“Kingdom 2 To the Faraway Land” Blu-ray & DVD release commemorative YouTube special program December 22nd (Thursday) live distribution from 20:00! Mizutamari Bond & Yuria Kizaki talk passionately about “Kingdom”!!

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“Kingdom 2 To the Faraway Land” Blu-ray & DVD release commemorative YouTube special program December 22nd (Thursday) live distribution from 20:00! Mizutamari Bond & Yuria Kizaki talk passionately about “Kingdom”!!

Blu-ray of the action entertainment blockbuster “Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Land” surpassing the previous work, which surpassed the theater box office revenue of 5 billion yen and won the No. 1 box office revenue (as of November 2022) among live-action Japanese movies in 2022. & DVD will be released on December 21 (Wednesday) and will be available for rental. (During digital advance distribution)
In commemoration of the Blu-ray & DVD release of this work, from 20:00 on Thursday, December 22nd, the popular video creator Mizutamari Bond, who is a big fan of “Kingdom”, and former AKB48 member Yuria Kizaki, “Kingdom It has been decided that a YouTube special program that talks about the charm of ” will be live-streamed on the official Sony Pictures channel! !
This work is the second live-action film adaptation of the national blockbuster manga “Kingdom” (Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha), which has sold over 92 million copies (as of November 2022). Set in the Spring and Autumn Warring States period of China, Shin, a war-orphaned boy with a dream of becoming a great general, recaptured the throne with Eisei, a young king of Qin who aims to unify China. Six months later, the battle with the neighboring country, Wei, who suddenly crossed the border and started an invasion is drawn. Including Kento Yamazaki who plays Shin, Ryo Yoshizawa as Eisei, Kanna Hashimoto as Karyoten, Nana Seino and Hyoko as Kyokai. Etsushi Toyokawa plays Ouki, and Takao Osawa plays Ouki.
From 20:00 on December 22nd (Thursday), a duo who are big fans of “Kingdom” will be broadcast live on the Sony Pictures official channel [“Kingdom 2: To the Distant Earth” Blu-ray & DVD release commemorative YouTube special]. Popular video creator Mizutamari Bond (Kanta/Tommy) and Yuria Kizaki, a former AKB48 actress, will passionately talk about the charm of “Kingdom”, including movies!
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In the program, from the main story of the movie “Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Land”, there will be a mini corner as well as an introduction and commentary on the “recommended scenes” selected by the three people! In the mini corner, various quizzes related to the movie “Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Land” were given under the title of [Kingdom Quiz] in order to confirm the three people’s love for Kingdom. It is a must-see whether the three can answer all the questions correctly! In addition, we will approach the charm of the work through the famous lines carefully selected by Kizaki from the movie “Kingdom” series!
Please look forward to this special program, which is a perfect way to conclude this year with the release of the blockbuster “Kingdom 2: To the Distant Lands”, which won the top box office revenue among live-action Japanese films in 2022!
[Program overview]
■ Program name: “Kingdom 2 To the Faraway Land” Blu-ray & DVD release commemorative YouTube special program
Delivery date: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 20: 00-21: 00 (planned) ■ Performers: Mizutamari Bond, Yuria Kizaki
■Distribution destination: Sony Pictures official YouTube channel https://youtu.be/p8imOA0fTCE
*The program will be live-streamed on YouTube.
*The content of the program may be changed or the distribution may be canceled without notice.
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“Kingdom 2 To the distant land”
Now available digitally! December 21 (Wednesday) Blu-ray & DVD release, rental start!
■ Blu-ray & DVD Set Premium Edition [First Press Limited Edition] 8,789 yen (tax included)
■ Blu-ray & DVD set (regular version) 5,280 yen (tax included) Publisher/Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment
(C) Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha (C) 2022 Movie “Kingdom” Production Committee Sony Pictures Official Website: https://www.sonypictures.jp/he/11195830 Movie official website: https://kingdom-the-movie.jp/
Official Twitter: @kingdomthemovie
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[Overview of “Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Land”]
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Half a year after Shin regained the throne with the young king of Qin, Eisei. Suddenly, the neighboring country “Wei” crossed the border and started an invasion. Under the order of Eijing, Qin raised an army in the land of the decisive battle, the Jakan Plain, to subjugate Wei. In his first battle, Shin forms the weakest group (group of five) with Odaira and Oito, who are from the same town, Kei Sawa, an unreliable corporal, and Kouga, who has a sad look because of his childlike appearance. The commander-in-chief of Wei is General Wu Qing, a genius of war who excels in military strategy. The commander-in-chief of the Qin Dynasty was the reckless and reckless general General Kou. By the time Shin and his friends arrive on the battlefield, the war situation is at its worst. The Qin army was completely behind, but the commander of the corps, Baikoshin, issued a reckless assault order.
Kento Yamazaki
Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto, Nana Seino
Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Amane Okayama, Takahiro Miura, Takayuki Hamatsu, Togi Makabe, Chihiro Yamamoto
Etsushi Toyokawa
Masahiro Takashima, Jun Kaname, Masaya Kato, Tsutomu Takahashi, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Yusuke Hirayama
Hiroshi Tamaki, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Koichi Sato
Takao Osawa
Original: Yasuhisa Hara “Kingdom” (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”) Director: Shinsuke Sato Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuroiwa Yasuhisa Hara Music: Yutaka Yamada
Theme song: Mr.Children “Ikiro” (TOY’S FACTORY)
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