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Kodansha Co., Ltd. “A large survey from corner to corner! Special feature on” Tokyo Station “” Adult Weekend J anuary issue, released today ♪

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“A large survey from corner to corner! A special feature on” Tokyo Station “” Adult Weekend January issue, released today ♪
Adult Weekend January 2023

This issue features “Tokyo Station” for the first time in two years. Introducing ekiben, souvenirs, etc. to three-star stores in the new area.
In addition, it is one of the must-have books for the year-end and New Year holidays, such as “Best 5 souvenirs from department stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka” and “Good luck fortune-telling” for 2023. Tokyo Station where delicious food gathers inside and outside the ticket gates. However, there are some voices that the structure is a little complicated and difficult to understand. In fact, “Tokyo Station is a ‘U’ character” … It is easy to understand if you remember it. We will deliver information on carefully selected restaurants, station lunches, and souvenirs at Tokyo Station, which is such a labyrinth. Enjoy “Delicious Tokyo Station”!
The year-end and New Year holidays are a time when many people go out to various places for sightseeing or returning to their hometowns. Souvenirs are a must-buy at that time. For your relatives and workplace when you return home, or for your family and yourself. Writers living in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka research mainly on items limited to that area and department stores. We have selected the best products.
And there is also a new year’s fun “good luck fortune telling” special feature. In fact, it is composed based on Kyusei Kigaku, which can be easily tackled. Know your luck in 2023 and let’s have fun and power up!
With this one book, you can definitely find something delicious without relying on internet searches! Please take a look at the gourmet magazine (according to our editorial department) that is the most likely to be placed in a beauty salon in Tokyo.

Adult Weekend January 2023
Main contents of the January 2023 issue of Adult Weekend
・Extensive survey from corner to corner
Delicious Tokyo Station
・Large survey centered on new areas
Marunouchi & Yaesu’s latest lunch and dinner
・ I asked a Tokyo station researcher
Admiring and photographing the Tokyo station building
・Indulge in delicious food while being shaken by the train
“No more hesitation! Ekiben & bento box highly praised by the press team” ・ Carefully selected from new areas and new stores!
New Tokyo Station Souvenirs
・A delicious way to walk around Tokyo Station
masked roundtable
・ I want to buy on my way home from sightseeing or on my way home from a business trip
Higashi-Meihan Department Store Basement & Commercial Facility Best 5 Souvenirs ・Look at Kyusei Pneumatics
2023 Fortune-telling
・Adult Weekend x Rakuten Ichiba
Order “Warm Nabe”
★ Serialization / Yo Yoshida’s “Hitsujimeshi-If you want to eat grass, work”, Haruka Kinami’s “Kinami Topan”, Masayuki Kusumi’s “Game Shop”, Laswell Hosoki’s “Tama Go!!”, Daido Moriyama’s ” Weekend”, McKee Makimoto x Takeshi Kadokami “Delicious Round-Trip Letter”, Ai Kayano’s “Koyoi no Kayano”, [Alexandros] Hiroyuki Isobe’s “Drunken Ladder”, Azusa Shiraishi’s “Kitenretsu Museum”, “Toji no Evening drink”, free time for adults, this month’s gold medal is here! , Masked Writer’s Monthly Food Diary

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