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Living Robot Co., Ltd. Living Robot Co., Ltd. launches a “co-creation project” using AI technology with an entrepreneurial group of Tokyo University graduates

Living Robot Co., Ltd.
Living Robot Co., Ltd. launches a “co-creation project” using AI technology with an entrepreneurial group of people from the University of Tokyo
Together with AcademiX, a community of AI engineers, we will try to solve various problems in the nursing care industry with the latest AI technology and aim for social implementation.

Living Robot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, President: Yasuhiro Kawauchi, hereinafter Living Robot), Timbers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Rintaro Hasegawa, hereinafter Timbers), Inc. We have teamed up with AcademiX, a student community jointly operated by Aerion (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takumi Okuma, hereinafter Aerion) to launch a “co-creation project” to promote the social implementation of AI.
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Together with AcademiX’s AI technology, create new solutions to on-site issues faced by companies
AcademiX is a community of AI engineers and students learning AI, founded by entrepreneurs Mr. Hasegawa and Mr. Okuma who graduated from the University of Tokyo. About 80 members with various majors, regardless of whether they are in the humanities or sciences, are participating from universities around the country, including the University of Tokyo. With the goal of raising Japan’s technological competitiveness again using the latest AI technology, we have decided to start a “co-creation project” for the social implementation of living robots and AI.
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The first project is the development of AI-based solutions to solve the biggest problems in the nursing care industry: labor shortages and the dignity of care recipients. The goal is to reduce the burden on both caregivers and care recipients, create “comfort” using
technology, and improve the environment of nursing care sites. Living Robot will continue to aim for the social implementation of AI in order to solve various social problems, including the nursing care industry.
AcademiX official website
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About Living Robot
Living Robot is a technology company that develops partner robots and related technologies with the aim of realizing a society where humans and robots live and grow together. We are promoting business expansion and social contributions, such as the use of “Walk MechatroWeGo” in programming education, initiatives for social implementation in various fields, and product exhibitions at technical events such as CEATEC.
Walking MechatroWeGo (C) MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
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