Kazuyoshi Saito, Kaori Kishitani, TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN/OAU), Kiyosaku (MONGOL800), Miyuna, and CLOW have announced additional appearances at “Guitar Jamboree 2023”! Audition planning is also carried out

J-WAVE (81.3FM)
Kazuyoshi Saito, Kaori Kishitani, TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN/OAU), Kiyosaku (MONGOL800), Miyuna, and CLOW have announced additional appearances at “Guitar Jamboree 2023”! Audition planning is also carried out Held at Ryogoku Kokugikan on 3/4 (Sat.) and 3/5 (Sun.)

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Radio station J-WAVE (81.3FM) will hold a live event “J-WAVE TOKYO GUITAR JAMBOREE 2023 supported by”, where gorgeous artists will perform guitar playing and singing for two days on March 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 2023. Okumura-gumi” (Guitar Jamboree) will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan.
In addition to the artists that have already been announced, 6 additional groups have been decided. Kazuyoshi Saito, Miyuna, CLOW on the first day, March 4th (Sat), Chikuraku, Kaori Kishitani, TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN/OAU), and Kiyosaku (MONGOL800) on March 5th (Sun). The group will perform CLOW won the Grand Prix at the previous “J-WAVE TOKYO GUITAR JAMBOREE 2022” amateur audition and performed on the center stage during the intermission. While the CD debut has been decided next year, this time it will be listed as a main performer.
In addition, the audition project “SONAR MUSIC Road to RYOGOKU”, which produced CLOW, will be implemented again this time.
Additional artist
◎ First day March 4 (Sat)
・Kazuyoshi Saito
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Kazuyoshi Saito
[Image 3d25404-1275-acbe8213dd7f18192daf-2.jpg&s3=25404-1275-82136c1dd3c7bb2524b52535330c08bf-1500x1001.jpg
[Image 4d25404-1275-fe48dc15d215da80e590-3.jpg&s3=25404-1275-df09fd8b820987d69fbe90e010b0723b-1198x1500.jpg
Kazuyoshi Saito, who acted as the secretary of the 3rd Guitar Jamboree and is one of the indispensable people of this event, has decided to appear again this time. And Miyuna, a singer-songwriter who released her first full-length album “Guidance” this year. I was scheduled to appear in 2020, which was canceled due to the corona wreck, but this time I will finally appear at Ryogoku Kokugikan. CLOW, one of the Grand Prix winners of the previous Guitar Jamboree Audition, also made an appearance.
◎Senkiraku March 5 (Sun)
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・Kiyosaku (MONGOL800)
[Image 6d25404-1275-00996a367500d9c49231-5.jpg&s3=25404-1275-58ee4239567a204638a9e5ee52852ea7-1500x1125.jpg
Kiyosaku (MONGOL800)
・Kaoru Kishitani
[Image 7d25404-1275-b369628d1d7c2cb40ebd-6.jpg&s3=25404-1275-6d9544c380af698aa26140803aca4c1a-1701x1134.jpg
Kaori Kishitani
TOSHI-LOW, who has been recognized as one of the diverse talents of OAU, who works with BRAHMAN, has a valuable singing performance. MONGOL800’s Kiyosaku should bring a tropical breeze to Tokyo and Ryogoku where it’s still chilly. I have high hopes for the
heartwarming narration. And what kind of singing will be heard from Kaori Kishitani, who continues her solo activities after the dissolution of Princess Princess? And do you sing songs from your band days? A must-see stage full of highlights has been set.
Additional performers will be announced on both days.
■ Advance ticket reservation
FamilyMart pre-orders will be accepted from December 26th (Friday) to January 9th (Monday / holiday) 23:59. Please hurry.
Official website: https://www.j-wave.co.jp/special/guitarjamboree2023/ *Before applying for a ticket, be sure to read the infectious disease control guidelines.
Guitar Jamboree audition planning and implementation decision At this guitar jamboree, we will hold an audition project “SONAR MUSIC Road to RYOGOKU”. J-WAVE’s program “SONAR MUSIC” (every Monday to Thursday from 22:00 to 24:00) will support your chance to reach the stage of your dreams! For those who won the Grand Prix, we will show off the singing on the stage each day.
Entry acceptance will start from January 9, 2023 (Mon/holiday). I want to stand on the center stage of Ryogoku Kokugikan! I want to sing in front of a large audience! We are looking forward to your application. For application requirements and details, please visit the special page. ▼ Audition special page
Performance overview
Title: J-WAVE TOKYO GUITAR JAMBOREE 2023 supported by Okumura-gumi Date: March 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun), 2023
Venue: Ryogoku Kokugikan (1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
March 4 (Sat) Appearances (in no particular order): Kazuyoshi Saito, Akihito Okano (Porno Graffitti), Motohiro Hata, Yu Takahashi, Sakura Fujiwara x Rei, Tabito Nanao, Miyuna, CLOW and more!
March 5th (Sun) Appearances (in no particular order): Takehara Pistol, Tortoise Matsumoto, TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN/OAU), Hanaregumi, Ryoko Moriyama, Kiyosaku (MONGOL800), Kaori Kishitani, Tani Yuuki and more! *In the future, additional performers will be announced.
Ticket price (tax included): All seats reserved
・ Sunakaburi seat (arena level chair seat) ¥ 9,900
・Masu seat (zabuton/up to 4 people) ¥22,000
*1 Masu can enter up to 4 people, take off your shoes and take a seat Size 1 masu = about 120cm x 130cm (recommended: 2 adults)
・Throughout 2 days ・Second floor seat (chair) ¥9,900
* Special price only at the time of pre-order/sale. Seats for each schedule are different.
・Second floor seat (chair) ¥5,900
・VIP seats (special cushions/up to 2 people) ¥100,000
-Limited number of tickets sold each day
– Front side seats (the stage rotates)
-Up to 2 people can enter 1, take off your shoes and take a seat -1 cell size is 120cm×130cm
– Take a commemorative photo individually at the stage area before the performance (there is a meeting time) *This is not a photo with the performers
-OMIYAGE (assortment of official goods: contents to be announced at a later date)
– All-you-can-eat chanko (with fast lane for “restaurant”)
-Welcome drink (soft drink)
-Set up a dedicated fastlane when entering
-Exclusive VIP pass
-Comes with a special floor cushion
* Below, only accepted at the time of pre-order / sales
・With OMIYAGE (special hot water bath x 1) ・Sunakaburi seat ¥11,000 ・Comes with OMIYAGE (special hot tub x 2) ・Masu seat (zabuton/up to 4 people) ¥24,000
・Comes with OMIYAGE (special hot water bath x 1) ・Throughout 2 days ・Second floor seat (chair seat) ¥11,000
・Comes with OMIYAGE (special hot water bath x 1) ・Second floor seat (chair seat) ¥7,000
* Goods will be handed over at the venue on the day.
Organizer: J-WAVE
Planning and production: J-WAVE, J-WAVE MUSIC, DISK GARAGE
Special Sponsor: Okumura Gumi
Event HP: https://www.j-wave.co.jp/special/guitarjamboree2023/ Inquiries regarding performances: DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00-15:00)
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