, Hongo introduces medical measures and people’s responses in the Edo period. We will focus on the differences from modern Japanese who have faced the new coronavirus.
Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, which Nagashima says is “the height of folly. It should be stopped immediately.” Saito complains that the impact on the economy has been significant, and that decarbonization measures that should be taken globally have been neglected. You argue that it is precisely because of this period that we are being tested to see if we can shift to a “degrowth” that scales down the lifestyle itself. What is your opinion? Then, Hongo, who says that Japan has historically never had a dictator, uses the Tokugawa family as an example to develop his own theory about the dignity of Japanese leaders. When the word “hereditary” spreads about Nisei, Nagashima confesses his own half-life experience. I will tell you about the way I lived in it.
The depreciation of the yen is cited as one of the reasons for the rise in prices. The number of young people studying abroad is declining, and people are said to be inward-looking as their self-esteem declines. What are the negative effects of the
depreciation of the yen on Japanese people from the perspective of brain science?
In addition, under the theme of “2022, sports that people in the city are interested in,” lively discussions will be held about the advanced technology introduced in football and baseball decisions and the capitalism of sports. Nagashima was also surprised by the knowledge of sports taught by the teachers (Saito, Nakano, and Hongo). Then, Nagashima also shared his own experiences and livened up the discussion.
Kazushige Nagashima Comment
“We were able to have a very enjoyable conversation that was only positive.” I feel like I had a really good time. I think it’s easy to just have a tough conversation, but we can’t have that kind of tough conversation on TV for a long time. In that sense, I think I was able to break down a tough story well. I thought it was really good that I was able to derive from one theme in various directions.

“I had no intention of intentionally developing it that way.” I don’t have much knowledge either, so I asked the teachers a lot of questions. In the midst of this trend, what left a strong impression on me was the idea of ​​”reviewing capitalist society” and
“de-growth.” In fact, we were poisoned by pleasure and happiness without knowing it. We all want to avoid happy people suddenly becoming unhappy. However, I myself thought that it was necessary to “lower the sense of happiness” including “degrowth”, for example, to make capitalist society a little looser. In other words, I think that it means “You can’t keep making money.”
“Happiness cannot be enjoyed without a certain base.” For example, people in Ukraine are not in a situation to say such things. I think it’s important to worry about those people, and I don’t think we should be like that. How do you think about your position in such a country = base of Japan? I’m a TV person, so I want to think about what kind of things I can send on TV in 2023. Today, for the first time in my 26 years as a talent, I realized that I have to think about how to entertain people.
“This program is interesting, so I’d like to do it several times instead of just once a year.” Personally, I would like to do it once a course, four times a year. The fourth time can be a summary of the year. For the time being, in 2023, after the WBC (World Baseball Classic) is over, I wonder if I can do it once. talking about baseball. I asked Mr. Saito and Mr. Hongo to join us in talking about baseball (laughs). This time, I found out that you both love baseball. That part was also interesting.
Kazushige Nagashima’s Mirai Academia ~Special Lessons to Survive the Future~ ■ Broadcast
BS Asahi January 2, 2023 [Monday/holiday] 9:00-10:54
■ Appearance
Kazushige Nagashima
Erina Arai
Shinobu Hasegawa (Sissonne)
■ Guests
Kohei Saito (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
Nobuko Nakano (Brain Scientist)
Kazuto Hongo (Professor, Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo) Details about this release:


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