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LANY Co., Ltd. Free release of video of LANY-style owned media management method

LANY Co., Ltd.
LANY style owned media management method video released for free
LANY Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Keita Takeuchi), which provides digital marketing support, has released a video of the LANY-style owned media management method for free.
This video is the main video of the past webinar “LANY style owned media management method”. (Does not include Q&A)
Basic system and concept for operating owned media
frequency of new articles
Keyword selection method
rewrite frequency
Article selection method
Ideas for getting backlinks
Specific examples of monitoring methods
We will introduce LANY’s way of thinking when operating owned media, the system and how to proceed with article creation, with specific examples.
▼ [Free] Video download page
■Overview of LANY Co., Ltd.
LANY Co., Ltd. is a company that provides SEO consulting, digital marketing support, and owned media management.
As a small group of SEO consulting, we provide SEO support for a wide range of companies from Japan’s leading companies to individual sites.

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