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Kodansha Co., Ltd. FRaU January issue The cover is Mone Kamishiraishi, thinking about “selecting things” by ex periencing the handiwork of Edo Kiriko. The whole SDGs issue, the theme is “What I want to choose from now on.”

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Mone Kamishiraishi on the cover of the January issue of FRaU. The whole SDGs issue, the theme is “What I want to choose from now on.”

The theme of the January issue of FRaU is “The Future We Choose.” [Image 1d1719-4771-8ae0c93fb5282b17f39b-0.jpg&s3=1719-4771-5e326179d01d8a98f60078e298ac88aa-1370x1754.jpg
This is the 7th edition of FRaU January issue featuring SDGs. In this issue, which focuses on SDGs Goal 12, “Responsible production and consumption,” we visit creators who are environmentally friendly around the world under the theme of “What we want to choose from now on.” We will delve into what consumers want to think about and choose, as well as hints for doing so.
In “Things we want to choose with the people who make them,” we focus on whether the global environment and the people involved are taken into consideration, whether traditions are preserved and properly passed on to the next generation. visit the site. In the “Recently Bought Good Things” special feature, 11 people, including models and creators, talk about the criteria and background of choosing things. Also pay attention to singer UA’s life in Canada and new beauty theory with Rie Miyazawa.
Mone Kamishiraishi, experiencing handicrafts handed down in Tokyo and thinking about responsible selection.
[Image 2d1719-4771-13766dccc32b2a0cfd2e-1.png&s3=1719-4771-9253fe0c127b277b10ac3544b4ed63a6-1626x2000.png
Mone Kamishiraishi, an actress and singer, appears in the opening interview. Following the August 2022 issue, I will be the second cover girl. Mr. Kamishiraishi, who has been incorporating handicrafts by craftsmen into his daily life recently, this time to Sumida Ward, where various traditional cultures and handicrafts have remained since the Edo period. At Sumida Edo Kiriko Kan, a workshop and shop that conveys the techniques of Edo Kiriko, a glass craft that has been popular with the common people of Edo, to the present day, we experienced making Edo Kiriko.
Edo kiriko cuts delicately by shaving colored glass against a whetstone that rotates at high speed. Mr. Kamishiraishi, who observed the craftsmanship up close, was worried at first, saying, “Can I do it?” The craftsman was also surprisingly focused and completed the original Edo Kiriko in about half the usual time.
“After experiencing Edo Kiriko making, I realized the preciousness of things made by human hands. When I think about it, I naturally feel the desire to cherish it,” says Kamishiraishi. She told me that she would like to experience other traditional crafts such as Japanese candles and dyeing.
When shopping privately, he thinks carefully about whether he really wants it and whether he can use it for the next 5 to 10 years without making impulse purchases. In the interview, we also talked about what we are careful about when choosing things on a daily basis. “I bought it, got tired of it, and immediately threw it away. It’s sad to do that, and I feel sorry for the person who made it. And it hurts my wallet,” he said with occasional humor. There is also a story of an encounter with a certain artist who gave me a big change in
consciousness about how to face.
For Mr. Kamishiraishi, who is in his twenties, the issues facing the world today are those that will greatly affect the future in which they live. While firmly accepting the harsh reality, I was impressed by his words, “I want to have the courage to put words and actions into action in response to environmental and social problems.” Among the various SDGs goals, “Responsible production and consumption” is a very familiar theme that is directly linked to daily shopping. As the saying “shopping is voting” shows, our daily life can be a big step to change the world. Please take a look at the January issue of FRaU, which is packed with such realizations, many tips, and messages. FRaU January 2023 issue product information
· Here and Now UA, living here and now.
・Lead to the Future Mone Kamishiraishi visits handicrafts in Tokyo. · Possibilities for Future Tools Eihisa Shiono goes to see the tools of the future.
・Good Things to Buy in 2022 Good things I bought recently.
・Users: Sustainable Choice What we choose.
・Makers: Sustainable Production The people who make them and what they want to choose.
・Sustainable Department FOOD / BEAUTY / FASHION / KITCHEN / GREEN ・People who think about the future. Takeshi Kobayashi / Neru Nagahama / Subaru Kimura / Crystal Noda / Rena Triendl
・ Rie Miyazawa Thinking about the future of beauty
・How to Change to a Borderless World What is borderless progress in the beauty world?
・Sustainable Cosmetic Why we love sustainable cosmetics.
・Change Our Mindset The place you want to choose from now on. A beauty salon that evolves your mindset.
・How to Reduce Unconscious Bias What is unconscious bias related to beauty? Release date: Thursday, December 22nd
Cover: Mone Kamishiraishi
List price: 1200 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
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