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LINE Corporation NFT comprehensive marketplace “LINE NFT”, “NFT with LINE stamp” will be available from December 5th

LINE Corporation
NFT comprehensive marketplace “LINE NFT”, “NFT with LINE stamp” will be available from December 5th
NFT limited LINE stamps that can be downloaded only by NFT users are now available! From December 5th, popular characters “Chimitan” and “Studio UG” will be sold sequentially.

LINE Xenesis Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hitoshi Hayashi, hereinafter “LINE Xenesis”), which develops LINE’s crypto-asset business and blockchain-related business, has launched the comprehensive NFT marketplace “LINE NFT”. We are pleased to announce that from Monday, December 5, 2022, we will start offering “NFT with LINE stamp” that allows only users who own NFT to download LINE stamps.
[Image 1d1594-4114-cd3710908fb58926324c-4.png&s3=1594-4114-792deacb8626a3348af9e65d7d03de1b-1120x550.png
LINE NFT is LINE’s NFT comprehensive marketplace that allows you to purchase and trade NFTs with simple operations and payment methods. Since the service was launched in April this year, we have sold NFTs in a wide range of genres such as characters, animation, sports, and artists, aiming for a world of NFTs that leave no one behind. In addition, with the aim of providing the enjoyment of owning NFTs, we will provide a “profile NFT” function that allows you to set NFTs on the profile icon of the communication app “LINE” and a
“holder-only” function that can be viewed only by users who own NFTs. We provide a variety of practical services to spread NFT widely in Japan, such as the provision of content * 1.
This time, “LINE NFT” will start offering “NFT with LINE stamp” aiming for NFT that is right next to everyday life. In this service, only users who own NFTs with LINE stamps can download NFT-only LINE stamps. Even users who have never had NFTs before can enjoy NFTs by
experiencing NFTs in regular communication, such as sending a limited number of highly rare LINE stamps in the talk room. In addition, the limited number of LINE stamps will be the first in LINE history. As the first “NFT with LINE stamp”, we will start selling “NFT with LINE stamp” of the popular character “Chimitan” from SNS from December 5th. Furthermore, on December 15th, NFT sales of “Studio UG”, where popular characters such as “Gokigen Panda”, “Konezumi” and “Love Rabbit” by popular creator “Yuji Nishimura” gather, are also planned. Official site:
We will continue to provide users with various NFT experiences, such as the fun of owning an NFT, aiming for a world of NFTs that leaves no one behind.
* 1 Reference release: “Holder limited content” that can be viewed only by users who own NFT”
-How to download LINE stamp from NFT purchase-
[Image 2d1594-4114-60ef46119961970a7cb2-3.png&s3=1594-4114-cf9c14627c6e53b3f41ec04befaa2c8d-1120x550.png
-Exhibition method-
[Image 3d1594-4114-797b1a9e15330289e12f-2.png&s3=1594-4114-9e52face81141b8115c8cbf5bc1f3576-1120x550.png

Overview of the first NFT “Chimitan” series with LINE stamps Sales date: December 5, 2022 (Monday) 11:00
Sales site: LINE NFT (URL:
Product Details:
[Image 4d1594-4114-f4f70c243e0b2aad2871-0.png&s3=1594-4114-6e14839142da9b8bc3f63e22ad3cba03-904x406.png
Overview of the second NFT with LINE stamp “Stamped Studio UG Tea Party Diagram” Sale date: December 15, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00
Sales site: LINE NFT (URL: * Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, December 13th at 12:00
Product Details:
[Image 5d1594-4114-e44e98b57f8be6b53b62-1.png&s3=1594-4114-4552dce38537d1df452e9ead56eaa39c-904x408.png
■Overview of “LINE NFT”
LINE’s NFT comprehensive marketplace where you can purchase and trade NFTs with simple operations and payment methods. NFTs purchased through “LINE NFT” can be stored in the digital asset management wallet “LINE BITMAX Wallet”, which can be immediately registered with a LINE account used by about 93 million people in Japan, so users can easily store their NFT items. You can exchange or send with your LINE friends.
・ “LINE NFT” official website:
・ About “LINE NFT”: ・ How to open a “LINE NFT” account:
・ Inquiries about “LINE NFT”:
・About “LINE Blockchain”:
■Overview of LINE Xenesis Corporation
(1) Name: LINE Xenesis Corporation
(2) Location: Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower 22nd floor, 1-1-1 Nishishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
(3) Representative: President and CEO Lim Inkyu
(4) Business description: Operation of a crypto asset sales office and a holding company for blockchain-related businesses
(5) Capital: 8,160 million yen (as of April 16, 2021)
(6) Date of establishment: January 31, 2018
(7) Registration number: Crypto Asset Exchanger Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00017

Details about this release:

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