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Kodansha Co., Ltd. Keiko Kitagawa is on the cover of the February issue of VOCE! Talk about the “adult chall enge” that reached a new frontier. The best cosmetics of the year 2022 are also announced!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Keiko Kitagawa is on the cover of the February issue of VOCE! Talk about the “adult challenge” that reached a new frontier. The best cosmetics of the year 2022 are also announced!

[Image 1

VOCE February issue (regular edition) cover
[Image 2

VOCE February issue (special edition) cover

Keiko Kitagawa talks about “Adult Challenge” in a heartfelt interview [Image 3

Actress Keiko Kitagawa will be on the cover of the February issue’s regular and special editions.
It’s been about a year since she appeared, but all the staff were overwhelmed by the aura of beauty that shines even more and has an adult composure. Despite his busy schedule, such as starring in a serial drama starting in January and appearing in an NHK Taiga drama, he approached the shoot with a smile that didn’t make you feel that. Mr. Kitagawa himself suggested two patterns of stylish costumes, and we carefully created them while repeatedly communicating with the staff, asking, “Is this how it looks?” and “Which lighting direction is better?” The appearance was also impressive. The theme of the interview is “Adult Challenge”. Mr. Kitagawa discovered a new self in the past year, and what he would like to try new. Please take your time and enjoy this long interview full of heartfelt words that will make you nod your head as you read.
THE RAMPAGE Kazuma Kawamura and “midwinter date” feeling! 5 pages worth of digging deep into the roots and leaves of love!
[Image 4

THE RAMPAGE’s Kazuma Kawamura appears in the VOCE February issue SUPER PEOPLE expanded version! The last time you appeared for the first time was a beauty gravure project at the end of summer. At that time, the response was very strong, so what kind of project should we make everyone happy this time? After thinking about it, I took a photo shoot with the image of a “midwinter date”. Why don’t you meet with Mr. Kawamura, who looks cool in an adult Chester coat? “Why don’t you go on a Christmas date with the cute Kawamura-san who is buried in scarves and knitwear?” “Look forward to the photos that will make you feel like you’re on a date with Mr. Kawamura!”
I also heard a lot about Mr. Kawamura’s thoughts on love. what kind of person do you like? “What kind of date would be ideal?” “He talked about his views on love in depth for five pages.” Please look forward to the exciting photos and the interview with Mr. Kawamura!
Minami Tanaka “The more I grow up, the more I love pink!” Wearing “advanced pink makeup”
[Image 5

This time, Minami Tanaka appeared in the opening makeup, and the theme is “evolved pink makeup”. Minami also said, “The more I grow up, the more I’m crazy about pink!” Be sure to check out the new pink, which seems to be active as a daily make-up, just like the standard colors such as brown and beige.
The shooting date for this project was just the day before Minami’s birthday. We celebrated with a small but familiar staff. So, this project was exactly the last 35-year-old Minami’s shooting. Keep an eye on Minami-san, who is becoming more and more beautiful!
Kei Tanaka “gets ready in a tent sauna” in magnificent nature! Kei Tanaka’s serialization “Otona’s Holiday”
[Image 6

Kei Tanaka’s serialization this month is based on the theme of “getting ready in a tent sauna”! Unlike the saunas in the city, you can reserve the sauna in the grandeur of nature! I went to a sauna facility like a dream.
In the magazine, you can see the whole story of Kei, who is getting ready for the water bath from the tent sauna and the open air bath. The sight of Kei wearing a sauna hat and enjoying the sauna is sure to be a storm of “cute!” from all the fans (laughs). The potato digging in the previous issue was actually taken after the sauna had been set up. It would have been nice if it had been the other way around, but due to various circumstances such as time, I ended up having to sweat hard digging potatoes… All the staff were grateful to Kei for digging potatoes with all his might.) Everyone, please look forward to such a morning sauna!
2022 VOCE Annual Best Cosmetics Proudly Announced!
[Image 7

