Liddell Survey Influencers have decided on “Kanji that expresses what they felt on SNS”! Is the drastic ch ange in the algorithm of each SNS platform affected?

[Liddell Survey] Influencers have decided on “Kanji that expresses what they felt on SNS”! Is the drastic change in the algorithm of each SNS platform affected?
Looking back on SNS and influencer marketing in 2022, deciphering from the kanji chosen by influencers

LIDDELL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Koichi Fukuda, hereinafter referred to as Liddell), which develops SNS and influencer marketing business, is targeting influencers, “What you felt on SNS this year” expressed in one kanji character. I investigated. [Image 1

Survey summary
Influencers chose 2022 “Kanji that expresses what they felt on SNS” No. 1 is “Raku”
In general, the reasons given were “algorithm changes,” “movies,” “encounters,” and “expansion of expression.”
SNS in 2022 will change drastically. For personalized communities and interactions.
Real and SNS, both philosophical,
Kanji unique to “SNS professionals” called influencers are lined up! In 2022, as the Nikkei MJ hit product ranking “for the first time in 3 years” became the western yokozuna, the daily life before the corona disaster was returning. In SNS, the importance of communication has increased due to significant changes in algorithms. (Reference: In addition, short videos such as TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts are attracting attention, and text with text on images is the mainstream. have become.
In this survey, the influencers chose “Kanji that expresses what they felt on SNS”, and the results showed the ability to catch trends and respond to the needs of SNS professionals.
1st place “Raku”
[Image 2

The 1st place was “Raku”.
It is characteristic that influencers who have started their influencer activities since the beginning of this year and have grown rapidly to over 10,000 followers in a short period of time answered that they are “fun”. In addition, it became clear that users and followers’ reactions, the resumption of events, encounters, and the widening of creative range are “fun”.
-Reason excerpt-
I have more fun for the first time on Instagram.
It’s fun and makes me feel good when I watch it.
I made it easier for both children and adults to enjoy by posting daily life with children.
I had some time during the summer vacation, so I started doing it, and when I heard that they used me as a reference, I was very happy and I felt that it was fun.
A lot of people have seen it, and I am also inspired!
more fun events.
Because I had a lot of encounters and it was fun.
It was a lot of fun to start creating and posting letters from this year, so I chose “easy”.
2nd place “movement”
[Image 3

The 2nd place “movement” was selected because the video became a trend. -Reason excerpt-
I thought that the number of posts on reels increased greatly due to the influence of TikTok.
I felt the importance of videos to increase reach. Short videos, reels, etc. Videos are gaining attention, and Instagram feed posts have become mainstream. It’s because of the video.
I feel like videos such as reels have become popular!
3rd place “connection”
[Image 4

As for the 3rd place “Tsunagari”, as was mentioned in “Raku”, there were voices that it connected with many people through SNS and that the connection was strengthened by the resumption of the event. -Reason excerpt-
Because I was able to connect with a lot of people.
Because there are relationships other than the company and family, and it has become a third place.
The circle of connections with people I met through Instagram has expanded! Because I was able to connect with various people and meet them. There were many events held this year, and I was able to meet people I had connected with on SNS in real life, and I felt a connection. 4th place “difficult”
[Image 5

The 4th place “difficult” is that the number of new followers and reach has been sluggish due to changes in the algorithm, so you can see the background that it was difficult to deal with.
-Reason excerpt-
Because I have to make the content considerate of many people, not just my own feelings.
I felt that Instagram was quite sluggish and difficult.
I chose it because the Instagram algorithm has changed, and it has become difficult to gain likes and new followers due to poor reach growth.
I felt that it was difficult to keep increasing the number of followers and sales.
5th place “busy”
[Image 6

5th place was “busy”. Algorithm changes showed the background of choosing “busy” by spending time to meet the demands of intimate communication.
-Reason excerpt-
I felt that I was always busy with information flying around when posting and browsing.
I was too busy spending too much time on SNS.
below, other
[Image 7

SNS will change drastically in 2022!
There is a tendency to use “algorithm changes”, “movies”,
“encounters”, and “expansion of expressions” as reasons.
In addition, “weird” was chosen because “algorithms are changing at a tremendous rate.”
In addition, relatively many “individuals” were also selected, and the reasons for this were “the image that each person was communicating more deeply about themselves” and “the impression that each person is searching for what they want to do as a job”. Users who sympathize with personalized information gathered, and it was seen that a community was formed around influencers.
In 2022, the following three trends were felt by influencers on SNS. While responding flexibly to changes in algorithms, users and influencers have built deep relationships by connecting with many people through SNS and actually meeting at events.
With the evolution of technology, the range of expression has expanded. I felt that the liveliness was returning in real life and on SNS, and while having fun, I formed a personalized community and strengthened mutual interaction with users.
In 2023, in order for companies to utilize SNS and influencers, marketing activities in collaboration with influencers will be essential in line with this trend.
With 30,000 registered influencers active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, Liddell will make full use of various SNS and support corporate marketing strategies with all communication methods. We also offer analysis of various SNS official accounts currently in use, formulation of KPIs to achieve goals, implementation of action plans, advice from influencers, and dispatch of creators, so please feel free to contact us.
Survey outline
2022 Questionnaire on “Kanji that Expresses Feelings on SNS” Survey period: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Target audience: Influencers registered with “SPIRIT”
Number of samples: 100
Survey method: Online
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Liddell Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Nuki

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