Kodansha Co., Ltd. Tasuku Emoto, Yo Oizumi, SixTONES, Yuriko Yoshitaka and others appear in the first issue of Kodansha’s renewal of “with”! On sale December 15th!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Tasuku Emoto, Yo Oizumi, SixTONES, Yuriko Yoshitaka and others will appear in the first issue of Kodansha’s “with” renewal! On sale December 15th!

[Image 1d1719-4762-f67c2ae56f647705501d-0.jpg&s3=1719-4762-774c66811fb418f2406943cae7e3d29e-1333x2000.jpg
Photo: Kohei Kanno
41 years ago, with was launched under the theme of “Culture Magazine for Your Life”.
With this renewal, we will be reborn as a “visual interview magazine that delivers intimate moments” in the form of inheriting the DNA of the first issue.
“People’s words” have the power to cheer us up when we are not feeling well or when we are in pain, and to brighten up our happy and happy times. In the future, through the media called with, we will send out interviews about a part of the lives and activities of people who have had various experiences. This is because I believe that it will make the lives of our readers brighter and richer, and sometimes help us to grasp a new axis of ourselves.
Also, don’t miss the visuals created by creators who are active not only in Japan but globally. We paid a lot of attention to paper and printing, so it should be a permanent preservation version that you will want to keep with you forever. Please expect by all means. The reason why the rare actor Yo Oizumi wants to meet again
Yo Oizumi, an actor who is active in a wide range of fields such as movies, dramas, stage performances, and variety shows. In 2022, he played Minamoto no Yoritomo in the Taiga drama “Kamakura-dono no 13-nin”, and became a big topic. The host of the Kohaku Uta Gassen for the third consecutive year has also been decided! His presence is increasing more and more, and he is one of the indispensable actors in the entertainment world.
This time, we will take a closer look at Mr. Oizumi’s charm. During the shooting, he wore a black suit and showed off various “faces” from stylish and cool to comical expressions.
On the interview page, the co-stars, director, staff, and viewers will want to see you again and see more. Mr. Oizumi’s characteristic is his pleasant and skillful talk skills, but what was more important to him at the scene? Mr. Oizumi, who says, “I want to stay connected with people who have taken care of me and people I love,” reveals how to build a relationship of trust.
In addition, there is plenty of talk about the movie “Moon Phases”, which is currently open to the public. It seems that he was reluctant to accept the offer because it is a role that he can empathize with deeply. Why did you decide to take on the challenge?
SixTONES comes up with all 6 members! Cool visuals & hilarious talk Focus on page 10 full of gaps
Overwhelming presence that feels charismatic and high performance skills. SixTONES full of individuality and power will appear together in the with January issue!
The appeal of SixTONES is, above all, their stylish brilliance and powerful visual power unique to the six tall members! In the with January issue, they are dressed in one of their signature “all black styles” and show off their cool, fashionable appearance. The 6 of them were stylishly dressed in coordination that was particular about the details to match the members’ characters. When the shooting started, he concentrated and took out beautiful poses, faced the camera with a sexy expression that made him sigh, and updated the highest value of “SixTONES x black” one after another! “He showed us his updated, strongest form.”
On the other hand, the naughtiness of the 6 members is one of the big reasons why I am attracted to them. When I asked him to take an off-shot at the end of the group shot, he smiled and showed a peace sign. (laughs), and even though it was a night shoot, they were super energetic and had great teamwork! “It was wonderful that it lifted the mood of the scene.”
And of course, SixTONES is also doing great talks. The theme of the members who have a reputation for their talk sense this time is “to make us swell”. While the members talked about the moments when they thought each other was “simmering”, Mr. Tanaka, who mentioned his own “swelling moments” as a member, sharply argued one after another! One of the highlights is the offense and defense of the five people who advance at an exquisite tempo.
Excellent musicality and the strength of having their own uniqueness. Please look forward to the 10 pages that will make you love SixTONES, the most “men you want to follow”.
