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Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd. An impressive wedding with your pet!

Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd.
A moving wedding where you swear together with your pet!
Birth of pet-friendly wedding “C’est mignon!

In response to the needs of customers who want to have a wedding with their pets, Kobe Portopia Hotel is selling a pet-friendly wedding plan where you can promise your future with your partner with your pet at the open outdoor poolside. have started. With this plan, you can stay in our hotel’s pet-friendly room, which started in June 2022, and realize a comfortable hotel wedding with your pet.
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pet friendly wedding images
Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Kobe City, General Manager Tsuyoshi Ito) has started selling a wedding plan that allows you to have a wedding with your pet. We respond to the wishes of brides and grooms who want to spend the special day of their wedding with their precious family pets. The wedding ceremony is a public ceremony at the poolside of the open “roof garden pool”. Pledge your future with your partner while being watched over by pets, important family members, and friends. In the reception hall, pet circles and pet toilets are installed, so that guests can spend a comfortable time while maintaining an appropriate distance between the attendees and their pets. In addition, accommodation in the “Pet Friendly Room”, which started in June 2022, is included as a set, so you can spend a relaxing time with your pet after the wedding ceremony and reception. [Image 2

image of poolside ceremony
The details are as follows.
Plan name
Pet-friendly wedding plan “C’est mignon! ~ Se minyon ~”
March 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024
(Excluding summer July-August and winter December-February)
30 people 1,330,000 yen
*Additional charge per person: 21,000 yen
*Tax and service charge included
plan contents
Ceremony: public ceremony (roof garden pool)
Costumes: 1 groom and 1 bride
Beauty / Dressing: 1 piece of bride’s dressing (with veil out) Paper items: invitations, menus, place cards
Cuisine: French or Japanese-Western cuisine
Beverages: Waiting welcome drink, free drink
Room charge: Relatives wedding waiting room, reception hall “Levante”, reception waiting room
Flower arrangement: Main table, 6 guest tables, cake front
Coordination: Table coordination cloth 3 types
Sound/Lighting: 3 microphones, BGM operator, 2 pin spots
Others: My page for bridal attendants and meetings
・A pair dinner ticket will be presented at the first anniversary of the marriage ・Information on the accommodation fee of attendees at a preferential price ・Oval point program Bridal card presentation
・Enrollment fee for Hotel Culture Class “Salon de Portopia” ・Free annual fee for the first year
(Normally, the admission fee is 6,500 yen and the annual membership fee is 6,000 yen.)
special benefits
・Inviting the bride and groom to stay at the pet-friendly “South Wing Junior Suite”
・Bubble shower for chapel ceremony (10)
・Set up a pet circle in the reception hall
・Fresh wedding cake (1,265 yen x number of people)
・100,000 yen off the bride’s second outfit
・Snap shooting 50,000 yen OFF
[Image 3

An example of a reception hall
Pets accepted
・Small dog or cat (up to 1 dog) weighing less than 10kg
– Be in good health and well trained
・Must be registered with the government and have received vaccinations based on the law.
(Must be less than 1 year after vaccination against rabies, viral infectious diseases, etc.)
We also have a pet policy.
[Image 4

An example of a pet circle
About pet friendly room
・South Wing Junior Suite (Double)
・South Building South Resort Floor (Twin/Double)
[Image 5

Pet Friendly Room South Wing Junior Suite
Things to note
*Please check the pet policy in advance. Please sign upon arrival. Please bring your pet’s food.
Kobe Portopia Hotel Bridal Salon Tel. 0120-71-6101
Weekdays 11:30-18:00 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 9:30-18:00 [Regular holiday] Every Tuesday (excluding holidays)
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