This is the annual best cosmetics announcement of VOCE, which summarizes the cosmetic world of this year. Based on both the best cosmetics of the first half and the best cosmetics of the second half, what is the cosmetic that represents this year? “Has it driven the trend?” I will unravel the.
Especially noteworthy in the makeup category is the revival of lipstick popularity. People who neglected lip makeup from a long mask life are back. Of course, I can’t be optimistic about corona yet, but I may have gotten used to enjoying makeup and coexisting. As for skin care, I was amazed at the variety of highly functional creams. The quintessence of a cream that contains highly effective and useful ingredients while providing a pleasant feeling of use! products such as these one after another. It can be said that it was the most difficult category of the year, which is difficult to rank. And what I want to tell you is that petit pla only means petit pla! In other words, products that are reasonably priced but are as effective as Depakos appeared one after another, capturing the hearts of the judges and not letting go. Find the cosmetics that match your skin and taste while grasping the trends of the year.
“VOCE Best Cosmetics of the Year 2022” Special YouTube Festival 12/19 (Mon.) ~ 5 consecutive nights of live performances!
[Image 8

We will premiere five special videos in which beauty professionals thoroughly talk about the appeal of the “Annual Bescous” award-winning cosmetics.
[First night] December 19 (Monday) 19:00-
-Appearance-Beautician Miho Ishii x Doctor Shin Tomori
A thorough explanation of the Bescous award-winning skin care cosmetics [Second night] December 20 (Tue) 19:00-
-Appearance-Model/beauty creator Akari Yoshida x Model Arisa Yagi Big Announcement of Alisa Akarin’s Vescos
[Third night] December 21 (Wednesday) 19:00-
-Cast-Hair & Makeup Artist Kaori Nagai x Hair & Makeup Artist Hiro Odagiri x Hair & Makeup Artist paku☆chan
A roundtable discussion on how to master Bescos-winning makeup cosmetics [Fourth night] Thursday, December 22, 19:00-
-Appearance-Model Yuchami x Hair & Makeup Artist George
Transformation Best Makeup with Bescos
[Fifth night] Friday, December 23, 19:00-
-Performance-Megumi Kanzaki, a beautician
Talk about all the Bescos award-winning cosmetics
■Premium distribution on VOCE official YouTube channel!
VOCE channel
[Normal Edition/Special Supplement] Beautician Miho Ishii’s “Serious Recommended Costume” “Become Miho Skin! Box”
[Image 9d1719-4745-a44e7d2de3354c608fce-0.jpg&s3=1719-4745-aa4799b650f0aae2bbd489d102c7a75e-600x798.jpg
-COSME DECORTE-Liposomal Advanced Repair Cream (5 capsules)
It comfortably satisfies skin with rough, dry, and dull skin, leading to a plump, youthful impression full of elasticity. VOCE Best Cosmetics 2022 second half cream category No. 1!
A prescription that boosts the action of kojic acid as the main axis. Newly discovered the reason why melanin stays in the skin. Prevents overproduction of melanin and promotes excretion of accumulated melanin. Clear points and surfaces more speedily.
-POLA-Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum (Quasi-drug) (2 packs)
Supports skin firmness and moisture. This medicine suppresses the action of neutrophil elastase and improves wrinkles. Supports beautiful and supple moving skin (stratum corneum).
-POLA-Wrinkle Shot Geo Serum Protian (quasi-drug) (2 packs)
Focusing on the fact that dense skin repels facial pressure and is less likely to wrinkle. It immediately forms a firm film that stays close to your face and replenishes protein. For bouncy skin. -SUQQU-Viarum The Smoothing Cream (quasi-drug) (2 packets)
A cream that intensively cares for the areas around the eyes and mouth that tend to wrinkle easily and dry and dull. A spring-like elastic polymer is blended, and the buckwheat noodles that are applied are dusty and glossy.
Product information
Month issue: VOCE February 2023 issue (regular edition/special edition) Price (tax included): Regular version: 850 yen / Special edition: 650 yen Cover: Keiko Kitagawa
Release date: December 21, 2022 *Metropolitan area standard
Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
* Special edition (850 yen / cover: JO1 / special appendix: YSL BEAUTY masterpiece appendix BOX) will also be released at the same time. ■ VOCE website
■ Instagram official account
voicemagazine (
■ Twitter official account
@iVoCE (
■ YouTube “VOCEchannel”

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