Kirishima City First Donation Exceeds 100 Million Yen!

Kirishima City
First Donation Exceeds 100 Million Yen!? Featured Natural Water “Sekihira Kosensui”
The secret to its popularity is the top-class silica content in Japan.
Donations to Kirishima City’s natural water “Sekihira Kosensui” are increasing, and are expected to exceed 100 million yen for the first time this year.
Dear members of the press,
December 8, 2022
Kirishima City
Exceeding 100 million yen for the first time in hometown tax!? Hot spring water “Sekihira Kosensui” which received double donation last year ~ The secret to its popularity is the top-class silica content in Japan ~ “Sekihira Kosensui”, which is directly managed by Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, is a hot spring water that has been handed down locally since 1832. In recent years, donations for hometown tax donations for this product have increased, and last year there was a donation of about 83.7 million yen, more than double the year before last. This year also increased by 1.24 times from last year, and if this growth rate continues, the amount donated to the Sekihira Mineral Springs is expected to exceed 100 million yen for the first time this year.
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The secret to its popularity is the top-class silica content in Japan. [Image 2

The main reason for the increase in donations to Sekihira Mineral Springs is the content of the natural ingredient “silica”, which is said to be good for beauty and health. With 155 mg/liter, it boasts the highest amount in Japan (according to research by Kirishima City), and donations are increasing, especially from women.
*What is silica?
Also known as beauty minerals, it works like a multiplayer that involves the tissues of the body, such as the skin, skin, hair, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage that make up the body.
Rich in sulfate and bicarbonate ions
・Sulfate 41.4 mg/1 liter
It is contained in mineral water, etc., and is a component formed by combining magnesium and other sulfate groups. It is said that the main function is to have a detox effect and to eliminate harmful substances from the body.
・Hydrogen carbonate ion 189.2 mg/1 liter
A mineral with a structure very similar to an aqueous solution of baking soda. It is said that its main function is to excrete and suppress active oxygen from the body.
Successful PR strategy with Silica at the forefront
In response to the growing attention to silica, from February 2021, the design of the PET bottle was renewed with a large amount of silica content. In April of the same year, we also changed the design of the 10-liter and 20-liter boxes and developed a PR that put silica on the front.
As a result, the hometown tax donation to Sekihira Mineral Springs has doubled from the previous year in FY2021, and has grown to 1.24 times that of the previous year as of the end of November this year. The donation amount is expected to exceed 100 million yen for the first time.
◎Hometown tax donation to Sekihira Mineral Springs
・FY2020 39,461,000 yen
・2021 83,699,000 yen
・FY2024 (as of the end of November) 59,428,000 yen (1.24% compared to last year) ⇒ Exceeded 100 million! ?
◎Overall sales of Sekihira Mineral Water
・FY2020 About 270 million yen
・FY2021 About 350 million yen
・FY2022 target: about 400 million yen
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Verification of skin barrier function effect
With the cooperation of Professor Takayuki Nakano of the Kagoshima Junshin Women’s University Faculty of Nursing and Nutrition, we conducted a functional evaluation test on the skin for scientific verification of health. As a result, it was confirmed that Sekihira Mineral Spring Water has the potential to enhance genes that are important for producing ceramide ingredients that improve the “barrier function” by aligning skin cells and maintaining fine-textured skin and moisturizing. It was announced on July 22nd, 2012. The high silica content is also considered a factor.
Comment from the person in charge of Sekihira Mineral Springs Kenji Tokunaga, Director of Kirishima City Sekihira Spa
I am very happy that the Sekihira Kosen Water, which has been loved locally for many years, has been known to people all over the country through the hometown tax payment. It’s delicious to drink as it is, but many people use it for coffee or cooking rice, and we have received feedback that the taste has become mellow. Recently, the number of stores that use it as a raw material is increasing. I would like many people to drink Sekihira Mineral Spring Water, which is blessed by the land of Kirishima, and experience the natural silica. ◎ Sekihira Mineral Spa HP
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