LANY Co., Ltd. LANY style Released materials on owned media management methods for free (33 pages in total)

LANY Co., Ltd.
[LANY style] Free release of materials on owned media management methods (33 pages in total)

LANY Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Keita Takeuchi), which provides digital marketing support, has released [LANY style] materials (33 pages in total) of owned media management methods for free.
Even if you want to start owned media from now on, you will never run out of worries about “what kind of system should you create?” At LANY, we have been thinking about “what is effective owned media management” through the support of various media.
This white paper summarizes what should be done in owned media management. 【table of contents】
System and Basic Concept
Frequency and concept of new articles
Rewriting frequency and concept
How to get backlinks
This whitepaper is a re-edited version of the material used in the webinar held in October 2022.
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■Overview of LANY Co., Ltd.
LANY Co., Ltd. is a company that provides SEO consulting, digital marketing support, and owned media management.
As a small group of SEO consulting, we provide SEO support for a wide range of companies from Japan’s leading companies to individual sites.

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