KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK Secretariat Held in March 2023! “Kyoto Crafts Exhibition DIALOGUE” Approximately 60 exhibitors decided

Dear Members of the Media,
Held in March 2023! “Kyoto Crafts Exhibition DIALOGUE” Approximately 60 exhibitors decided

“DIALOGUE” (sponsored by the “KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK” executive committee), which started in 2018, is an exhibition and sales event that introduces the creators of crafts and handicrafts at Hotel Kanra Kyoto. This year, it will be held for 4 days from March 8th
(Wednesday) to 11th (Saturday), 2023. This time, 57 companies with diverse manufacturing backgrounds from all over the country, mainly in Kyoto, have decided to exhibit.
Therefore, we would like to ask you to consider posting information and interviewing in your media.
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Kyoto Crafts Exhibition DIALOGUE
Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 to Saturday, March 11, 2023
[BUYERS DAY] (Only invited guests can enter)
8th (Wednesday) 11:00-18:00
9th (Thursday) 11:00-18:00
[MARKET DAY] (General public can enter)
10th (Friday) 11:00-20:00
11th (Sat) 11:00-17:00
Venue: Hotel Kanra Kyoto (
190 Kitamachi, Karasuma-dori, Rokujoshitaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi Organizer: “KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK” executive committee
Co-organizer: Hotel Kanra Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Sponsors: Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Kyoto Research Park
Cooperation: Kyoto City, KYOTO CRAFTS MAGAZINE, Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
Official website:
\The latest information is also being sent on official SNS/
About 60 diverse manufacturing companies from all over the country will exhibit As tools that support people’s lives and culture, crafts have been handed down through generations through the batons of craftsmen. The craftsmen’s skills are not just for protecting, but they always incorporate various elements from around the world to create art and industry that transcends fields.
At DIALOGUE, in today’s world where it is inevitable that society learns about the global environment and diversity and takes action, we will convey the “words” of creators who have diverse backgrounds and create products that are in harmony with the region and nature. (Communication) is important.
Crafts and handicrafts have the wisdom to find materials from nature, create tools, and continue to use them for a long time.
And now, there are new forms of manufacturing, such as a project that creates a richer relationship between the natural environment and industry, and a movement in which people with various types of handicaps shine in society by making use of their diverse abilities through social welfare facilities. You can see it being born. Focusing on the craftsmanship that we want to continue for the next 100 years, we will work with the creators to create a new place for interaction born from dialogue.
This year again, 57 companies have decided to exhibit from among the large number of applications.
Creators with diverse backgrounds from all over Japan, including Kyoto, gather. ■ Exhibitors *In alphabetical order
AIKA CRAFT |Ceramics (Kyoto)
Yosawa Wood Craft|Woodworking (Ishikawa)
aillugib|Accessories (Kumamoto)
anna terada|Ceramics (Osaka)
yes|Furniture (Toyama)
IKI LUCA|Kurume Kasuri (Tokyo)
IGUSA DESIGN|Igusa accessories (Hyogo)
Itetsu White Clothing Store | Apparel (Gifu)
FD STYLE | Lifestyle Products (Niigata)
Kawabata Denim Seisakusho | Apparel Goods (Kyoto)
CASTIN’|Casting products (Toyama)
Kiyohara Textile | Nishijin Textile (Shiga)
cucuri|Arimatsu Shibori (Aichi)
Keikororu|Kata Yuzen (Kyoto)
Koshun Kiln|Ceramics (Kyoto)
Long-established incense Shoyeido | Incense (Kyoto)
Sakaimachi Gomonzen Heishichi|Yusoku Textile Accessories (Kyoto) Samema|SAMASIMA|Lifestyle Products (Kyoto)
Sansai|Woodwork interior (Kyoto)
Mitsumine Garden Kiln|Ceramics (Aichi)
SHINTO TOWEL|Senshu Towel (Osaka)
Zui|Ceramics (Kyoto)
SOMEA | Leather Goods (Kyoto)
Soryugama|Ceramics (Kyoto)
takenaka kinsai|Kinsai Kogei (Kyoto)
