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Kodansha Co., Ltd. Amazing double crown! Katsuhiro Kure’s “Bomb” ranked first in two of Japan’s largest mystery rankings!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Two amazing crowns! Katsuhiro Kure’s “Bomb” ranked first in two of Japan’s largest mystery rankings!
The work that received great acclaim was “This mystery is amazing! ] (Takarajimasha) “I want to read a mystery! ] (Hayakawa Publishing) ranked first in two rankings! A must-read book for this year’s thrilling crime suspense!

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Rampo Award-winning author Katsuhiro Kure’s latest work “Bakumaku” won double first place in Japan’s largest mystery ranking.
The amazing two crowns were won by “This mystery is amazing! 2023 edition” (Takarajimasha) domestic version and “I want to read a mystery! 2023 edition” (Hayakawa Mystery Magazine January 2023 issue) Two rankings for the domestic edition. In the past, Masahiro Imamura’s “The Murder of Shijinso”, which was also made into a movie and became a big hit, and Honobu Yonezawa’s “Black Prison Castle”, which was also awarded the Naoki Prize, each ranked first.
This work is a time limit suspense in which Suzuki and the police engage in a psychological warfare in an interrogation room to prevent a series of terrorist bombings set by an unidentified man named Suzuki Tagosaku.
This masterpiece, which has been highly praised by book critics and bookstore clerks nationwide, is a must-read mystery for this year. [Image 2d1719-4722-48b397b75364a194dcb6-1.jpg&s3=1719-4722-9bb089edddba1344d1fc8953252d1068-640x904.jpg
-Continuously praised by book critics and bookstore clerks! Undisputed No.1 Mystery! –
A shocking bomb suspense and mystery bomb that should be called the culmination of the author’s work. Handle with care.
Nozomi Omori (book reviewer)
It’s a finish that can’t help but be called a masterpiece that has updated all the highest values.
Daisuke Yoshida (“Kahoku Shimpo” June 5th morning edition)
The eerie presence of Suzuki, who sneaks into the hearts of the police officers with a huge stream of words and takes them as a cue, is at a level that will remain in mystery history.
Akiyuki Chimachi (“Weekly Bunshun” May 19 issue)
I was groaned that there was still such a hand. A masterpiece. Akira Nagae (“Hokkaido Shimbun” June 8 morning edition)
Too funny! A poor old man like a psychopath who takes advantage of people’s hearts and minds has a brain battle against a sharp detective. Mr. Wu, who accurately portrays the darkness of the heart of a person who can’t say anything, whether it’s malicious or true! It’s too amazing. I turned the page with the momentum that the bomb in my heart was about to explode. The number one mystery of the year! ! Yurindo (Fujisawa branch) Atsuko Saeki
At the moment when you are dragged down from the “reader” perspective and become “someone” in this story, even the footing of reality begins to shake. The amazingly completed mystery pieces made me almost forget to breathe.
Junkudo Bookstore Kichijoji store Tomoyo Tamura
After reading only a few pages, I was immediately drawn in.
The tense atmosphere created by the two playing a psychological game and the humanity of the detectives running at the scene.
In that gap, was it the bomb that frightened me, or did what I thought to be justice become the truth?
It was a quick read until the end.
Miraiya Bookstore Ujina store Yuko Yamamichi
[Image 3d1719-4722-a13a7437416b7025110a-2.jpg&s3=1719-4722-90610f6640526c07812fb2170891293e-1766x1254.jpg
-Bibliographic information-
Oh Katsuho “Bomb”
A man arrested for a petty crime “predicted” an explosion in an abandoned building in Akihabara. A detective rushes to stop the explosion, which is said to occur two more times. However, the man doesn’t even grasp the true identity with his skillful storytelling. Meanwhile, the man mentioned the name of the detective who committed suicide four years ago. Is it the key to unraveling the case that the police turned away from? A battle of wits between a man and the police unfolds as the time limit approaches. A breathtaking non-stop mystery! List price 1980 yen (tax included) / Kodansha
-Author information-
Katsuhiro Go
Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1981. Graduated from the Film Department of Osaka University of Arts. Currently lives in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. In 2015, he won the 61st Edogawa Ranpo Award for his debut work, “Time of morality.” Received the 20th Oyabu Haruhiko Award in 2018 for “White Impulse”, nominated for the 31st Yamamoto Shugoro Award for “Lion Blue” in 2018, 2019 for “Yoriko Hinaguchi’s Lowest Fall and Desperate Cannonball” Candidate for the 72nd Japan Mystery Writers Association Award (feature and short story series category), won the 41st Eiji Yoshikawa Literary Newcomer Award for “Swan” in 2008, and received the 73rd Japan Mystery Writers Association Award (feature and short story series). category), and was nominated for the 162nd Naoki Prize. In 2009, he was nominated for the 165th Naoki Prize for “Oretachi no Uta wo Utae”. Other works include “Lost”, “Mirage Dog” and “Matryoshka Blood”.

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