Kuroko Co., Ltd. Cooperate in the development of 3 original foods and drinks with the theme of “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”, an experience-based story project “Alice in Wonderland”

Kuroko Co., Ltd.
Cooperating in the development of 3 original food and drinks with the theme of “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”, an experience story project “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”
~Would you like to enjoy the world of Wonderland with antipasto that looks like a bouquet and sweets packed with kawaii? ~

At Ginza “Tir na nÓg” operated by Croco Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takanori Tanaka),
participants and casts operated by SCRAP Co., Ltd. At “TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS”, the venue for “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”, the latest work of the story-making event “Experience Story Project”, 3 kinds of original food and drinks will be developed and cooperated. Decided to sell.
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“Tir na Nog”, the land of fairies that appears in Irish Celtic mythology. It is called “Tokowaka no Kuni”, and the trees that exist there are endowed with eternal youth. It is said that there was a gobunyu dinner that never went away no matter how much you drank. In the basement of Ginza, such a fairy tale world spreads out. Open the secret door and enjoy an adult retreat with the fairies.

This time, Tir na Nog cooperated in the development of food and drink in the “experience story project”, an experience in which participants themselves become part of the characters in the story, choose and act at their own discretion, and create a story with the cast. type event. In the latest work “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”, Alice in Wonderland who got lost in the real world is set in the space after the closing of the “mystery” theme park “Tokyo Mystery Circus” in Shinjuku. And the participants of the event will work together to hold a “special party”.
To commemorate the holding of this event, Tir na Nog cooperated in the development of original food and drinks for “ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”.
Original food and drinks will be sold for a limited time at “HIMITSU COFFEE” on the 1st floor of the venue “Tokyo Mystery Circus”. Not only event participants but also other customers can order, so please enjoy the menu of Wonderland.
“ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS”, which many people have been waiting for since the performances to be held in December are almost sold out, will finally open today, December 9th (Friday). We look forward to welcoming you to the Tokyo Mystery Circus, a place where anyone can become the protagonist of a story, together with the residents of Wonderland.
“ALICE IN THE NIGHT MYSTERY CIRCUS” original food and drink overview [Image 2

Caprese and Salami Antipasto Rabbit Hole
1,000 yen (tax included)
Luxurious antipasto with salami, caprese, olives, etc. packed in a waffle cone. A colorful arrangement like a bouquet is perfect for a gorgeous party.
*Please ask the staff about allergens.

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Berry & Banana Sweet Tea Party
1,000 yen (tax included)
A satisfying dessert filled with fragrant berries and sweets. Fun to look at, delicious to eat, and finished with sweets that bring out Alice’s view of the world.
*Please ask the staff about allergens.

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700 yen (tax included)
A raspberry cocktail inspired by the blue color of Alice’s apron dress and the bright red rose that the Queen of Hearts loves. Like the women in Wonderland, the impactful colors are impressive.
*Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, so please let us know when ordering.


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■ Event special site

■ Story
There are rumors in our world.
“Where people’s dreams and thoughts about stories gather,
It seems that a mysterious hole called “Rabbit Hole” will appear… That hole connects reality and Wonderland and mixes them together. Tonight’s story is set in the midnight Tokyo Mystery Circus. Known as the “theme park with the most mysteries in the world,” this place is bustling with smiles of people who enjoy solving mysteries during the day, but at night it is cool and quiet, waiting for morning to come.
One day, you receive an invitation to a “Midnight Party” from Tokyo Mystery Circus. Invited by an invitation, you open the door and get caught up in a night you never imagined.
What suddenly appeared in front of me was the famous “Rabbit Hole”. From there, Alice in Wonderland chasing a rabbit hurrying with a clock in hand. Apparently, people’s dreams and feelings for stories resonated, and reality and wonderland seemed to be connected. However, the hole disappears in an instant, and Alice and the others cannot return to Wonderland as it is. Alice and her friends are worried that they won’t make it in time for the important tea party that begins in Wonderland. In order to return them to their original world, a “special night” must be created in this place.
“To turn an ordinary night into a special night”
An unforgettable night created by you and Alice begins.
■ Play format
Required time: Around 110 minutes
Number of participants: No limit (A maximum of 100 people will participate at the same time each time)
Location: Indoor
Start timing: Simultaneous start
*This event is only open to those over the age of 18.
■ Venue
Tokyo Mystery Circus (1F Reception)
1-27-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021 APM Building
*About SCRAP new coronavirus measures


