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Limited company Produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma! Exclusive distribution on DMM TV! “Incidents” episode 4 starts distribution from today

Produced by Nobuyuki Sakuma! Exclusive distribution on DMM TV! “Incidents” episode 4 starts distribution from today
-Dictator Fusuki Zen (Jun Kunimura) changes the incidents-

“DMM TV” operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as DMM) provides a variety of content and entertainment experiences. DMM’s new comprehensive video distribution platform. “Insidents”, which has started distribution on DMM TV, is a comedy program full of extreme stories that cannot be broadcast on
terrestrial TV!
I can’t broadcast it on TV…
Nobuyuki Sakuma x Farewell to the light of youth, a radical and crazy hard-boiled conte program from another dimension appears on DMM TV! [Image 1

Triggered by an incident that happened during the recording of the skit, the situation unfolds in an unexpected direction…
Is this a conte! ? Drama! ? Documentary! ? Comedy Lawless Zone is here! Naked against drugs and anti-social… The comic strip group LOL (Saraba Seishun no Hikari, Kentaro Ito, Hikorohi, Minamikawa, etc.), which has gained popularity with radical skits that could not be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting, is suddenly in front of them one day. A big wall stood in my way.
Propaganda was carried out by the Military Thought Management Committee of the NEPPON army in order to control the chaotic world. Moreover, the means is “prohibition of laughter”.
LOL, who dreams of changing the world with laughter, and the NEPPON army, which tightens its crackdown on laughter. Lurking behind it was the figure of that man…
The story develops rapidly with the appearance of a certain man! The key to the story is “a dictator who hates laughter”
Jun Kunimura, an actor who has been active in many movies, dramas, and stages, will appear! !
I will play the dictator Fusuki Zen!
Who is “Fuski Zen”?
Why is Fusuki Zen trying to stop the activities of the comic group “LOL”? The tragic past of a dictator that no one could tell had an effect on that… [Image 2

Incidents is a work produced by popular producer Nobuyuki Sakuma. “Incidents” (incidents), in which a total of 39 famous comedians and actors challenge skits by taking up extreme material that is considered taboo. Challenging content that cannot be broadcast on terrestrial television will go beyond the framework of a comedy, provide shock and laughter to everyone who sees it, and draw you into an “incident world”. Junky, semi-gure, violence, adultery… A hard-boiled conte story from a different dimension, which is too taboo to be seen at family gatherings (!?), is about to begin!
Comment from Nobuyuki Sakuma
In constructing the world view of Incidents, I thought that it was absolutely necessary to have someone with a strong presence who could face the comedians such as Saraba Seishun no Hikari, who is
responsible for the extreme comedy, and carry the drama. With Mr. Kunimura taking on this role this time, comedy and drama, both wheels have started to turn, and this challenging work has been realized. “Incidents” special site
Overview of Incidents
[Delivery date and time]
Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are now available!
Episode 4 distribution starts today, December 30 (Friday)!
Friday, January 6 Episode 5
January 13 (Friday) Episode 6 (final episode)
[Copyright notation]
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[Production staff] (titles omitted)
General Planning Producer: Nobuyuki Sakuma
Composition / Screenplay: Okura
Director: Takashi Sumita
[Performers] (Titles omitted)
Tetsuya Morita (Farewell to the Light of Youth)
Higashibukuro (Farewell to the Light of Youth)
Kentaro Ito
Yohei Hayashida (The Mummy)
Takashi Sakai (The Mummy)
Udai Iwasaki
Miwako Kakehi
Jun Kunimura
-Following, in alphabetical order-
Hiroki Akiyama (Hanako)
Rika Adachi
Kenji Iwatani
Kohei Ueda (Sophie)
Okubo Sakurako
Suzuka Oshima
Youichi Okano
Akira Onogawa
Sho Kaga
Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey)
Souya Kaya (Kagaya)
Emiko Kawamura (dandelion)
Kawamura Miku
Ryuta Kikuta (Hanako)
Ryoko Kobayashi
Kobayashi I
Noriko Ohara
Yukari Gondo
Konno Buruma
Saya (Lalande)
Saito Naoki (Sophie)
Kenta Sakai (Arco & Peace)
Seira Nagashima
Nishida (Laland)
Toru Nomaguchi
Kayo Noro
Yuki Hirako (Arco & Peace)
Minami Minegishi
Takashi Yashiro
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