Limited company EXNOA A collaboration event with different world life RPG “Angelic Link” and “D.C. ~ Da Capo ~” is being held!

A collaboration event with different world life RPG “Angelic Link” and “D.C. ~ Da Capo ~” is being held!

At DMM GAMES’s “Angelic Link” operated by the joint company EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL:, “D.C. We will inform you about the
collaboration event with “Da Capo ~”.
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■ D.C. collaboration event “Visitors of cherry blossoms that never wither” is being held!
A collaboration event between Angelic Link and D.C. is being held today after the update!
If you clear the collaboration mission, you can get the collaboration limited character “★1 Nemu Asakura (D.C.)” for free!
Please enjoy the special story woven by the characters of D.C. and the fallen angels♪
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▼Holding period
Until 13:59 on Thursday, January 5, 2023
■Collaboration limited character “★3 Sakura Yoshino (D.C.)” is now available! Collaboration limited character “★ 3 Sakura Yoshino (D.C.)” is now available! Various pickup gachas are being held for a limited time until December 26th (Monday) 13:59!
Let’s have fun talking with Sakura while eating tea and sweets ♪ ▼ Pickup target gacha
・D.C. collaboration gacha (★ 3 Sakura Yoshino (D.C.) pickup) ・ D.C. collaboration special gacha (★ 3 Sakura Yoshino (D.C.) pickup) [Image 3

■D.C. Collaboration Memorial! Various mission sets are on sale! To commemorate the collaboration with D.C., we are selling a great mission set! When you purchase the mission set, you can get bonuses for 6 days for each product, such as diamonds (free) and stamina, which is indispensable for playing, on the mission page!
Don’t miss this great opportunity♪
▼Products on sale
・D.C. Collaboration Commemorative Diamond Mission Set 10000 (Limited to 1 time) ・ D.C. Collaboration Commemorative Stamina Mission Set 600 (Limited to 1 time) [Image 4

■ D.C. collaboration commemorative canvas board chance now being held! We are holding a campaign to win a gravure canvas board of D.C. collaboration characters!
During the maintenance on January 5 (Thursday), if you achieve player Lv41 and set a D.C. character as your home favorite character, you will be able to apply! 5 people will win a gravure canvas board of the set character by lottery ♪
▼ Campaign details
If both of the following conditions are met as of 13:59 on Thursday, January 5, A special canvas board (M3) will win up to 5 people each by lottery! ●Conditions
1. Player Lv41 or higher
2. Set the target character as a home favorite character
・ Set Nemu Asakura (D.C.) … Canvas board of Nemu Asakura (D.C.) is subject to lottery!
・ Set Sakura Yoshino (D.C.)… Sakura Yoshino (D.C.)’s canvas board is subject to lottery!
・ Set Kotori Shirakawa (D.C.) … Kotori Shirakawa (D.C.)’s canvas board is subject to lottery!
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■ D.C. Collaboration Commemorative Amazon Gift Code & Signed Colored Paper Present Campaign is being held!
During the campaign period, the official Encrit Twitter account is running a campaign where up to 109 people can win luxurious prizes. 100 people will win an Amazon gift code worth 1,000 yen by lottery, and 3 people will win autographed colored paper from the voice actors who are in charge of the voices of the D.C. collaboration characters! After confirming the details of the campaign, we are looking forward to your application ♪
Campaign 1
Follow @AnCL_STAFF & RT and tweet memories of D.C. from the button, and 100 people will receive an Amazon gift code worth 1,000 yen by lottery!
Campaign 2
Get a signed colored paper with a hashtag tweet in reply!
* Up to 5 tweets per person. The more you post, the higher your chances of winning!
・ Kotori Shirakawa (CV. Himari) 3 people
・ Yoshino Sakura (CV. Hokuto Minami) 3 people
・ Nemu Asakura (CV. Shinne Angu) 3 people
▼ Campaign period
December 19, 2022 (Monday) 17:00 to January 5, 2023 (Thursday) 13:59 *For the characters scheduled to be added on December 26th (Monday), the campaign will start from 17:00 on December 26th (Monday). [Image 6

■ What is “D.C. ~Da Capo~”?
In June 2002, the first game in the series, “D.C. ~Da Capo~” was released. After that, “D.C.II ~ Da Capo II ~” in May 2006, “D.C.III ~ Da Capo III ~” in April 2012,
And in May 2019, the numbering title “D.C.4 ~ Da Capo 4 ~” was released. We have released more than 20 titles, including fan discs that depict later stories.
In addition, each numbered title has been ported to consumer platforms, and the series has recorded sales of over 800,000 units. In addition, media mixes such as comics, drama CDs, and animations were also done.
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, the development of the latest series “D.C.5 ~ Da Capo 5 ~” was announced.
The “D.C. ~ Da Capo ~” series takes a new step forward.
■ What is “Angelic Link”?
This work is a different world RPG that interweaves the main character (you) who has been reincarnated in a different world and the fallen angels of the different world New Eden. Collect materials in an easy-to-operate command battle that also has an auto function and cultivate unique fallen angels. Also, as you progress through the main quest, you can enjoy a warm story unfolding in the world created by Mr. FUNA, who is familiar with the anime “I said that my abilities are average!”.
Modern society that tends to get tired of busy daily life
How about a loose and fluffy communal life with too cute fallen angels? ▼Official site
▼Official Twitter

▼Official YouTube channel
▼Official promotional movie
[Video 6:] ■ Game and character introduction videos are now available on the official YouTube channel!
Currently, on the official Youtube channel, the navigator Lucifer introduces the charm of “Angelic Link”, “Introduction to Enkuri” that even fallen angels can understand, and “Lucifer’s “Da Tenshi Dictionary”, which introduces the main characters appearing in the game. Serialized!
We are delivering short stories that can only be seen here and content that will connect you deeper with the world of “Angelic Link”! ● Even a fallen angel can understand “Introduction to Encrit” Part 1 – What kind of game is Encrit? ~
[Video 7:] -Lucifer’s “Da Angel Dictionary” ~Lucifer Edition~
[Video 8:] Fallen Angel’s “Walking in Another World”
[Video 9:] ■ Product overview
Title: Angelic Link (Abbreviation: Encri)
Genre: Launch-type command battle RPG
Official site: Official PV:
[Video 10:] Official Twitter:
Platform: PC (browser version) / Smartphone (browser version) / DMM GAMES store Right notation: (C) 2021 EXNOA LLC
Details about this release:

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