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Limited release of mini lip and pouch original kits that are only available at stores. #Dolgaba cosmetics

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Limited release of mini lip and pouch original kits that are only available at stores. #Dolgaba cosmetics

We will sell your favorite “Dolce & Gabbana Beauty” products of 11,000 yen (tax included) or more, 3 mini lipsticks, and an original pouch kit only at stores.
Implementation period: December 15th (Thursday) to December 31st (Saturday) *Ends when supplies run out
Location: -Dolce & Gabbana beauty counters nationwide*
Kit contents: Dolce & Gabbana beauty products of your choice over 11,000 yen (tax included), original pouch, mini lipstick set of 3 [Image 1d34058-642-6c0e1ff037d03486db64-0.jpg&s3=34058-642-f63e6499478ad8ee1827b7a410dfbd69-1000x1000.jpg
Set of 3 mini lips
*The set of 3 mini lips is randomly set to 150, 240, or 670. [Image 2d34058-642-f79e748c886097700c3d-1.jpg&s3=34058-642-21c39ca5eba4812707d8f2b5316667ac-650x650.jpg
original pouch
In addition, we will introduce recommended items for the kit. Gloria Skin Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation
All 4 colors 11,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 3d34058-642-14bb958e92918bc83e6f-2.jpg&s3=34058-642-7772f5c55ed78d49c661ad95faa24fac-665x665.jpg
A foundation with a gel-oil texture that gives your skin a fresh glow. It spreads lightly as if you weren’t wearing it, and maintains a luminous luster. It protects the skin from various environmental damages. SPF20/PA++
〇Contains Mediterranean Glow Complex (moisturizer)
〇Fresh feel with 50% moisture
The charm of Gloria Skin Perfect Luminous Creamy Foundation talked by hair and makeup George
Hair and makeup Click here for George’s hair and makeup
-Comment from George, a hair and makeup artist-
“Since it’s a cream foundation, I imagined it to have a heavy texture, but it feels surprisingly light to the touch. You can apply it casually with your fingers, and even a small amount spreads well and blends well with your skin. After applying, use a sponge. The good thing about this cream foundation is that it gives you a natural, beautiful skin like no makeup.It’s fresh and moist rather than shiny and glossy skin. It also protects your skin from UV rays and environmental damage, making it perfect for spring and summer. The gold package also comes with a spatula, so it’s a great point to keep it clean.”
[Image 4d34058-642-d773f00b3f9c2a574420-3.jpg&s3=34058-642-6c92b51e78f732f4b10570afdc13e9f5-2000x2000.jpg
George (hair and makeup artist)
Active in a wide range of genres such as magazines, advertisements, and photo books. She has a good reputation for natural and cute makeup that incorporates the latest trends, and is constantly being nominated by models and actresses. He is a self-proclaimed fan of Korea and has an account dedicated to Korean cosmetics (@georgebeauty_). In June 2021, the book “George’s transparent makeup that makes your skin look beautiful even though it is natural” (Impress) is scheduled to be released. Instagram @george828