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LIVEDREAM Streamers can easily open their own fan club sites. Liver office “Live Dream” starts goods sales service for affiliated rivers

Distributors can easily open their own fan club sites. Liver office “Live Dream” starts goods sales service for affiliated rivers Innovative Liver Office “Live Dream” 7th Liver Support Project for Christmas
Live Dream, an agency that specializes in the live distribution app Pococha, has announced a new service. Affiliated rivers can launch an original fan club site for their own fans.
Live distribution office LIVEDREAM
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What is opening a fan club?
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Live broadcasters belonging to our office (Live Dream) can open their own fan club site. On the opened site, it is possible to sell the goods and contents of the river itself, and the office will arrange everything from the planning, production, sales, and delivery of the goods.
When the site is completed, a URL dedicated to the site will be issued, and listeners of each river can purchase products from that site.
As a result, even if the revenue from live distribution alone is not stable, revenue will be stabilized with goods revenue. Listeners can also get their favorite goods, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.
What is Live Dream?
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The live streaming application “Pococha” (hereinafter referred to as “Pococha”) operated by DeNA Co., Ltd. is a live streamer, and the live stream of the live stream office supports and manages the streamer. Dream.
Our office is still a new office established around the summer of Reiwa 3rd year, and at the beginning of its establishment, there were only a few rivers belonging to it, and it was in a difficult situation, but around the summer of this year, it rapidly gained momentum. . In the past, Live Dream has developed various services for Pococha Livers such as “Poko Meter Prediction” and “Poko Sound”, and this time “Fan Club Opening Support” is one of the new services. About this service
Regarding this service, an official of Live Dream said, “First of all, there is a problem of why the rank of the lower ranked Pococha River is low, but there is a clear reason for that.
In the app, hourly wages are generated up to 4 hours a day, but the lower rankers will not be distributed if the delivery time exceeds 4 hours and the hourly wage is no longer generated.
Based on that, when it comes to the characteristics of the top rivers, it is the opposite, “a lot of delivery time”. There are various reasons for not being able to secure the delivery time, but it is difficult to control the delivery time. Livers who cannot secure such delivery time tend to leave listeners, and their earnings become unstable and they leave. However, if such people open a “fan club” and have a new source of income such as goods revenue, they can continue their liver activities at ease. The more you continue as a river, the more chances you have to meet new listeners, so there are considerable merits as a river activity. ”
Operating company
Company name: MORE GROUP LLC
Head Office: 30-10 Seifukuji-cho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture Established: August 20, 2021
Representative: Yuki Shiraki
Business: Liver development business / Liver partner support business / Operation of services using the Internet

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