Kodansha Co., Ltd. “VOCE Best Cosmetics of the Year 2022” Special YouTube Festival, 12/19 (Monday)-Five ni ghts in a row live!

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
“VOCE Annual Best Cosmetics 2022” Special YouTube Festival, 12/19 (Monday) ~ 5 consecutive nights of live performances!

[VOCE Annual Best Cosmetics 2022], which summarizes the cosmetic world in 2022, has finally been announced! Cosmetics that represent this year will be gathered together. And a special video that excites the annual Bescos will be premiered on YouTube for five consecutive nights. Don’t miss this roundup of cosmetic trends! !
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Beauty magazine VOCE (Kodansha) will hold a special YouTube festival for 5 consecutive nights from December 19th (Monday) to 23rd (Friday). Five special videos, in which beauty professionals thoroughly talk about the appeal of the “Annual Bescous” award-winning cosmetics, will be premiered on the VOCE official YouTube channel (VOCEchannel) (free to watch).
[First night] December 19 (Monday) 19:00-
-Appearance-Beautician Miho Ishii x Doctor Shin Tomori
-Theme-Thorough explanation of Bescos award-winning skincare cosmetics [Image 2

[Second night] December 20 (Tue) 19:00-
-Appearance-Model/beauty creator Akari Yoshida x Model Arisa Yagi -Theme-A big announcement of Arisa Akarin’s Bescos
[Image 3

[Third night] December 21 (Wednesday) 19:00-
-Appearance-Hair & Makeup Artist Kaori Nagai x Hair & Makeup Artist Hiro Odagiri x Hair & Makeup Artist paku☆chan
-Theme-A round-table discussion on how to use Bescos award-winning makeup cosmetics
[Image 4

[Fourth night] Thursday, December 22, 19:00-
-Appearance-Model Yuchami x Hair & Makeup Artist George
-Theme-Bescos makeover best makeup
[Image 5

[Fifth night] Friday, December 23, 19:00-
-Performance-Megumi Kanzaki, a beautician
-Theme-Let’s talk about all Bescos award-winning cosmetics
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VOCE channel
■ VOCE official SNS
Twitter: @iVoce (https://twitter.com/iVoCE)
Instagram: @vocemagazine (https://www.instagram.com/vocemagazine/) *Details will be announced on VOCE official SNS.
“VOCE Annual Best Cosmetics 2022” announced!
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■ VOCE official website
* We will continue to deliver fun planning pages about the best cosmetics of the year.
■ This magazine “VOCE February 2023”
Release date: December 21, 2022 *Metropolitan area standard
Cover: Keiko Kitagawa (regular edition), Keiko Kitagawa (special edition), JO1 (special edition)
Price (tax included): 850 yen (regular edition), 650 yen (special edition), 850 yen (special edition)
Special appendix: Become beautiful skin! BOX (regular edition), YSL BEAUTY (special edition) *No appendix for special edition
Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
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