■ Schedule
From Friday, December 9, 2022
*Limited to Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and days before holidays. Please check the special site for future schedules such as the year-end and New Year holidays and long holidays.
■ Ticket price
General advance sale 5,500 yen (tax included)
Advance VIP 8,500 yen (tax included)
On the day general 6,000 yen (tax included)
Same day VIP 9,000 yen (tax included)
*What is a VIP ticket?
This is a special ticket that will be sold only for 30 people each time. Appearing characters perform special actions for each VIP participant, provide original drinks limited to the performance, and prepare secret experiences only for VIP participants.
Supplementary information
■ What is the experience story project?
An experience where the “world” of the story can be reproduced in any venue, such as an entire building, an amusement park, or even the city, and the audience can role-play the world as a character in the story. type event.
In addition to watching the “story” unfold before your eyes, you can actually talk with the performers, interact with them, be asked for something, and eat together. You yourself become a character, and the story changes as you participate in the “story” and “experience” it. It is a project to create new story experiences created by SCRAP, the creator of the “Real Escape Game”, in various places and worldviews. Official site: https://www.scrapmagazine.com/s-project/
Twitter account: @realdgame https://twitter.com/realdgame
■What is Wednesday Campanella?
Started in 2013. The initial members were KOM_I (starring), Hidefumi Kenmochi (music), and Dir.F (others), but only KOM_I, the lead, appeared.
On September 6, 2021, KOM_I withdrew, and as the second generation, Utaha joined as the lead/singer and started activities under a new system. The MV for “Edison” released in February 2010 surpassed 20 million views in less than half a year after the ban was lifted. On October 19th, the new song “Tinkerbell / Nabe Bugyo” will be released. In addition, he is engaged in various activities through music and fashion, such as holding a project “RECORD” in Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu to record towns, places and performances.
Official site
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■What is SCRAP?
In 2008, he established SCRAP Co., Ltd. We have rented out amusement parks and stadiums to create real escape games, created riddles in books, apps, and TV programs, and assisted companies in planning mystery-solving promotions. A free paper production company from Kyoto (and the free paper is currently on hiatus). Riding on the momentum, the fan club “Shonen Detective SCRAP Team” was also formed. We also collaborate with TV stations and record companies, and continue to create new entertainment.
Official site: http://www.scrapmagazine.com/
Twitter account: @scrapmagazine https://twitter.com/scrapmagazine ■ What is Tokyo Mystery Circus?
Location: APM Building, 1-27-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021 Access: JR Shinjuku Station East Exit 7 minutes on foot / Seibu Shinjuku Station 2 minutes on foot
Price: Free admission *Separate ticket system for each content Official website: https://mysterycircus.jp
Twitter account: @T_MysteryCircus https://twitter.com/T_MysteryCircus Tir na nÓg store information
Address: Cheers Ginza B1F, 5-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6274-6416
Access: 3 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza station A1 exit
4 minute walk from Ginza Station A5 Exit
10 minute walk from Yurakucho Ginza ticket gate
Time: [Mon-Sat] 11:00-4:00
No regular holiday
Number of seats: 60 seats
*The above business hours and number of seats are for normal business hours. SNS: [Instagram] @tirnanog_ginzahttps://www.instagram.com/tirnanog_ginza/ [twitter] @tirnanog_ginzahttps://twitter.com/tirnanog_ginza
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Company Profile
Company name: Kuroko Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takanori Tanaka, President and Representative Director Location: 4-3-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Queen’s House Basement 1st floor Phone number: 03-6263-2965
Established: December 2017
HP: https://kuroco.jp/
Business description: Food business, system development business, video promotion business, design production business, food sales business, energy business, online secretary business, beauty business department
About Kuroko Co., Ltd.
Our corporate philosophy is to become a black child for all customers and employees and contribute to the development of society. We are striving to develop society as a black child in various fields such as online secretarial business and beauty business.

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Croco Co., Ltd.
TEL: 03-6263-2965 E-mail: pr@kuroco.jp

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