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Limited company The first TV commercial of “DMM TV” will start broadcasting from Friday, December 16th!

“DMM TV”‘s first TV commercial will start broadcasting on Friday, December 16th! Pay attention to the “seven changes in voice” of the lovey-dovey couple played by Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey) and Hikaru Takahashi and the clerk played by Sora Amamiya!

Limited liability company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Keiji Kameyama, hereinafter referred to as DMM) has released the first TVCM of the comprehensive video distribution service “DMM TV”, which started service on Thursday, December 12. It will be on air nationwide from Friday, March 16th. The new commercial features comedian Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey), actress Hikaru Takahashi, and voice actor Sora Amamiya.
[Image 1d2581-4114-849969406361dccc6442-0.jpg&s3=2581-4114-937b7244264c8a6ae13d74819057be8e-1712x963.jpg

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This TV commercial is set in a fictitious shop filled with anime and entertainment that embodies the concept of “DMM TV”, “Find your favorite. The world will change.” Mr. Kasuga and Mr. Takahashi, who play the role of a lovey-dovey couple, visit Mr. Amamiya, who plays the role of a shop clerk, and express the charm of “DMM TV” where you can enjoy a lot of anime and entertainment content through comical conversation.
In addition, along with the on-air of the new commercial, the official YouTube of “DMM TV” will release a video of the making of the commercial and an interview video in which the performers talk about the appeal of “finding your favorite”.
Please take a look at the CM for the lovey-dovey couple that you can’t see in Kasuga and Takahashi’s variety shows, and Amemiya’s voice expression that imagines characters with various attributes. ■ CM video (various 15 seconds)
・ “Invitation” version:
・ “Unlimited viewing of anime and entertainment”: ■TVCM making/interview video
・ Making:
・ Interview:
■ Overview of TVCM
“Invitation” version (15 seconds)
“Unlimited viewing of anime and entertainment” (15 seconds)
・ Release date: Friday, December 16, 2022
・Broadcasting area: Nationwide
・Performers: Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey), Hikaru Takahashi, Sora Amamiya TV commercial story
At the counter of the shop, Mr. Amemiya, who plays the role of a store clerk, is practicing lines to recommend “DMM TV” in various voices. Mr. Kasuga and Mr. Takahashi visited the scene where they practiced as various characters, from the voice of a lively boy to the character of an elegant young lady. Mr. Takahashi cautiously calls out to Mr. Amemiya, who continues to practice without noticing the two of them, “Um…”. Amemiya-san finally notices the two, but there is a strange atmosphere in the store. Mr. Amemiya hides his embarrassment by saying, “Excuse me,” while showing embarrassment.
<“Unlimited viewing of anime and entertainment”>
There is a shop filled with manga, anime goods, and TV monitors. Mr. Kasuga and Mr. Takahashi looked around the store and were impressed by the large amount of products, saying, “Wow…the amount of cats is amazing…” and “Really…”. Mr. Amemiya, who plays the role of the store clerk, said, “DMM TV is all-you-can-watch anime and
entertainment!” There is an interface of “DMM TV”. Looking at Mr. Kasuga who was attracted to Mr. Takahashi, Mr. Takahashi asked cutely, “Does that reduce the time you spend looking at me?” Looking at Mr. Takahashi, who was embarrassed, saying, “It’s cheating,” Mr. Amamiya quipped, “Nanikore…”.
shooting episode
Mr. Amamiya who is very active as a popular voice actor. He was modest, saying, “I’m not used to filming commercials, so…”, but the staff was amazed at how freely he used his voice to create the image of various characters.
In addition, Mr. Kasuga behaves like a gentleman, taking care to let Mr. Takahashi pass first in the narrow passage of the shooting set. Mr. Takahashi recalls, “It was a clumsy shoot, but I felt kindness.” In an interview after the shooting, “This time, it’s a setting that we’re dating, so we have to do it that way from the point where it’s not reflected in the camera. That’s why I’m an actor,” said Kasuga-san in “actor mode,” and the studio was filled with laughter.
Q: Please tell us how you met your favorite or an episode.
Kasuga: I like Kinnikuman and Hokuto no Ken, but I don’t remember the reason. I feel like I already got it. It’s like I’m dazzled by the shock from somewhere I can’t see it, or I feel like I’m in it before I know it. There is no chance. By the time you realize it, it has already become an element that creates Kasuga.
Q: Regardless of anime or manga, who is your favorite hero that you looked up to when you were little?
Kasuga: After all, it’s Kinnikuman. If you’re going to make a live-action version, I’d like you to let me do Suguru. The first (starring) work is a live-action version of Kinnikuman.
Takahashi: I’m still watching Pokemon all the time. I thought it was cool to see Satoshi face forward and move forward resolutely. Recently, when I watched anime, I was reminded of how courageous a person he is.
Mr. Amemiya: It’s “Ranma” from Ranma 1/2. It was my dream when I was little! She’s sexy, strong, and cute. I have loved you for so long. Q: How did the world change when you met your favorite?
Mr. Kasuga: It can be said to be a support, or a signpost. I think Kasuga is also becoming a favorite for young people today. I wonder if there are people who are supported by me!
Mr. Takahashi: I think that my life will be enriched by having a favorite, and that the world will be more and more colorful. I want to meet more and more people!
Q: Please tell us the attention points and favorite scenes of the commercials. Amamiya: Even though I’m working as a voice actor, I don’t have many different voices at once, so it was a valuable experience. I would appreciate it if you would pay attention to it.
What is “DMM TV”?
This is a new comprehensive video distribution service provided by DMM. We will deliver content in a wide range of genres, such as variety shows, 2.5-dimensional stage performances, musicals, dramas, and movies, with animation as the main axis. By subscribing to “DMM Premium” for 550 yen per month (tax included), you can enjoy about 4,600 anime works, including new works, exclusive distribution works, and original works, and 120,000 * contents including entertainment on smartphones, PCs, TV apps, etc. You can enjoy from
* Estimated number of works in 2022
・ “DMM TV”:
-DMM TV Official SNS-
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube: Official Instagram:
Official TikTok:
What is “DMM Premium”?
A new subscription membership system that allows you to enjoy various entertainment services of DMM including “DMM TV” at a monthly fee of 550 yen (tax included). By becoming a “DMM premium member”, you can enjoy entertainment content across genres on the platform*, such as anime, manga, games, merchandise purchases, online lotteries and online crane games, at a great value. will be
* platform: A group of services that can be used with a member account
・ “DMM Premium”:
Performer profile
[Image 3d2581-4114-7c1974cbda9b3b4290a7-2.jpg&s3=2581-4114-e0387ae39e77784f052d440eda3dadf6-1929x2573.jpg
Toshiaki Kasuga
He is also a comedian (Audrey), actor, voice actor, bodybuilder, and former representative of Japan for fin swimming. Won a bronze medal in the medley. Both in name and reality, it has become “the world’s spring day”.

