KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Released “clipboard (thin and silent clip)” that does not make a loud noise when closing

Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
Released “clipboard (thin, silent clip)” that does not make a loud noise when closing
Newly designed thin clip that is not bulky when stored on a shelf or bag
Kokuyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) will release a “clipboard (thin and silent clip)” with a thickness of about 13 mm and a newly designed clip that does not make a loud noise when closed in 2023. It will be on sale from Wednesday, January 18th.
[Image 1

“Clipboard (thin/silent clip)” usage image
Resin clipboards are used in various “working” scenes, such as hospitals and medical institutions, mainly in offices. However, conventional clipboards had problems such as “the clip is thick and bulky”, “I want to stock a lot, but there is not enough storage space”, and “I am worried about the loud sound when closing”. Therefore, the clipboard to be released this time is equipped with a newly designed thin and silent clip. Although it is slim with a thickness of about 13mm, it realizes a light opening and closing operation. The clip can be kept open, and the feature is that it does not make a loud noise when closed.
It is A4 vertical type and comes in 4 colors: navy, white, green, and pink, which are easy to use in offices, hospitals, medical
institutions, etc. A4 landscape type (navy, white) is also available. Scheduled to be released: January 18, 2023 (Wednesday)
■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax): 730 yen ■ Product HP: https://kokuyo.jp/pr/quietclip
・Features of “clipboard (thin/silent clip)”
Thin and compact clip
The height of the clip is about 13mm, which is thinner than our conventional product (*clipboard H). Even when stocked as equipment, it can be stored slim without being bulky. The area of ​​the clip is also smaller than conventional products, so the area to hide documents is reduced and the readability when writing is improved.
It is possible to hold up to about 30 sheets of copy paper while being slim and compact.
[Image 2

Comparison with our conventional product (*clipboard H)
[Image 3

It is not bulky even if it is stacked and stocked.
Quietness that does not make a loud noise when closing
The clip is extremely quiet, so it doesn’t make a loud “bang!” sound when closing. Therefore, it is suitable for use in quiet offices where ambient noise is a concern, reception work at hospitals and medical facilities, schools and libraries.
[Image 4

Easy to use even in quiet places such as receptions of hospitals and medical facilities
The opening and closing operation is light and can be kept open The operation lever can be opened and closed with a light force. It also has a function that can be fixed with the clip open. Documents can be inserted and removed without holding the clip with one hand, realizing high workability.
[Image 5

Hole for pen and hook
It has an indentation for hooking a pen (up to 14mm shaft diameter) clip, and a hole for hanging on a hanging hook or attaching a string. [Image 6

·Color variations
The A4 vertical type is available in 4 colors: navy, white, green, and pink, which are easy to use in various scenes such as offices, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and libraries.
The A4 horizontal type comes in navy and white variations.
[Image 7

A4 vertical type
[Image 8

A4 horizontal type
Kokuyo Customer Service Office https://www.kokuyo.co.jp/support/

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