LINE Manga’s original webtoon work “How to start right love” will be made into a live-action drama! Karen Otomo, Yuta Toyoda, and Kyoya Honda will appear! !

LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd.
LINE Manga’s original webtoon work “How to start right love” will be made into a live-action drama! Karen Otomo, Yuta Toyoda, and Kyoya Honda will appear! !

LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kim Shinbae / Masamine Takahashi) is an electronic comic service “LINE Manga” operated by our company will be adapted into a live-action drama on TV Asahi and TELASA.
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(C) TV Asahi
The original work “How to Start a Right Love” is an original webtoon work of “LINE Manga” whose main character is Makoto Ozaki, a college student who is perfect in everything. Because of her perfectionism, which is to stick to her schedule and make a plan for the day, Makoto, who is the only one who can not succeed in love, decides to join a university circle in order to change herself. Whether or not a new encounter in the circle can really start a romance, the love pattern surrounding the sincerity is drawn.
Playing the role of Makoto Ozaki in the live-action drama, after working as a model for the magazine “Seventeen”, appeared in many topical works such as “Your turn” and “Futari Gohan of New Rice Sisters” (2019), and his acting has attracted attention. In addition to collecting, we decided on Karen Otomo, who is active in a wide range of commercials and variety shows. He commented that he was surprised that he had so much in common with himself, saying, “There was a girl who looked like me in the manga!”
In addition, it has been decided that Yuta Toyoda will play the role of Eita Shimizu, and Kyoya Honda will play the role of Yuma Sakurai, two boys who appear in front of Makoto.
Yuta Toyoda, who plays Eita, is active as an exclusive model for “MEN’S NON-NO”, while also attracting attention as an actor in “Yokai Share House-Kaitekitatankai-” (2022). He is a notable young actor whose movie “Father of the Galactic Railroad” is about to be released. Also, in 2016, Kyoya Honda won the Grand Prix at the “High School Boys Mr. Con”, which decides handsome high school students. (2020), “Seishun Cinderella” (2022), and other dramas, as well as movies and stage performances.
The drama “How to Start a Right Love” is a fully linked drama project between TV Asahi and the video distribution platform “TELASA”. Broadcasting and distribution on TELASA (Terasa) “Horoama?
“LINE Manga” will continue to strengthen various initiatives with the aim of further developing and revitalizing the manga market. Characters/cast comments
Mako Ozaki (19) …… Karen Otomo
A perfectionist college student who loves nothing more than completing the to-do list she has set herself and making the most of her day. However, the only thing he hasn’t achieved is “romance”. I thought that if I became a university student, I would naturally get a boyfriend, but Makoto, who is full of schedules every day, has no chance to fall in love. My goal is to find a lover and become a perfect and cool modern person, but I don’t know how to start a relationship.
Comment from Karen Otomo (role of Makoto Ozaki)
When I first received this offer, the role was explained to me, and just like my sincerity, I live my life feeling rewarded and happy by measuring my time every day and completing my quota. , I was very surprised, “There was a girl who looked like me so much in the manga!” Makoto and himself have many things in common, but Makoto meets seniors he respects, such as Eita and Yuma, and even though he wants to start a relationship, he is worried because he doesn’t know how to start. I haven’t met that kind of person yet, so I feel that sincerity is one step ahead in that regard.
How will such sincerity continue to fall in love? I would be happy if you would warmly watch over and support me as I move forward while feeling nervous, worried, and conflicted within myself. Please look forward to it.
Eita Shimizu (20) ………… Yudai Toyoda
A second-year student who attends the same university as Makoto, she joins a programming circle created by her childhood friend Yuma. Good at games, smart, and efficient at everything. She has a poker face and doesn’t show her emotions much, but she likes cute things, and secretly uses a moe character as her game avatar. One day, the moe character is seen with sincerity, and he struggles to keep it a secret.
Comment from Yuta Toyoda (role of Eita Shimizu)
Since this is my first romantic comedy, I feel a little itchy and nervous. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I can express love through Eita’s filter. Eita, who I play, has a side of him that likes cute things. I’ve always liked cute things like dogs, cats, and characters, so I have something in common with Eita, and even before I acted, I felt a sense of familiarity with him. Also, Eita is a person who doesn’t show his feelings very much. If anything, I’m the type that clearly says I like what I like and dislike what I don’t like, so I think that’s a different part. Before filming started, I was able to ask about the image of Eita that the director envisions, so it was very helpful. Now, in my free time, I try to play smartphone games, go to internet cafes, practice blind touch, and actively spend my time touching things that Eita likes. I will do my best to play this role to the end. This drama will be broadcast on New Year’s Eve 2022 and New Year’s Day 2023. I would be happy if I could deliver a drama that everyone watching can enjoy the new year with a bright feeling. Please take a look!
Yuma Sakurai (20)……Honda Kyoya
2nd year game programming student. The director of the programming circle and Eita’s childhood friend. In addition to being kind and sociable, she is smart and admired by everyone. One day, at a cafe where he works part-time, he finds the sincerity of studying C and invites him to join the club. Yuma begins teaching one-on-one study to Makoto, who works hard.
Comment from Kyoya Honda (Yuma Sakurai)
I myself like Korean dramas and have watched many works, so when I heard that I would be involved in a Korean original work in this way, I was really happy. Yuma, who I will be playing, is like the leader of the circle, and is in a position to pull everyone along. I wonder if it’s different (laughs). Everyone likes him, but on the other hand, he seems to have a feeling that he doesn’t want to be hated, and there is a depiction of him being patient because he can’t say what he wants to say. I sometimes feel that way myself, so maybe we are similar. I think this drama will be a work that you can enjoy during the year-end and New Year holidays, so if you are relaxing at home, please watch it and have a good New Year’s Eve!
About the drama “How to start a true love”
Original work: Namsu “How to start a true love” (webtoon/LINE manga available) Script: Watatane Aya
Directed by: Takahiro Horie
General Producer: Tatsuki Oe (TV Asahi)
Producer: Moemi Takagi (TV Asahi)
Aya Oda (Axis)
Production work: TV Asahi
Production cooperation: Axis
Official site:
Official Twitter: @tada_koi_ex
Official Instagram: @tada_koi_ex
About the webtoon work “How to start a true love”
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Author: Namsu
Synopsis: Make a solid plan for the day and stick to the schedule! Makoto Ozaki, a college student who is perfect in everything. Love is the only thing that doesn’t work for such a sincere heart. Thinking, “I’m sure I’ll fall in love someday when I become a university student!” I met there… Will Makoto be able to start a proper romance?! ? This is the right recommendation for love.
About LINE Manga
[Image 3d63705-200-e2080bad1d6bf96f225e-2.png&s3=63705-200-5049b33629d8396ae3b061fbec15c57c-650x650.png
“LINE Manga” is an electronic comic service that allows you to easily enjoy manga works on your smartphone or tablet. “WEBTOON Worldwide Service” is the world’s largest platform service consortium in the same market, with 89 million monthly users, over 200 million total downloads, and over 10 billion yen in monthly distribution. as a member of the Japanese market.
The service was launched in Japan in 2013, and currently delivers over 1.12 million items. Among them, we have more than 1,100 titles of original works, exclusive distribution works, and pre-distribution works that can only be read on LINE Manga, and have gained wide support. In addition, we are also focusing on digital comics “webtoons” in color that are scrolled from top to bottom and are suitable for viewing on smart devices.
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