Johnny’s WEST Mr. Tomohiro Kamiyama was fascinated! Focus on the photo session where the power of expression is clear
Tomohiro Kamiyama is the most artistic member of Johnny’s WEST, a seven-member idol group with a lot of individuality. In the January issue of “with”, we will deliver an 8-page special feature focusing on his “gushing sensibility”.
In addition to her high singing and dancing skills, Kamiyama-san is a multi-talented person who loves guitar, writes lyrics and composes, and is sometimes in charge of choreography. Known for his creative talent, he is also a very reliable person who always gives more than what is required of him at the shooting site.
Therefore, this time, we will hold a live session with photographer Motohiko Hasui. We caught Kamiyama from all angles as he confronted the film camera while feeling the atmosphere of the city. What appeared in the developed photos was Kamiyama’s expression as an artist who felt both strength and flexibility. A must-see for the emotional story told with the texture of the film.
In the interview, Kamiyama talked about his commitment to being an “idol”. “I’m an ‘idol’ at the bottom of my heart. I’m not going to give up on that,” he said with a strong voice. I was. In addition, he also showed off his side of being a big beauty lover. Also pay attention to the charming answers shown in the Q&A about lifestyle. After shooting, Tomohiro Kamiyama said, “It was fun. Film is exciting.” Please take a look at page 8 where you can feel his rainbow glow.
Naniwa Danshi Joichiro Fujiwara & Kazuya Ohashi’s dance lessons are reproduced in the magazine!
Naniwa Danshi has already made a leap to becoming a national idol in his first year since his debut, armed with his sparkling looks and friendly character from Kansai. In the “with January issue”, Joichiro Fujiwara and Kazuya Ohashi are featured from the 7 people who are loved and full of power! The famous combination that drives the performance of the group has appeared.
Since Kansai Johnny’s Jr. days, the two have shared many lessons and performed together. In the 8-page special feature that we will deliver this time, we shoot a story with the image of a “dance lesson” that makes you feel the history of these two. The camera captured the two of them actually taking steps while breathing in sync and checking the choreography!
In the dance scene, the two danced not only the songs of Naniwa Danshi, but also the songs that they performed together during the Johnny’s Jr. era. When the shooting started, the two talked about this and that, and counted themselves “5, 6, 7, 8 … ♪”, and performed sharp and beautiful dances one after another. “Yeah? Did you do that?” (Mr. Ohashi) “Did you forget? Did you do it like this!” was
Mr. Ohashi, who found a stylish building near the location during the shooting, said with a cute smile, “Wow, it’s stylish. Isn’t that? It’s Denizer’s Mansion!” Did you hear that? I think you just said Ohashi?” Mr. Fujiwara smiled happily. After that, when Mr. Fujiwara answered, “You!” Always friendly and always professional. It was a scene that reminded me of the reason why they are gathering so much support with their dazzling sparkle.
An interview is also a must-see. The content of the interview is unique to Mr. Fujiwara and Mr. Ohashi, such as the performance of Naniwa Danshi and the feelings of the two older members toward the members.
8 pages featuring two talented people in a special way. Please look forward to it.
Tasuku Emoto, one of the most busy actors at the moment, will be photographed with a “tail” of sake in one hand and an intensive interview! Don’t miss the three consecutive columns “emoto’s emo” only with with!
[Image 2d1719-4762-8a55290e7d3874e60a15-6.jpg&s3=1719-4762-85b64fd9956177883284c387093a63ae-2979x2000.jpg
Photo: Masahiro Sanbe
Not only fans, but also actors who know him well, production side, The creators all say “people I love”,
Actor: Tasuku Emoto, what was his childhood dream?
The other day, it was announced that Tasuku Emoto will play Michinaga Fujiwara in 2024’s NHK Taiga “Hikaru Kimi e”. Scriptwriter Shizuka Oishi and starring actress Yuriko Yoshitaka are re-tagging since the 2020 blockbuster drama “Koto You Don’t Know”. Everyone thinks, “I’ll be with him again!”
I made a passionate offer to Mr. Emoto to appear in the first issue of with renewal.
