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Legaseed Co., Ltd., where 15,000 students gather annually, reopens new graduate recruitment site

Legaseed Co., Ltd.
Legaseed Co., Ltd., where 15,000 students gather annually, reopens new graduate recruitment site
Recruitment activities that continue to go online Creating a site that maximizes effectiveness

Legaseed Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yoshiyasu Kondo, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which provides consulting for organizational transformation, renewed its new graduate recruitment site in December 2022. Based on the main message, “Are you looking for a mission?”, Legaseed’s view of work and values, as well as content that allows you to know the reality of working employees, are comprehensively posted.
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▼Legaseed Co., Ltd. New graduate recruitment site
Conveying Legaseed’s “ness” and eliminating mismatches 3 points of renewal  In this renewal, we focused on the following three points and proceeded with the site production.
1. Doubt the common sense and take on new challenges-Copy that expresses the world view of Legaseed everywhere
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Our company’s mission is to increase the number of people who find their work rewarding, and to contribute to the improvement of organizational performance and company earnings. With the top message, “Are you looking for a mission?” express it.
Also, in order to convey the message of “questioning ‘common sense’ and opening a new path with Legaseed’s unique interpretation,” animations with diagonal lines are scattered throughout the page. 2. Abundant amount of information that makes the image of working at the company clear
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This site consists of four categories: know the company, know the job, know the employees, and know the work style. From basic content such as company overview and business introduction, to detailed information such as “rules of boarding” and “light of praise” that are important to work and unique to the company. The site can be used in any selection phase, from students encountering Legaseed to making a decision to join the company.
In particular, “Knowing how to work” covers 4 pages of training and education systems, as well as systems based on changes in career plans and life stages. The contents openly describe the complicated content that students may find difficult to hear during the selection process, and it is a content that allows you to grasp the actual situation of working at Legaseed in detail.
3. A simple design that allows you to concentrate on the content while also being playful
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Our company’s role as a recruitment site is to “deliver information about our company that students need correctly and without omissions.” Therefore, we adopted a simple design based on white and light blue, and tried to make it possible to concentrate on the characters. On top of that, we posted many photos of the faces of our employees to convey the atmosphere of the company, and added detailed animations such as movement when you hover the cursor over them, expressing our corporate culture that never forgets the sense of fun.
Recruitment site is “90% concept”! Free seminar in progress
We are a consulting company that supports the growth of people and organizations with a focus on hiring new graduates. Recruitment of new graduates has led us to solve various management issues such as wanting to improve business performance, enhance organizational strength, and spread our philosophy. We have a track record of over 500 transactions in the past.
What our company put particular effort into in creating this recruitment site was the design of the concept. Specifically, five “views” are expressed in detail on the site. Legaseed’s management view, values, work view, world view, and manager’s view of life are incorporated into the content and design to make the site consistent. As more and more companies go online, more and more companies are maintaining recruitment sites. In this day and age, companies are required to have the ability to clearly differentiate themselves from other companies and to accurately convey to students the words that only their company can speak. Without clarification of the concept, there is no success in creating a recruitment website.
At our company, we publish the above-mentioned know-how about recruitment sites at free seminars. Based on the 24-page worksheet, the concept was designed from scratch. It can be used not only for companies creating recruitment sites for the first time, but also for companies that have problems with their current sites and methods of attracting customers, such as hiring new graduates and not being able to use the recruitment site well. If you are a company that wants to strengthen your online recruitment capabilities, please participate in this seminar.
-[Free] New Graduate Recruitment Site Creation Seminar Details- [Image 5

・ Date: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 17: 00-18: 00
・ Holding method: Online (distributed by ZOOM)
・Participation fee: Free
・ Participation target: Managers, personnel managers, personnel managers ・Application: Please apply using the form below.
We will continue to focus on creating a company that pursues both job satisfaction and ease of work, based on the philosophy of “making work happy.”
[Outline of new graduate recruitment site renewal]
・ URL:
・ Site renewal date: December 2022
[Overview of the first new graduate recruitment site creation seminar] ・ Date: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 17: 00-18: 00
・ Holding method: Online (distributed by ZOOM)
・Participation fee: Free
・ Participation target: Managers, personnel managers, personnel managers ・Application: Please apply using the form below.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Legaseed Co., Ltd.
Established: November 11, 2013
Head office location: 24F Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
TEL: 03-6433-1288
Representative: Yoshiyasu Kondo
Business: Consulting business / Outsourcing business / Connecting business / Product business / Media business
[What is Legaseed Co., Ltd.]
Established in 2013, Legaseed Co., Ltd. is a company that provides management and organizational consulting, mainly focusing on recruiting new graduates for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to gaming simulations and action learning, more than 500 companies nationwide have introduced human resource recruitment and human resource development mechanisms using the recruitment ATS “miryo+” to attract students. More than 70,000 people have taken the training courses. In addition, while Legaseed is a small and medium-sized company, it was ranked “10th” overall in the “Ranking of popular companies for interns graduating in 2021,” which was surveyed by Rakuten Minshu Minna no Jobukatsu Nikki and targeted students scheduled to graduate in 2021. About 17,000 new graduates have applied for recruitment.

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