LASTSHIP Co., Ltd. LASTSHIP has started providing the service of “Winbito”, a mall-type EC platform specia lizing in Japanese wine, to restaurants all over Japan. Promoting DX of Japanese wine purchasing operations.

Dear Members of the Media,
LASTSHIP has started offering the service of the mall-type EC platform “Winebito” specializing in Japanese wine to restaurants all over Japan. Promoting DX of Japanese wine purchasing operations.
Improved productivity by reducing the cost of purchasing Japanese wine
LASTSHIP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
Prefecture, President: Takeshi Yamashita, hereinafter LASTSHIP), which develops the culture promotion and sales promotion business of Japanese wine. We will start providing the service of Winebito) to restaurants all over Japan.
LASTSHIP provides a place where Japanese wine producers and drinkers from all over Japan can connect through the mall-type EC platform “Winbito” specializing in Japanese wine. Until now, we have mainly provided services for general consumers, but this time we will start providing winebito services for restaurants all over Japan.
*Japanese wine is wine produced by producers in Japan using only grapes grown in Japan. It is different from “domestic wine”
manufactured in Japan using raw grapes imported from overseas and concentrated grape juice.
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Background: The cost of purchasing Japanese wine is an issue The demand for Japanese wine is increasing year by year, and new wineries are being established one after another. Due to the rising international popularity of Japanese alcoholic beverages such as Japanese sake and domestic whiskey, as well as the effects of the corona crisis and the depreciation of the yen, there is a trend of returning to domestic consumption preferences, and the number of restaurant businesses that handle Japanese wine is beginning to increase. increase. However, most of the Japanese wine producers are small and medium-sized enterprises, and because of the unstable supply of small-lot production, there are few wines that can be sold by major distributors, and the purchase route is limited. In addition, individual transaction negotiations with Japanese wine producers with little information are extremely difficult, and many retailers are reluctant to handle Japanese wine because the profit margin is lower than that of imported wine.
By handling Japanese wine, which is becoming increasingly popular, restaurants will be able to increase the value of the customer’s experience and provide high value-added services to inbound tourists, who are expected to recover in the future. On the other hand, the food and beverage industry is in an environment where operational efficiency is required due to a chronic labor shortage, and it is difficult to hire wine human resources such as sommeliers. At Winebit, we promote “DX of Japanese wine purchasing business” to make it easier for restaurants to handle Japanese wine, thereby facilitating building relationships with individual Japanese wine producers. We are promoting initiatives aimed at improving productivity by reducing procurement costs.
Improved productivity by reducing the cost of purchasing Japanese wine By introducing Winebito, we will reduce the cost of purchasing Japanese wine and support the realization of productivity improvement. [Image 2d93187-23-30937cf36e795a8d1c08-12.png&s3=93187-23-efde27328f8c67300ab154fe6411b365-960x540.png
Conventionally, it is difficult to negotiate deals with each producer (winery) individually.
Wainbito) No need for individual negotiations. If you have one Winebit account, you can purchase from all registered producers.
Conventionally) I don’t know much about Japanese wine (I don’t even have a sommelier), so I don’t know what to buy.
With the message function that allows you to communicate directly with wine producers, you can rest assured that you can consult with the producers who are most familiar with the wine.
Conventional) It takes time and effort to share the information of purchased wine with the customer service staff.
Winebit) You can also access the product page with detailed
information on the wine that can be used for customer service from your smartphone. You can share with one URL.
Conventionally, storage conditions vary depending on the wholesaler, making it difficult to manage the condition of delicate wines. Winebit) Properly stored wine is sent directly from the producer (the shortest route in Japan), minimizing the burden of distribution. Conventionally, bill payment, prepayment, and pay-as-you-go are different depending on the producer, and complicated billing work takes time.
Winebit) With a wide variety of deferred payments, complex billing operations can be completed digitally. Order information can also be centrally managed, reducing the burden of paperwork.
Feature 1: All ordered wines are delivered directly from the producer Being able to enjoy the original taste of wine is the appeal of Japanese wine, which can be delivered directly from the producer. At Winebit, Japanese wine producers from all over Japan exhibit their specialty wines. We want you to drink our carefully crafted wine in good condition! We simply pursued to deliver wine in a form that is close to the producer’s thoughts. The Japanese wine you ordered will be delivered directly from the producer in good condition, properly stored by the producer.
*Delivery conditions and shipping fees vary depending on the producer (with the exception of some producers, there are conditions for free shipping).
[Image 3d93187-23-3bddafeba25a8ee81bd2-5.png&s3=93187-23-e80665a612bb56605bca53efa528cbcb-960x540.png
Minimize the burden on wine due to distribution.