In this with, in addition to shooting and interviews, Tasuku Emoto’s “Emoto’s emo” will be delivered in three consecutive columns under the title “emo’s emo”. Be sure to pay attention to Mr. Emoto’s “everyday emo” that can only be read on with.
Wrote “Future dream: Film director” in elementary school graduation collection Actor: Unknown story of Tasuku Emoto
The short film series “ippo” (“Moonlight Shimoochiai”, “I’m in France”, “Promise”) directed by Tasuku Emoto will be released on January 7, 2023 at Shibuya Euro Space and others. to the public. In this interview, we will talk about the secret story when he made a direct offer to actor Ryo Kase, his love of movies since childhood, episodes related to aspiring to be a movie director, and the Emoto family’s “unwritten rules”. We will deliver a rich interview unique to Tasuku Emoto, who spins words and answers.
I’m sure you’ll like actor and movie director Tasuku Emoto even more. A little maniac and a very deep movie love. Please look forward to a special project that will make you feel like you are drinking together.
The reason for Naomi Watanabe’s “worldwide popularity” and the unknown secret story are all covered by “with”. “Hairspray”, podcasts, etc…. Thorough report on activities over several years in New York and Japan!
[Image 3d1719-4762-166da90d7cb85f678a9d-2.jpg&s3=1719-4762-06f2e37152951371fd127c6e5f16305c-3900x2600.jpg
(C) Toho Theater Room
Thorough dissection with your own perspective!
“The stage where so many spectators gathered due to the corona disaster is an exception among exceptions”
After returning home, it was a big hit
Special coverage behind the musical “Hairspray” starring Naomi Watanabe In June of this year, Naomi Watanabe returned from New York for the musical “Hairspray”. This time, with, who continued to send love calls to her, with the cooperation of those involved, her struggle on stage for years, her trajectory in Japan and overseas, and becoming the No. 1 popular person in Japan that everyone recognizes. We will send you the key to that as a special report in the renewal first issue with January issue along with unpublished episodes!
November 20, 2022–. Naomi Watanabe, who was standing on the stage of the musical “Hairspray” Osenkoraku at Misonoza in Nagoya. The setting is Baltimore, USA in 1962. She played Tracy, a plus-sized high school student who loves dancing and dreams of making people around the world smile with her proud dance someday. Appeared. While choking his voice many times, he greeted with words full of love that could be taken as a message to his co-stars and fans. Everyone in the audience was in tears, and I was able to witness the moment when I was surrounded by indescribable emotions.
This triumphant performance proved her performance skills and the breadth of her abilities as an actress and comedienne, but overseas she is also recognized as a model, influencer, and podcast MC, and her many titles have increased. , as well as her charm, it goes without saying that there are countless of them.
However, the occupation on her profile is thoroughly “comedian”. No matter how diverse my activities are, and how many days I travel around the world, my desire to give people laughter, dreams, and happiness will never change. Yoze!” said Naomi Watanabe. Make as many people as possible smile. The depth of her love for her work and fans has been handed down in various episodes, and many of them appear in this report.
[Image 4d1719-4762-5519174b4319c943c541-4.png&s3=1719-4762-8e65c33dc68e2578f951983f234e2a47-2448x1408.png
In the with January issue, which will be released on December 15th, we will talk about the anguish of the preparation period for the musical, unknown secrets, as well as what she thought before she moved to New York, and how she took action for her dreams and fans. Takao, detailed report commentary.
Unfortunately, I would like people who could not see “Hairspray” and fans, as well as those who are currently stuck in something, to pay attention to “Naomi Watanabe’s powerful way of life”. think. I’m sure it will give you wonderful tips and the power to live.
Yuriko Yoshitaka showed me a real face that “feels like normal heat” Yuriko Yoshitaka has been a hot topic since her appearance in the 2024 Taiga drama “Hikaru Kimi e” was announced. While waiting for the broadcast of the January 2023 drama “Hoshifuru Yoru ni”, in which he will be starring, the filming took place in mid-November. It was held at the bottom, “Non-nothing roadside”.
