Link and Partners Co., Ltd. Free release “PR complete strategy guide” that understands the basics of PR activities is released on the RRP service site!

Link and Partners Co., Ltd.
[Free release] “PR complete strategy guide” that understands the basics of PR activities is released on the RRP service site!
Link and Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kei Miyano), which provides market research and press release service “RRP”, is a corporate public relations activity with the aim of promoting understanding and supporting PR. We have released a free “PR complete strategy guide” that can be used.
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Download the complete PR guide here: Overview of “PR Complete Strategy Guide”
Introducing the difference between PR and advertising, the advantages and disadvantages of PR, and effective PR methods.
Not only for those who are new to PR activities, but also for those in charge who are worried that their PR activities are not effective. [Image 2

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-Guidebook Table of Contents-
Chapter 1 Differences between PR and advertising
Chapter 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of PR
Chapter 3 PR Techniques
・ Those who do not know how to start PR activities
・ Those who want to focus on their own PR activities
・ Those who want to know PR methods to spread their products and services ・Those who feel limited by advertising alone
This guidebook is recommended for such people.
Download the complete PR guide here: Background of free release of “PR Complete Strategy Guide”
In February 2022, we conducted a survey on “press release issues” (, It became clear that nearly 80% of respondents were troubled with how to write press releases.
In order to solve that problem, we have released the “Press Release Guidebook” ( in the past, and we have provided “Press Release Guidebook” to more companies, including how to write a press release. We have created a guidebook to help you learn about press release know-how and lead to effective public relations activities.
Based on the previous results, we have decided to focus more on PR activities than press releases and create a “PR Complete Strategy Guide”.
The “PR Complete Strategy Guide” is structured so that you can not only learn the basics of PR, but also put it into practice. We hope you will take advantage of it.
Market research x press release service “RRP” supports your company’s recognition
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Link and Partners Co., Ltd. provides market research and press release service “RRP” (
RRP is a press release distribution service that utilizes questionnaire surveys. Using questionnaire surveys, we will entrust everything from effective press release planning to distribution and reporting.
Since we use a research company with over 10 million monitors, segmentation according to the target of services and products is possible.
Professionals in public relations and PR activities with a wealth of achievements and experience provide one-stop support from planning to media distribution.
Broadly distribute to major media, TV programs, websites, etc. to effectively spread products and services.
■ 4 reasons to choose RRP
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1. Comprehensive agency from planning to delivery
We conduct surveys related to the customer’s products, services, and companies, and create plans that generate general users’ “want to read” and media reporters/editors’ “want to publish”.

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2. Partner with one of the largest research companies in Japan, allowing you to research your desired target!
By partnering with one of the largest research companies in Japan, it is possible to conduct surveys on a wide variety of monitors in various segments.
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3. Contribute to raising awareness by spreading to major media We will create your company’s original content using the know-how of operating a media site with 10 million page views per month for a group company.

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4. Abundant track record of more than 1,000 deliveries
We have a track record of trading with more than 300 traders, and the average number of reprinted media is over 40 media, and our
experienced members who support a wealth of achievements will fully support you.
Please continue to distribute press releases using questionnaires and use them to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase awareness.
PR complete strategy guide: ■ Looking for partner media
Link and Partners, which has a track record of distributing over 500 research releases per year, is looking for partner media.
Please contact Link and Partners if you are a media representative who is having trouble managing your own media or writing articles. We will provide survey releases on your media that disseminate the latest information and trends.
About Link and Partners Co., Ltd. ~ Changing the stereotypes of the world a little ~
Our mission is to create new value and brands by ourselves as a partner of our customers, and to create things that no one can imagine.
We believe that the combination of things that already exist in the world can create new value and bring about changes in people and society.
[Link and Partners Co., Ltd.]
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