LaKeel Co., Ltd. BOOKOFF Adopts “LaKeel BI” for System Restructuring to Utilize Big Data at About 800 Stores

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BOOKOFF adopts “LaKeel BI” for system restructuring to utilize big data at about 800 stores
– Commenced development and verification of next-generation system to ensure corporate flexibility and scalability –

Rakeel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tsutomu Kubo; hereinafter “Rakeel”) is a subsidiary of BOOKOFF Corporation (Headquarters: Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Yasutaka Horiuchi; hereinafter “BOOKOFF”). ) has received an order for “LaKeel BI”.
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BOOKOFF is focusing on IT investment and promoting digital transformation (DX). Specifically, we are working to improve the efficiency of head office operations by starting to renovate our EC site and sales management system. Among the main forms we have been using so far, the important points in adopting the system were that we could reproduce and operate forms that did not change significantly in management items, and that we had a wealth of experience with other companies’ introductions. In addition to being evaluated that our “LaKeel BI” satisfies these conditions, we frequently participated in individual seminars and QA meetings before the introduction, and felt that it was demonstrable. We have started the development verification for the introduction because of the expectations for the support and the possibility of future development.
5 points of “LaKeel BI”
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“LaKeel BI” uses a server license system, so there are no charges for the number of users, data volume, or additional functions, so even companies with many users can install it with peace of mind. In addition, since it is possible to set permissions for materials that can be viewed by users, it is possible to protect security by changing permissions according to segments such as management, employees, directly managed stores, and franchised stores. By reproducing the existing form format that was created with Excel, etc., and
automatically creating a report, it realizes a significant improvement in work efficiency in form creation.
Background of system reconstruction
BOOKOFF operates a comprehensive reuse business for books, packaged media, apparel, etc. In addition to operating 412 directly managed stores in Japan and overseas, BOOKOFF has 382 franchised stores. Various forms, such as daily sales reports, inventory-related data, and member store deployment data, were managed across multiple systems, making the system configuration more complex and processing inefficient.
By further strengthening the integration of IT and business, we are rebuilding the system with the aim of accelerating “speedy management decisions”, “improving customer service” and “improving operational efficiency at headquarters and stores”.
About “LaKeel BI”
“LaKeel BI” is a business intelligence system for major corporations provided by LaKeel. We have a track record of implementation for customers in various industries. Contribute to the efficiency of data analysis operations and management visualization of major corporations by strengthening standard functions to meet the needs of various data analysis held by companies within the scope of the fixed maintenance fee. To do.
LaKeel BI service site
Bookoff service site
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