Kodansha Co., Ltd. New Year’s is a shoujo manga at the beginning of the year (heart) manga app Palcy “Winter Kyun ’22-’23-Tokimeku Love Gift-” Fair Winter Date Famous Scene Collection-Lovely Maiden, Fate 1st ~ New Year Edition has started! !

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
New Year’s is a shoujo manga at the beginning of the year (heart) Manga app Palcy “Winter Kyun ’22-’23-Tokimeku love gift-” fair [Winter date famous scene collection-Maiden in love, fateful day-New Year Hen] has started! !
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From today, the manga app Palcy will start a special winter vacation project “Fuyu Kyun ’22-’23 ~Tokimeku Koi no Soumono~” New Year Edition [Period: January 1st (Sun) to January 8th (Sun)] !
Happy New Year! In 2023, Palcy will continue to deliver exciting manga for women!
Manga app Palcy “Fuyu Kyun ’22-’23-Tokimeku Koi no Gimono-” Winter Vacation Project, [Winter Date Famous Scenes-Lovely Maiden, Fateful Day-New Year’s Edition] has started!
[Image 1d1719-4801-47aee970c5ff93312220-3.jpg&s3=1719-4801-6a45708e21e640e6d0950de192aea2ab-750x512.jpg
Collection of famous winter date scenes ~Maiden in Love, Fateful Day~ New Year Edition (January 1st to January 8th)
Expand the ticket range for works with famous scenes on New Year’s Day! How about a winter experience while relaxing at the beginning of the year? (Heart)
[Image 2d1719-4801-4ce3ab12a615f6359070-0.jpg&s3=1719-4801-1ee3e0fac849ae8acfcbcbfacee8b3b1-576x454.jpg
Moe curry is orange (Tamashima non)
◆Tickets open for 12 volumes or more!
[Image 3d1719-4801-a685bd422ced311e3aa2-1.jpg&s3=1719-4801-dc5a7811faeaaff768b327b0bba44c44-588x491.jpg
Come kiss me at midnight (Rin Mikimoto)
◆ Tickets for all 137 episodes are open!
[Image 4d1719-4801-2eb4e75d74c6b7054489-2.jpg&s3=1719-4801-6cfea537c212c292453d15f7e9e5e898-589x497.jpg
My Neighbor Monster (Robiko)
◆Tickets open for 48 episodes!
Winter vacation project, last spurt! Please check out a lot of shoujo manga with a bargain ticket (Heart)
■ Fuyukyun ’22-’23 ~ Gift of throbbing love
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