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Kumamoto City
[Kumamoto City] Child-rearing support! Welcome to Baby Project! ~ Economic support for child-raising families and escort consultation support ~
In addition to financial support for families raising children, we will start the “Welcome Baby Project,” which provides escort counseling and support for pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. Public health nurses and others will conduct interviews from the time of pregnancy to after childbirth, providing consultation support that is closer to pregnant women and child-rearing families than ever before.
[URL] https://www.city.kumamoto.jp/hpkiji/pub/Detail.aspx?c_id=5&id=46129 [Image 1d47922-90-955992-pixta_61370463-2.jpg
Target audience
・Those who gave birth after April 2022
・All those who will be pregnant or give birth in the future
*No income limit
Benefit amount
・When notifying pregnancy: 50,000 yen per pregnant woman
・ After the birth notification: 50,000 yen per child
Applications will be accepted from mid-January 2023. (Information will be sent to those who are eligible.)
For applications, please refer to the “electronic application service” of the joint system of Kumamoto Prefecture and municipalities. Business scheme
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■ Escort type support
Public health nurses in charge of school districts at the
Comprehensive Support Center for Child-rearing Generations (Ward Office Health and Children’s Division) play a central role in supporting pregnant women and families raising children.
1. When you report your pregnancy, we will give you a mother and child handbook (Parent and Child Health Handbook) after the interview. (all members)
2. Around the eighth month of pregnancy, we will ask everyone to answer a questionnaire, and interview those who wish.
3. After the birth notification, public health nurses, midwives, etc. will have an interview with Hello Baby. (everyone)
→In addition to receiving consultations on concerns and worries about pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing, we also provide information on child-rearing, etc.
■ Financial Support (Welcome Baby Gift)
A total of 100,000 yen will be paid in cash to all expectant and nursing mothers.
1. If pregnant, 50,000 yen per pregnant woman
 Used for transportation expenses for prenatal checkups, childbirth preparation supplies, etc.
2. After giving birth, 50,000 yen per child
 Used for postpartum care, housework support services, temporary childcare, etc. →For example, if you have twins, you will receive 50,000 yen during pregnancy + 50,000 yen after childbirth x 2 = 150,000 yen in total. schedule
1. Those who gave birth from April to November 2022 (approximately 4,000 people) From mid-January 2023: Information will be sent, and applications will be accepted at any time thereafter.
End of January 2023: Scheduled first transfer
2. Those who will give birth (planned) from December 2022
Information will be sent out in order.
The Comprehensive Support Center for Child-rearing Generations (Ward Office Health and Children’s Division) offers consultations on pregnancy, childbirth, child-rearing, etc. at any time.
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