Wine is a delicate liquor. It is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, light, and vibration, and depending on the distribution route and transportation environment, the quality of wine may be impaired, so it is important to choose wine that has gone through a reliable distribution route. For example, wine imported from overseas passes through the hands of various traders in the process of distribution and is forced to be transported over long distances by land, air, and sea. Caution is required.
[Image 4d93187-23-e721a7c2d5fa1bec0b77-6.png&s3=93187-23-c93365ba48f3595a1e6e5a7929ac9cd6-960x540.png
At Winebit, we simply ship directly from the producers (the shortest route in Japan), making the best use of the “closeness of distance” that is unique to Japanese wine. We are committed to delivering. Feature 2: Message function that allows direct communication with producers before and after ordering
Wainbit offers a message function that enables “human communication” because it is an online service. If you log in to Winebit, you can use the message function that allows you to communicate directly with the producer before and after ordering.
[Image 5d93187-23-3d30a611ee2513a8ff56-7.png&s3=93187-23-4b0d6dc2fd8abcbf7e6df13ba75dff71-960x540.png
Reference) How to use the detailed message function
Feature 3: Abundant deferred payment settlement, complex billing operations are simplified with digital completion
Supporting sole proprietors and corporate proprietors with a wide variety of deferred payments. We aimed to simplify complicated billing operations by digitally completing them, such as centrally managing your order history on My Page.
[Image 6d93187-23-7ccec25f17820e647f90-8.png&s3=93187-23-a91177b961c6cde77800ba2bde8a3c31-960x540.png
Reference) About the use of Pay Deferred
Feature 4: Easy-to-use UI specializing in Japanese wine, ordering can be completed in 3 easy steps
WineBit specializes in Japanese wines, so it has an easy-to-use UI that is optimized for selecting Japanese wines down to the smallest detail. It can be used from PCs, tablets, smartphones, and various other devices.
*In order to place an order, it is necessary to create an account through user registration (free).
[Image 7d93187-23-cf615de589d34bd14126-11.png&s3=93187-23-582a59b9d76954acd14df787195283dd-960x540.png
Complete your order in 3 easy steps
Step 1) Select the product you want to order and add it to the cart STEP2) Enter the desired delivery date, etc. on the cart screen and press the “Buy from this producer” button.
*Orders are placed for each producer. Delivery conditions differ for each producer.
STEP3) Enter the shipping information, etc., select the payment method, and confirm the order.
*Orders exceeding the maximum number of items per package will be divided into multiple payments.
Reference) How to order
Feature 5: Providing information that can be used for store sales promotion and wine selection
Wine Bit provides information to make the experience of drinking Japanese wine more valuable. It can be used as a reference for restaurant sales promotion and wine selection.
Case 1) “Vintage Report” that provides an experience to enjoy vintage Japanese wine
This is a program to make the experience of drinking Japanese wine more valuable by conveying the trend of Japanese wine production areas in an easy-to-understand manner year by year. The vintage refers to the harvest year of the grapes, and the vintage report is a summary of vintage trends organized by “grape growth,” “harvest time,” and “wine quality.”
Reference) About the vintage report
[Image 8d93187-23-beb44a0baec2a277f2d5-9.jpg&s3=93187-23-9c8b628ef7adcce03de534022bf20efa-960x540.jpg
Case 2) Communicating the charm of “blended wine” that expands the possibilities of Japanese wine
We have set up a product category “Blended Wine” that expands the possibilities of Japanese wine. We are disseminating the charm of various blended wines made by Japanese wine producers.
Reference) About blended wine
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What is Winebit
Winebit is a mall-type e-commerce platform specializing in Japanese wine that allows you to order wine directly from Japanese wine producers all over Japan, based on the concept of “bringing Japanese wine closer to you.” We minimize the burden on the wine due to distribution and deliver it by the shortest route in Japan without spoiling the original flavor of the delicate wine. . We also provide a message function that allows you to ask questions and consult directly with wine producers so that even first-time customers can purchase with peace of mind.
Site URL:
Service area: Japan only
Registered producers: Japanese wine producers only
Payment method: Credit card (VISA, JCB, MASTER, AMEX), Amazon pay, Payday User registration: Free *After registering, you can use all functions by logging in.
Service overview: [Image 10d93187-23-e40a626ec0ddbca33e50-0.jpg&s3=93187-23-1a5e565e414236116593def93c9ce266-960x540.jpg
LASTSHIP Company Profile
Company name: LASTSHIP Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-8-32 Hachimangaoka, Saiki Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-5117
Representative: President Takeshi Yamashita
Established: March 2018
Business: Planning, development, and operation of winebito, an online marketplace specializing in Japanese wine, wholesale and retail of alcoholic beverages

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