[Image 4d2581-4114-5d7d8b9a77462139c8c1-3.jpg&s3=2581-4114-859e20a3e74469b8aa016f3eb16695aa-1800x2700.jpg
Hikaru Takahashi
In 2014, she won the Grand Prix at the 14th All Japan National Beautiful Girl Contest.
In 2016, he made his debut as an actor in the movie “Promise of Life”. Major appearances include the drama “Where did my skirt go?” ”(WOWOW), the movie “Osomatsu-san” (2022), the musical “Little Zombie Girl”, etc. In addition, he is active in a wide range of fields such as variety and radio.

[Image 5d2581-4114-83b64fa2d1b1f91b1b98-4.jpg&s3=2581-4114-2e3f8d2db60d637fef30596ba86205d9-2160x2700.jpg
Sora Amamiya
“Tokyo Ghoul” Kirishima Touka, “The Seven Deadly Sins” Elizabeth, “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! “Aqua”, “Yofukashi no Uta” Nazuna Saegusa, and many other main characters and heroines. As an artist, he made his debut in 2014 with “Skyreach” and has been in charge of theme songs for various anime. In recent years, he has been actively challenging himself to writing lyrics. Also active as a unit, TrySail.

About LLC
Operates, a comprehensive service site boasting 39.14 million members (*). Since its founding in 1998, it has developed more than 60 services such as video distribution, FX, English conversation, games, and 3D printing. We have been involved in various businesses such as entering the aquarium business in Okinawa and running a soccer club in Belgium. In addition, since 2018, we have strengthened our support for young entrepreneurs, actively developing investment through “DMM VENTURES” and M&A. Going forward, we will continue to take on the challenge of new businesses while repeating change and evolution with our corporate message, “A future that everyone wants to see.” *As of February 2022
Corporate site:
Press Kit:
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