Kitanomen Moriuchi Yokohama Tsurumi’s Kitanomen Moriuchi has started selling “Sapporo White Miso Ramen”, a limited-time winter menu.

Kitanomen Moriuchi
Yokohama Tsurumi’s Kita no Men Moriuchi has started selling “Sapporo White Miso Ramen”, a limited-time winter menu item.
~ Offering “Sapporo White Miso Ramen” only in winter for the coming season ~
*This press release, which was scheduled to be distributed from PR TIMES at 10:00 on December 19, 2022, was not distributed due to a problem with our system. We sincerely apologize and will send it again. Kitanomen Moriuchi in Yokohama Tsurumi, which develops Sapporo Spicy Ramen, has a limited winter menu
Started selling Sapporo white miso ramen
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[Sapporo white miso ramen]
This is Sapporo miso ramen!
Kitanomen Moriuchi, which continues to introduce new products such as Sapporo spicy tsukemen and black soy sauce ramen, has started selling Sapporo white miso ramen.
In addition to the miso ramen that is already on sale, Sapporo white miso ramen, which can be said to be the royal road of mellow Sapporo ramen, has been completed.
Sapporo white miso ramen is a limited-time menu only in winter. The noodles used are specially ordered curly noodles from Morizumi Seimen, the home of Sapporo.
This is the finish of Sapporo miso ramen.
You can choose the spiciness from no spiciness to extra spiciness. “Sapporo white miso ramen”
Price: 920 yen (tax included)
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About Kitanomen Moriuchi Sapporo Spicy Ramen
From Sapporo to Yokohama
A new era of ramen. Spices are real! “Sapporo Spicy Ramen”, which is unparalleled in this world, has landed in Tsurumi, Yokohama. A clear soup made from chicken bones, pork bones, and potherb vegetables is blended with Japanese-style dashi stock such as kelp and dried sardines, and more than a dozen spices.
The noodles are specially ordered curly noodles from Morizumi Seimen in Sapporo. It is a cup that exquisitely combines “Sapporo Ramen” and “Soup Curry” that represent the food culture of Hokkaido. Moriuchi’s characteristic roasted pork fillet goes perfectly with spicy ramen. Also, it is popular to leave the soup and eat it over rice.
Please enjoy the Sapporo spicy ramen that you cannot taste at other stores. [Image 4d81603-5-4cb32bb55298d1af84a4-5.jpg&s3=81603-5-683701c53ad32c4e63fba7d7364cf36d-2000x1333.jpg

Sapporo Spicy Ramen Sarauma (890 yen)
[Image 10d81603-5-495d9b2a88b75eb1f1be-11.jpg&s3=81603-5-0968d5b5ee8779021ff3c7601d75ae93-607x590.jpg

Sapporo Spicy Ramen Kokuuma (890 yen)
[Image 6d81603-5-1721a402ca2982718623-9.jpg&s3=81603-5-4d213a88f63bda9464c9e046d8693c16-607x590.jpg

Sapporo Spicy Tsukemen (960 yen)
[Image 7d81603-5-42b21f0a42fddc5c6c20-1.jpg&s3=81603-5-fe65202cf65e4ac5de548a750623560d-2364x1774.jpg

White soy sauce ramen (880 yen)
[Image 8d81603-5-e8e212520feac1f81c75-10.jpg&s3=81603-5-b48f1db17064377334dcbb0be8b9f61a-607x590.jpg

Black soy sauce ramen (880 yen)
[Image 9d81603-5-78c4563c4546f813dbf2-17.jpg&s3=81603-5-b998a0bed41a3b40edc1f23bec6e51f0-2695x2700.jpg

Miso ramen (880 yen)
[Image 10d81603-5-495d9b2a88b75eb1f1be-11.jpg&s3=81603-5-0968d5b5ee8779021ff3c7601d75ae93-607x590.jpg

The mini char siu rice bowl (300 yen) is also popular.
[Image 11d81603-5-8806b3df4021751ebf90-13.jpg&s3=81603-5-0347cd2c9c26545798f77b32abc43a75-607x590.jpg

About topping
In the soup curry, you can use the standard hikiwari natto, cheese, butter, roasted corn, onion chips, seasoned egg, more white hair green onions, and seaweed.
We also offer a more affordable all-inclusive ride.
You can choose the spiciness of each noodle from no spiciness to extra spiciness.
Kitanomen Moriuchi store overview
Store name: Kitanomen Moriuchi
Phone: 045-900-0190
Address: 〒230-0051 Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Tsurumi Ward Tsurumi Chuo 4-5-9 Angel Heim Tsurumi Chuo 1F
[Image 12d81603-5-9d5f52f2ee28fbf64ed2-14.jpg&s3=81603-5-749152ca004683e1bbadfc34536e9eee-1400x715.jpg
[Image 13d81603-5-47342251c0d4ab6c6a80-15.jpg&s3=81603-5-79c101772ef3c29f021af58a2c7b0edd-1400x715.jpg

business hours
Weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
・Lunch 11:00 ・Night 17:00 Sundays and public holidays
・Lunch 11:00 ・Night 17:00 Regular holiday: Tuesday
Number of seats: Counter seats: 9 seats Table seats: 12 seats URL:
Contact information
Kitanomen Moriuchi
TEL: 045-900-0190 (15:00-17:00)
Kita no Men Moriuchi Press Kit
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