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Launched The Right Design, a group of designers who act as the right-hand man of the manager

Right Design Co., Ltd.
Launched The Right Design, a group of designers who act as the right-hand man of the manager
It is possible to design across the four areas of business,
advertising, space, and UX

We are pleased to announce the establishment of Right Design Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Takayuki Ogawa). Right Design Co., Ltd. is a design firm that commits to business and management as the right-hand man of the manager. We systematically design all touchpoints involving humans across the four areas of business, advertising, space, and UX. We believe that a design that combines function = Function and attachment = Charm is “correct design”, and emphasizes the solution of issues discovered through design research and the expression of Charm, and conducts consistent design from concept to end-user experience. , we support the launch of new businesses and the creation of new value in existing businesses. In addition, as a project-type business, assuming a fee-based contract, it is possible to accompany you as a partner and respond according to the ever-changing situation and market conditions. Currently, we are involved in a wide variety of projects, including town promotions that are co-created through public-private
partnerships in collaboration with local governments, complete corporate identity renewals for startups aiming for an IPO within two to three years, and event material design for companies that tackle social issues. We are collaborating with various organizations and companies. (See example:
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Right Design Co., Ltd. (The Right Design)
Address 〒106-0032 6-11-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo HOU Building 5F Established September 13, 2022
Contact email address
■ What is “right design” that The Right Design thinks about? [Image 2d112520-1-4b3f93f37974ff601754-1.jpg&s3=112520-1-1643ef9d5864d630a72dfe328c114edc-1920x1080.jpg
To sell, to be easy to understand, to be easy to use, to be
recognized, to contribute to the business, etc. A minimum standard that should be cleared when designing something.
To stand out, to be talked about. An element that attracts beyond reason. Self-disclosure and a little gap. A story you want to tell. Cute things.
■ Strengths of The Right Design
[Image 3d112520-1-d3ef94ffed13996ed5ff-3.jpg&s3=112520-1-f2958ebd7871ffb9c7b7c31ac3a7b28e-1920x1080.jpg
■ Positioning of The Right Design
The Right Design is a cross-disciplinary team that positions itself differently from other design firms by doing business right and doing designs you love.
[Image 4d112520-1-726cc1ef480fa70bb160-2.jpg&s3=112520-1-2158f3f25e5f7cdbf6c9c41a12d0908d-1920x1080.jpg
■ About The Right Design business
◇Market design business
A design-driven consulting business that develops new businesses, products, and services by utilizing the technology, resources, and brand assets of companies.
From design research to concept formulation and product/service design design, we aim to improve corporate value and generate sales. 3-6 months project type fee contract.
◇Experience design business
An experience design business that enhances business value by designing mechanisms to improve customer experience and new experience value for existing products and services.
From research to understand products/services and customers, we implement mechanisms to improve the customer experience regardless of whether it is real or digital.
3-6 months project type fee contract.
■ The Right Design board members
[Image 5d112520-1-4258625a55abdb42b1dd-4.jpg&s3=112520-1-ca67f82d88461dec2a87e241fc7a0a8a-1920x1080.jpg
◇Representative Director and CEO/Creative Director Takayuki Ogawa Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art
University. Joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 2013. After leaving Hakuhodo in 2018, he founded Right Design Inc. after working as a startup, freelancer, and The Breakthrough Company GO. From branding and concept planning for new businesses of startups and companies, to service UI and advertising strategy, he works across different fields based on design. He has received numerous awards including the 2022 Yomiuri Advertising Awards, ACC Creative Award 2017 Gold, Cannes Lions Design Bronze, Tokyo Midtown Award 2016 Grand Prix, the 2015 Award for Excellence, and the Koyama Kundo Award.
◇ COO / Business Producer Erika Watanabe
Joined Hakuhodo in 2015 after graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Sophia University. Joined TBWA\HAKUHODO after being in charge of foreign clients in the healthcare and entertainment fields as a salesperson. After being in charge of mass communication and digital media planning for an automobile manufacturer, he joined a venture company in 2020. Responsible for inviting MICE events and planning and managing business conferences in Japan. After that, as a freelancer, he has been active in a wide range of activities such as integrated communication for luxury brands of imported cars, event planning and management, public relations activities for pharmaceutical companies, management of domestic business marketing conferences, and MC appearances. Belongs to Right Design Co., Ltd. since 2022.

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