tayū|Tango Chirimen (Kyoto)
Tanba Lacquer Project | Lacquer Products (Kyoto)
Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquer Shop | Lacquer Products (Kyoto)
textiletells|Textiles (Kyoto)
TERAS | Sashiko goods (Tochigi)
帷-TOBARI-Sewing shop|Apparel (Kyoto)
Nishijin Okamoto | Nishijin Textile (Kyoto)
hashi-coo|Chopsticks (Fukui)
PARANOMAD|Textiles (Kyoto)
/fan/fun|Kyoto fan (Kyoto)
filtango | Tango Chirimen (Chiba)
Fukuroya Towel|Senshu Towel (Osaka)
Fuji Ori Koubou Nono|Fuji Ori (Kyoto)
breezyblue | Dyeing accessories (Tokyo)
Bench Work Tatenui|Furniture (Shimane)
Marusen | Tango Chirimen (Kyoto)
misora|Lacquerware (Osaka)
MITTAN | Apparel (Kyoto)
MOUSEION|Object (Osaka)
MAISON-N(R) – Alexandre NESI|Furniture (Kyoto)
MOKU glass|Woodwork and glass (Nagano)
Mokuwaku|Furniture (Kyoto)
YU KANAI|Ceramics (Kyoto)
YUKKO | Tango Chirimen (Tokyo)
Laatry|Art work (Kyoto)
Liv:ra|Vegetable dyed lingerie (Kyoto)
LinNe |
LHOOQ / Luke | Hair care and skin care products (Tokyo)
Wajima Kirimoto | Lacquerware and wooden products (Ishikawa) wayuplus+|Kyoto Cloisonne (Kyoto)
[Image 2d69509-9-985a39102a0e86792a97-17.jpg&s3=69509-9-05e7b7ff17f4690476c81cc63afff60f-1500x1000.jpg
[Image 3d69509-9-049935eae438fdb8b343-10.jpg&s3=69509-9-147aff2e43895d226b52a91c084ee0d1-2000x1332.jpg
[Image 4d69509-9-b1d5fe89aee9b254be75-14.jpg&s3=69509-9-92390ae2e808fa0023754aea66dd5e34-3000x2002.jpg
Itetsu White Clothing Store
[Image 5d69509-9-db3adb582fbc95fb7f50-15.jpg&s3=69509-9-728c494fd70df10513f58eb4105a4464-1616x1080.jpg
[Image 6d69509-9-df5ecc5590290d2fa9bd-16.jpg&s3=69509-9-1bdda890119382b5aeddf3913fa25a61-3900x2602.jpg
[Image 7d69509-9-c406b95cbb414fe56d67-19.jpg&s3=69509-9-630eba9518ea2c26436c1b05ac955be6-1350x900.jpg
About the venue, Hotel Kanra Kyoto
[Image 8d69509-9-04b6bcbba2deb60e77fb-21.jpg&s3=69509-9-068e3e13300bd068cf236fc1cfad2841-1950x656.jpg
Opened in the fall of 2010 by converting a 23-year-old educational facility on the north side of Kyoto’s Higashi Honganji Temple. The guest rooms feature a long and narrow “Machiya-style” design that is a modern expression of Kyoto’s traditional machiya townhouses. The guest rooms have tatami mats and cypress bathtubs, and the furnishings and restaurants use traditional crafts to create a Japanese atmosphere.
Friendship venue recommended by DIALOGUE
We will pick up and introduce the events held during the DIALOGUE period and the shops and facilities recommended by DIALOGUE as “Friendship Venues”. While connecting people, things and places, we will create a new “dialogue” that is the center of gravity of DIALOGUE.
■ Friendship venue
FabCafe Kyoto, Community Store TO SEE, Beams Japan Kyoto, Tokinoha, Question, Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, etc…
We are looking for sponsors to support DIALOGUE!
Would you like to liven up the opportunity for creators to present in Kyoto, a city where handicrafts are alive?
DIALOGUE is looking for sponsors from a wide range of companies, organizations, and individuals who can sympathize and agree with the purpose and thoughts of the event.
We also have various sponsor menus, so if you are interested, please contact the secretariat.
Learn more: What is KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK?
“KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK” is a complex project aimed at deepening mutual exchanges by discussing “traditional culture”, “handicraft skills”, “sales channels and distribution”, etc., among people from all over the world who gather in Kyoto. is. It started in 2018 and is now in its 5th year.
This year, we will hold a program in the spring of 2023, such as a talk event related to “KOUGEI” and an exhibition sales event “DIALOGUE” using the hotel guest room as an exhibition space. In addition, we support creators throughout the year, such as supporting the development of sales channels for the Chinese market by Kyoto craftsmen based in Shanghai’s “KYOTO HOUSE” and business development that makes use of “KOUGEI” materials.
[Image 9d69509-9-7551efbf95934ba03937-9.png&s3=69509-9-131732b9a81599454a19f2c1e98d854a-2420x556.png

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