“I feel like I’m normal,” said Masafumi Sanai, one of Japan’s leading photographers. The location I chose was a roadside that no one would care about. However, when the actor Yoshitaka stands there and the photographer Sanai cuts out the scene, the photograph suddenly develops depth, and you will be struck by the feeling of looking at a piece of the story.
The friendly staff, the green road where time passes slowly, the early afternoon when you feel like you’re about to yawn — there’s no strange tension, and you show a natural expression without worrying about anyone’s eyes. Please enjoy the photos of Mr. Yoshitaka’s “normal heat”. In particular, please pay attention to the photos on the second page of this project.
On the interview page, we will approach “intimacy” for Mr. Yoshitaka. “Intimacy” is a vague word, isn’t it? Also, about the past that shaped Mr. Yoshitaka, and the future he envisioned, he told us his unwavering thoughts with his unique choice of words.
Another interview project “Yuriko Yoshitaka and Tokyo” (provisional) that could not be published in this magazine will be published on the website “with digital” (scheduled to open in late December) of the renewed magazine “with”. Born in Tokyo, raised in Tokyo, and working in Tokyo, Mr. Yoshitaka, who has lived with the city of Tokyo, once again delves into its charms. Along with the memories of the past, he also introduced the “music I was listening to at that time” that evokes them. Please enjoy this along with this magazine.
The column group “with Journal” provides an opportunity to “read carefully and think slowly”
[Image 5d1719-4762-c0ebe17742a1e00cacb7-7.jpg&s3=1719-4762-a7cc9c6b01192012cb51f5d956870eb9-2618x2370.jpg
The word “journal” means a “specialized journal”, but it often refers to something with somewhat rigid content, such as economics, politics, and academia. On the other hand, it also means a personal “diary” or “journal”. “with Journal” is a pioneering “highly specialized column” written by a professional in that field, aiming to go back and forth between the two. I wanted readers to enjoy it as close to them as they would read their own diary when they happen to have a chance. In an era of rapid change and high uncertainty, I believe that “knowledge acquired through learning and thinking” will be a weapon for surviving in the future.
For the first time, in order of page appearance, Tasuku Emoto (actor), Takashi Tsurumi (patissier), Atsushi Osanai (Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Waseda University), Satetsu Takeda (writer), CRAZY COCO (entertainer), Sanai Masafumi (photographer), Masamichi Yoshihiro (film writer), Kana Matsumoto (film director), Mineho Osawa (band/Ame no Parade drummer), Yurie Nagashima
(photographer/writer), Authors who are active in various fields will appear. Values ​​that we want to cherish in this era, rediscovery of cooking, business administration that we want to incorporate into our daily lives, English conversation that can be used tomorrow, newly encountered music and movies, the front line of gender theory, etc. The columns that can be provided are lined up. In addition, in conjunction with the website “with digital”, various serializations will be launched in both paper and magazines. Please enjoy it together.
The cover of the renewal first issue is Kei Inoo and Daiki Arioka of Hey! Say! JUMP
[Image 6d1719-4762-6a013c58205d7d8a2571-1.jpg&s3=1719-4762-56daa63c9a15170e17caebd8c353b2f6-2109x2700.jpg
The cover of the January issue of “with”, which will be the first issue of the renewal, is Kei Inoo and Arioka, who have gained tremendous popularity by appearing in the popular series “Boys, be …!” of “with” for about 6 and a half years. Mr. Daiki. In addition to a 10-page feature including a long interview, a special pinup with a rich texture is also included in the binding appendix! We have adopted a certain photo as a pinup that will surely be irresistible to everyone who loves the two of them in “with”. Please look forward to the one unique to Mr. Inoo, Mr. Arioka, and “with”♪.
In addition, we will deliver a lot of content such as a new photo shoot by Serina Motola, who is active as a model and actor, and GUCC I, and the release of advance visuals for the Snow Man 2023.4-2024.3 official calendar. It should be a book that will be loved by everyone as a permanent preservation version.
Product information
with January 2023 issue
List price: 1450 yen (tax included)
Release date: December 15th (Thursday) ※Based on metropolitan area standards http://withonline.jp/with_renewal

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