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Kodansha Co., Ltd. “Harumei” image song collaboration music video released! !

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“Halumei” image song collaboration music video released! !

[Image co-sponsored by Eggs, a music posting platform that connects artists and music fans. Five of the songs, the Grand Prize, the Uri Amemiya Special Prize, and the Excellence Prize, “Halumei” collaboration music videos, have been released today on the YouTube channel “Full Anime TV”.
Music video URL for each song
Grand Prize “Slight Carbonated Girl” Blue*NatioN Uri Amemiya Special Award “Forever” Akika Morita Excellence Award “Kyunna Izu” My Kestra Excellence Award “Davy Davey” ayaka Excellence Award “Beach” EndPine All songs playlist On the same channel, many collaboration music videos centered on manga image song contest winners such as “Pichi Pichi Pitch” have been released, including the manga collaboration music video of the “Chihayafuru” image song announced today. .
“Chihayafuru” official image song playlist Manga collaboration MV playlist Eggs is currently holding an official image song contest for “Vampire Men’s Dormitory”, which is being serialized in “Nakayoshi”.
In this contest as well, we plan to produce a manga collaboration music video for the award-winning work.
Details about this release:

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